11 Best Remedies For Weight Loss In 2 Weeks

11 Best Remedies For Weight Loss In 2 Weeks

Body image issues are something that we keep encountering on a daily basis and with the modern lifestyle taking out any kind of physical exercise and on top of it unhealthy food , stress and alcohol consumption. All these lead to obesity and weight gain. Here are some of the best remedies for weight loss.

Often during our attempt at weight loss we have seen that it is much easier to put on those extra kilos than shed it off. We often gain weight without even realizing and as we pass into our thirties, the weight accumulation gets much easier than the reverse.

Weight gain can be for a variety of reasons and often unintentional, it can be due to underlying medical issues or hormonal issues and even during pregnancy for women and also as side effect to certain kind of medications or also as a result of binge eating due to mood swings or in most cases our lifestyle choices. It is much easier to reach out for a slice of pizza or a tub of ice cream rather than the gym card.

Obesity is one of the worst lifestyle disease that has afflicted the millennial generation. So, how do we fight obesity without resorting to any kind of surgery or medication?

How To Cut Down Your Weight In 2 Weeks?

All these options have side effects but here we will tell you 11 best remedies for weight loss and that too naturally.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This is one of the most effective remedies for weight loss. Apple cider vinegar is a go to choice for most people trying to shed weight. It helps in lowering blood sugar which is one of the side effects of obesity. It also helps to increase metabolism that helps your body to burn those extra fat and also prevent your body from storing fat either. One of its main benefits is it suppresses hunger pangs thus it helps you cut back on the calorie intake.

You can directly take apple cider vinegar by mixing one table spoon to one glass of warm water; you can additionally add honey to combat the sour taste. You can take this mixture once in the morning.

You can also incorporate it in your diet by adding it to a salad.

Remember not to take more than one to two tablespoon, as it can be harmful.

  • Green tea

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks, because of high anti oxidant quantity and also because it helps you lose weight. Rich in nutrients like vitamin E, C and other helpful oxides.

an image of green tea which is very essential for fast weight loss

Green tea has less calorie content than traditional tea and coffee, it also helps in fat reduction. Green tea content an ingredient called theanine which helps reduce stress, thereby reducing stress induced eating. It can be taken twice to thrice daily.

  • Lemon and Honey

Add the juice of one lemon to a glass of luke warm water, add 2 table spoon of honey and drink it immediately. It is one of the more popular methods of weight loss. The vitamin C helps to burn fat.

  • Yogurt

Calcium and protein rich diet helps in weight loss, and the choice of all health fanatics and dietitians is yogurt. Most dairy products are rich in fat with the exception of yogurt. Daily consumption of yogurt twice a day helps in boosting your immunity and also for maintaining high metabolism rate.

You can have yogurt on its own or with fresh fruits. Eat yogurt after each meal.

an image showing a bowl of yogurt which helps in weight shed

  • Cranberry juice

Cranberry is one of the most essential fruits with a range of use like in the treatment of urinary tract infection, in maintaining a healthy heart, in fight against cancer and in maintaining a healthy gut.

You can drink a glass of unsweetened cranberry juice, if possible then before every meal otherwise in the morning along with your breakfast. It has very less amount of calories and help in reducing your weight.

  • Curry leaves

Curry leaves are an essential herb in Indian cooking especially down South. It not only add tons of flavour but is also has a lot of beneficial qualities. Most homes have a curry plant in their kitchen garden.

Another brilliant property relating to our current discussion, is how does curry leaf help in weight loss. It aids in dealing with digestive issues along with it reducing cholesterol levels. It contains an enzyme called Carbazol alkaloids helps losing those extra kilos.

The most effective way is by eating 7 to 8 raw curry leaves on empty stomach in the morning.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon has become the new super food, with dietitians recommending it on the fly.

It helps in processing the carbohydrates and reduces the level of blood sugar.

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice, which is very commonly used in Indian cooking, but when it is cooked it loses half of its benefits.

You can take half a spoonful of cinnamon and seep it in a cup of boiling water and then drink it after 10 minutes. You can additionally add a tablespoon of honey. Cinnamon powder can be drunk by adding to tea and coffee

.an image showing cinnamon which is an important ingredient for weight loss

  • Coconut oil

As we know coconut oil contains fats. Then why are we recommending it for your weight loss regime?

Coconut oil consists of some medium chain fatty acids which help in metabolism and burning of the unhealthy fat. These healthy triglycerides help in the burning of calories and also helps in reducing your appetite, thereby intake of less food.

It most importantly attacks the accumulation of fat near the stomach area, which has been seen as the problem area for both men and women.

So you can introduce coconut oil in your regime to lose weight in 2 weeks, by taking a spoonful of virgin oil in the morning before breakfast.

  • Ginger

Eating ginger makes you feel full and enhances thermogenesis, thereby assisting in burning of undesirable fats. It boosts your digestive power thereby leads to lowering of unsaturated fat in your body. It also keeps your cortisol levels in check.

You can eat an inch of raw ginger with a spoon of honey, the first in the morning. Or you can also add ginger to your daily cup of tea. You can alternately make ginger tea, by taking about 2 inches of ginger, finally grated and simmered in 100 ml of water, till it reduces to three quarter of its initial quantity. Add honey for sweetening.

ginger roots,very essential for weight loss

  • Black pepper

Black pepper is an indispensable seasoning across the world cuisine. But is it only beneficial for adding flavour to your cooking. No, the humble and ubiquitous black pepper has found its way into weight loss regimes.

Black pepper primarily consists of a compound called piperine, which help in reducing fat and enhancing the metabolism rate of your body. It also helps in extracting nutrient from your food, thus making you healthy.

You can add freshly ground black pepper to your herbal tea or salad.

Daily intake of black pepper for 2 weeks will lead to the shedding of those unwanted pounds that you have accumulated.

  • Garlic

Garlic helps in reducing blood pressure, inflammation, protect premature ageing, prevent osteoarthritis and help reduce weight. You can add garlic to your dishes and if you can tolerate the strong flavor then the best method for eating garlic would be raw.

garlic buds and garlic that helps keeps one fit

So these are some natural dietary methods of losing weight. If you incorporate it along with light physical exercises and proper dieting, you would see perceptible change in your waistline. Reducing weight is not easy but with little perseverance you can achieve the perfect figure.

These were some of the best remedies for weight loss. Have protein rich diet, with low content of carbohydrates and fat, replace the sugar content with honey. It’s easy to lose weight if you lead a healthy lifestyle.