30 Best Wedding Makeup Ideas Every Bride Should Know

a pretty bridal makeup

To all the brides who’ll be experiencing a new wedding, all the best for the life that you’ll be heading. There are abundant tensions and work that is to be done. The most important still stands for how she looks on her wedding day. This articles deals with some of the best wedding makeup ideas.

Right from the day you know the meaning of wedding, you start dreaming and imagining about how your wedding day is going to be and looking the best out of the rest is a major concern. To remove this concern, here’s this article giving you details and some of the best makeup ideas to look glamorous. Here are the wedding makeup ideas:

Black Smokey eyes with lush pink lips

Smokey eye never fails the girls to look pretty. It gives gorgeous intense look to the eyes that can easily attract most of the men. Start with applying a nude shade on your eyelid. Mark the area of the upper eye lid with a black kajal stick in a semi-circle. Apply eyeliner and start putting black eye shadow in the area that you’ve marked. One you’re done, add some purple eye shadow to highlight it and try to dab your eyelid with some sparkles. Finish it with mascara. This proves to be one of the best wedding makeup ideas.

FOR THE LIPS: Draw a line along the lips with the same shade of pink you’re going to use to highlight the shape of the lips. Put lush pink color on the lips and finish it by putting a glitter lip gloss on.

Golden hue cheek bones

Highlighted cheek bones especially with golden color looks gorgeous on the brides. It is considered to be the hottest look in 2019. First you need to start with applying pink blush on your cheeks. The cheek bones, tip of the nose, chin and your forehead are to be given major importance while highlighting.

Take your brush and run it over the highlighter plate. Apply the highlighter on the area where the light will reflect your face i.e. the highest part of the cheek bones. Then apply it on the chin, forehead and on the tip of your nose. Try spreading the highlighter a little over your face so that it becomes even and you’re ready to go for the eye or lip makeup!

This is one of the most glamorous wedding makeup ideas.

Bold lips plus bold eyes!

Bold lips are considered to be one of the most favorite makeups of all times because it quickly enhances your look and stays for a little longer time. But sometimes it’s difficult to balance your eye makeup with bold lipsticks. Here’s how you do it:

Select a color theme for it would bring continuity to your makeup. If you want to select red, put red bold lipstick and do a Smokey eye makeup with a pinch of red in it.

The NO makeup, Makeup!

Not every bride likes heavy makeup. Some prefer to go with makeup without flaunting it too much. For such brides, this is the perfect makeup style. Start with the prime base of your skin for this will fill the pores of your face, giving you a smooth look. Try to us lightest weight foundation. Add a little highlight on your cheek bones. Brush u your eyebrows a little and fill it with a filler to give a fuller look. Apply the lightest shade of pink and finish the makeup with mascara. You can also add nude eye shadows to give a better look to the eyes.

Cat eye makeup!

Cat eye is the trendiest in 2019. Right from shades to eyeliners, everyone likes to have long beautiful eyes. Why not apply this for your wedding and be the trendiest bride? As they say, “wing it! Life, eyeliner, everything”. There are only 2 things that are required, primer and eyeliner. Prepare your eyes for this cat makeup by putting some under eye cream and preparing a solid nude eyelid base.

After the base is created, use the thread hack to put a winged eye liner. Take a thread and color it with your liner. Place the thread at the corner of your eye so that it creates a wing the following way:

Once you’re done, line the upper eyelid from your eyeliner. The thickness matters. If you decide to have a heavy makeup look, go with the bold eyeliner. Length is another crucial factor. The more the length, the more your eyes look like an actual cat. Try to go along the shape of your eye and you get an amazing final look.

Everything in golden!

Gold gives beauty to the bride’s face as it automatically gives a glow on the face and reflects the lights on stage or any function. The bride should choose a golden eye shadow with black Smokey eyes and a little light colored lip. Chose the highlighter that gives more of a shimmer and golden look to you face.

Start with putting a primer on you face and then highlighting your upper side of the cheek bones and forehead.

Silvery eyes!

Glam up your gorgeous eyes with silver and sparkle! Create a nude base on your eyelids. Take a silver eye shadow plate and a brush. Create a boundary line over your eyelid to know the limit of the Smokey eye. Place your brush over sparkly silver eye shadow. Dab and fill your eyelids with that brush and put thin eyeliner over the eyelids.

Bronzed look

Bronzed look is a very famous look now-a-days. People get themselves tanned before some important functions or even marriage. Getting tanned permanently isn’t the right choice. To avoid that, try this bronzed makeup on yourself.

Start by applying primer all over you face so that it keeps your face fresh even when you’re sweaty. Choose a bronze eye shadow from your eye shadow plate and put it on your eyelids. Next and the most important step is selecting the perfect complexioned bronzer. Try different shades on your skin and then choose the best one. This will give you a perfectly tanned look just like everyone wants!

Griege eyes and lips

Grey is the new classy. Apart from just pink lips, ladies have started loving grey shaded lips and makeup. Trying this on your wedding day is perfect. Grey goes along well with almost every color. Along with highlighted cheek bones, grey eye shadow and grey lips, it can be extremely sexy.

One of the sexiest wedding makeup ideas.

High definition makeup

HD makeup is nothing but what we usually see people carrying on T.V. and dream of having the same. This makeup usually covers all the creases of the faces and helps one to look very professional in terms of makeup and photographs. This makeup might look heavy but the one wearing it knows that is comfortable and light to wear.

Airbrush makeup

Unlike all other traditional makeup, in this kind of makeup style, the artists literally paint the bride’s face from a brush. It may feel a little heavy when the weather is humid but it helps you to look flawless. The artists use brushes, sponges, etc to give a smooth look to the bride’s face.

Matte Makeup

Matte makeup is very special and easy to do as it can b your daily as well as special occasional look. It contains all kinds of bold colors and looks without taking away you natural looks. This look is highly recommended for the brides as it is waterproof and stays for a much longer time than one can expect.

Mineral makeup

In mineral makeup, the artist uses all the chemical free products. The cosmetics that people generally use are harmful and can damage your skin heavily. Brides can consider this as an option to go on their wedding day. This is one of the purest wedding makeup ideas.

Pulled back updo bride with a red lip!

Pulled back updo can look beautiful on your wedding day. Apply basic makeup on your face and do an updo step by step.

Go with the beautiful blue

Selecting a color theme for your makeup can look very pretty. If you select blue, it gives a sense of coolness and prettiness. Take blue kajal, blue eye liner and a light pink lipstick. Apply blue kajal and liner and put a blue eye shadow.

Try giving a blue hue to your eyebrows as well. That gives a very elegant look. Use shades of white at the corner of your eye to highlight some parts.

The metallic berry lips!

Priyanka Chopra, who recently married nick, wore this style of makeup on her wedding day.

She wore berry colored lipstick that gave her lips a metallic look and put a silver liner that again contributed to the metallic look. This is one of the best wedding makeup ideas.

Nude lip

The brides who want to opt for the nude lip style should wear a heavy eye makeup to maintain a balance on the face. They should put a Smokey eye and bold kajal & eyeliner with a little bit of golden jewelry.

Anushka Sharma, bollywood actress, wore a nude shaded lipstick on her wedding day.

Glitter emerald green!

This style of makeup gives a little dramatic style of look to the bride, which is amazing for the wedding and the after party.

Apply primer and then with a dense eye shadow brush, put green eye shadow on your eyelids. Then apply green glitters in the corner of your eyes and in the middle of your eyelid. Apply thin black liner to finish the eye look.

Double colored eye!

Colors are fun right? Paint your eyes with 2 colors this time. Let’s say 2 of the boldest colors in makeup, pink and orange. Apply a pink kajal in the lower lid of your eye and a bold and thick orange eye liner. Ensure that you wear a simple shaded lipstick if you choose to go with the double colored eye makeup.

Double colored lips!

Just like eye, one can paint their lips in 2 colors. There was this ad where Anushka Sharma wore 2 shades of lipstick (orange on the upper lip and pink on the lower lip). Shouldn’t you try this for your wedding? Choose 2 of your favorite colors and paint with lips with them. Ensure to wear a simple 1 eye colored makeup if you choose to do this style.

The 1980’s makeup style!

People have forgotten how their parents and grandparent used to do their makeup. Let’s revive that style in your wedding this time. You’re going to love this. Start by applying primer and taking a blue eye shadow in your brush. Dab the brush on your eye lids. Pink blush plays an important role in this style because people from that era loved to put pink and red blushes. Dab your brush into pink blush and put in on your cheeks. Apply heavy mascara and a thick bold kajal. Try putting cat style eye liner to give your eyes the old style look.

Foil lips

Foil like lips in neutral shades look cool and trendy. If you want to go for a metallic look, this is perfect for you. Buy a foil colored lipstick that gives a silver metallic look to your lips and put a silver eye shadow.

Natural like fake freckles and eye liner!

If you have a fair complexion, go for the fake freckles. Dab your brush into the darkest bronzer you have. Bring if above your nose and cheeks and shake it a little so that it just falls randomly over your face. After the bronzer thing, take your brown lip liner or kajal and randomly touch the spots where the bronzer has fallen on your face.

The rose gold makeup style!

After doing the primer step, apply golden eye shadow on your eyelids. Apply thin eyeliner to give eyes slender look. Next, while applying face cream, mix it with golden glitter and a ting of pink blush. Apply it all over your face to get the rose gold style.

Subtle makeup with soft eyes!

Not every time you choose to go with Smokey eyes, have to be a wild one. Go with soft Smokey eyes with some other color.

Orange golden bridal makeup

Orange and gold go well with each other. Apply all gold makeup with an orange lipstick to look trendy on your wedding.

All copper

Copper never fails to give a classy look to the bride or the lady who has put it on. Do a copper makeup with foil colored lipstick to get a good look. Wear an orangish nude shade of lipstick.

Shimmer makeup

Having a glowing face with shimmer and sparkle all over is amazing for your wedding. After doing the face and eye makeup, lay your brush over the shimmer plate and dab on your face to get a glittery look!

Wine house liner style!

In the world of lakhs of liner styles, this style never fails to disappoint anyone. Try to paint your eyes in the shape same as the image.

Gold and black metallic halo eye makeup

 Following all the basic steps of eye makeup, try to create this style as shown here:

These were some of the best wedding makeup ideas for brides. choose the best one ladies!