Beauty is everywhere but ever thought about the 30 most beautiful women in the world? If yes, this is the right place for you as this article deals with top 30 most beautiful women in the world. Here’s a list


She is the queen you’d want to wake up to every morning. She has an adorable beauty which you just can’t keep eyes off. The unbelievable fact is, she already is a mother and is again expecting with twins. She proves to be a perfect mom who maintains her position in the top 30 most beautiful women in the world.

Priyanka Chopra

Who does not know this women now a days? Everybody does because is a very dedicated and passionate women. She proves to be one of the most beautiful indian women and is ready to rule the world. She does not flaunt much, her beauty is simple yet elegant.

Taylor Hill

A super model who is the prettiest when you start looking at her. Her pictures are just amazing and you would be drumstuck once you start swiping through her pictures. She’s the queen of cat walk and is just ready to hit the first position very soon.

Emma Watson

Who does not know her? The beautiful girl from the harry potter series made to the list of the top 30 most beautiful women in the world. She has been the love of so many boy’s life after watching Harry Potter and believe me you couldn’t help yourself in not loving her. she’s absolute beauty. Beauty with brains is the perfect phrase for her.

Dakota Johnson

Familiar with the movie fifty shades of grey? You must be because it is such a famous movie. The movie itself set this girl on fire. People started falling in love with her after the amazing movie. She was in the spotlight as one of the most famous actresses after that. She is a beauty goddess who can just steal your heart with her looks.

Deepika Padukon

Again an Indian actress and model who steals your heart and attraction just by her brains and beauty. She started building her career right from 2006. Hat’s off to this lady who is so dedicated and motivated. She also has a foundation named live love laugh foundation where she talks about mental health and illness.

Margot Robbie

 She’s the hot lady from the wolf of the Wall Street. Recognize her? She is an Australian actress who moved to US and was a super famous girl all over the places. She is just adorable and worth following on social medias.

Angelina Jolie

She is again a very proud and beautiful and it’s very hard to believe but is true that she has six children. She has been stealing everyone’s heart since centuries and proves one more thing that age does not matter when it’s about looking beautiful and slaying.

Fahriye Evcen

She is a beautiful lady from the north eastern country side. Basically a Turkish actress who has played so many roles in TV series. She is very talented and is loaded with beauty. Her birth place is in Germany but she moved at the age of 19.

Alexandra Daddario

She has the prettiest eyes you’d ever have seen. People mostly tend to believe that she is wearing contact lenses but believe me she is ot. That is the natural color of her eyes. Oonce you look at her, it is really hard to stop looking and look away. With a complete package of beauty and hotness, she has made it to the list of the top 30 most beautiful women in the world.

Pia Wurtzbach

How can someone leave the miss universe of the year 2015 from the top most beautiful women in the world? She is worthy to be in this list because of her talent as well as beauty that steals one’s heart.

Emma Stone

She is the award winner for her performance in the La la land. Also, she has natural red hair and people keep staring at her beauty and features of her face. On top of that, she is very skilled and takented which makes her worthy to be in this list.

Gigi Hadid

She is the beautiful sister of Bella Hadid. On the other hand, who does not know Zayn Malik? She’s his girlfriend. She’s a model and was given the title of the international model of the year in the year 2016. It is very worthy and proud to have her in this list.

Niki karimi

Niki karimi is an Iranian actress who stands just perfect on the phrase that you don’t have to be half naked to prove you’re beautiful. You would mostly find her under her burkah with her head covered. She still is in this list because of her beauty and talent. After being a successful actress, she also tried directing and screen writing.

Ashley Graham

She’s a plus size model who absolutely defines beauty in her own way. She was the first one to be on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and covers of Vogue as a plus-size model.

Gal Gadot

You’d be surprised to know that she is an Israeli actress and also a model. She is very popular as she played the role of wonder women and a role in the fast and furious series. Another shocking thing is, she was in Israeli military for 2 years and then changed he career.

Blake Lively

A beautiful lady with a beautiful name. People used to say that she looked beautiful like she never did while she was pregnant. That gives us another perfect and beautiful mom. She is a beautiful queen who deserves to be in this list.

Amanda Cerny

She is a YouTube star and sensation who is not only known for her videos and skills but also for her looks and beauty. She is a humorous and beautiful lady.

Adrin Lima

She is a beautiful and adorable 35 year old mom with beautiful features, face and body. Along with her beauty, she has a bold and strong personality enough to slay anyone who talks to her or looks at her closely.

Hafia Wehbe

She is an Arabic pop singer who just slays everyone by her beauty.

Kate Upton

After seeing her picture, you won’t be able to resist your mind about thinking of her. She is a beauty queen and you would definitely want to meet her. She frequently appears in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues.

Aishwarya rai

Another Indian actress whose name we keep listening as the world’s most beautiful woman. She has defined face features with a beautiful skin color and body.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

She is a Russian actress who also provided the industry songs with her beautiful voice and other great talents. She has mesmerizing beauty and you won’t be able to stop yourself from staring at her.

Ronda Rousey

She is a mixed martial artist who is I the latest news every then and now. It is very worthy to have her in this list.

Manuela Arcuri

She is an actress who looks like an actual princess. Also, she has a very perfect and accurate body figure that most of the girls admire and want to achieve.

Anne Curtis

No one can ever tell her age by looking at her face. She has a cute baby face which is very beautiful but her real age is 32 years. She is an actress, television host, recording artist and a VJ, an all in one.

 Naomi Campbell

The phrase stating black is beautiful is just perfect for this beautiful lady. Her face features and body figure is just unbeatable and cannot be compared. She is 47 but looks like 27.

Taraneh Alidoosti

She was voted the best Iranian actress and you would definitely tend to know her if you watch Middle Eastern movies.

Alicia Vikander

Another very deserving woman who is beautiful, gorgeous, adorable and talented all at the same time. She won an academy award after playing a role in the Danish Girl.

 Mozhdah Jamalzadah

She is an amazing singer. Her family moved to Canada when she was little and after a while she was made familiar with music and singing in Canada. She sang a song named The Afgan girl which gave her name, fame and made her stand in the top.

These were the top 30 most beautiful women in the world. I hope you enjoyed reading this article.