TOP 15 Best International fashion magazines in 2020

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You cannot just compare the fun with anything else of lying on a comfortable couch on a holiday or a Sunday morning and having a fashion magazine on your tummy!

That sounds fun, right? This article deals with some of the best international fashion magazines in 2020 for men and women style.

Make your Sunday or vacation fun and fashionable by reading these magazines because they are just superb. Here are top 15 of them:


No debating for this fashion magazine. Vogue stands as the best fashion magazine in 2019 and has been in the same place for several years.

It was a weekly newspaper in 1892 but slowly turned into a fashion magazine and is a unisexual magazine which has fashion styles for both men and women.

one should totally buy this amazing magazine to read and experience it’s beauty.

an image of vogue fashion magazine which is one of the best fashion magazines


It was started in 1945 as the sole motive of women’s fashion. They had a very attractive tag line and that was “if she reads, she reads Elle.”

And was started in the United States but it grew and turned out to be a grand success as now it is published in 44 different countries.

Also, it now focuses on women’s fashion and other exciting things for women.

elle fashion magazine which is an international fashion magazine

Harper’s bazaar

It was started in 1862 and only targeted the upper class society by publishing only those kinds of stuff.

Harper’s bazaar was a weekly magazine but then transformed into a monthly fashion magazine.

This magazine is a huge success as it is now published in 32 countries.


Cosmopolitan is generally known as cosmo and stands true by its name as it publishes only women oriented stuff.

It has 64 different additions and is published in more than 35 countries in more than 110 languages.

This was started in 1886 and was purely a family magazine. It evolved as a lifestyle magazine in the 1960s.

The magazine’s main theme was fun fearless feminism and was loved by so many people around.

It made the magazine one of the most popular and famous magazines and it still stands as the most famous fashion magazine.

cover of cosmopolitan magazine

Business of fashion

The name of this magazine describes itself clearly. Business of fashions is one of the top and most popular magazines.

This magazine was first published in 2007 by Imran Amed and it got massive number of subscriptions in a very short period of time.

Students, stylists, editors, photographers and all such related people subscribed this magazine


It has a very unique name as it can be seen. It was founded in 1972 and is an American magazine.

Also, it deals with all the culture, fashion and thought provoking news about all the celebrities.

Most of the other magazines aren’t able to focus on engaging content but W does focus on this matter.

It has very engaging content and people love to read such types of contents.

And was one of the major reasons it gained popularity among people in such a short span of time. This is one of the best international fashion magazines

cover of a magazine named W which is an international fashion magazine


This is a very popular fashion magazine which is not at all women oriented.

It deals with stuff that attracts not only women by everyone else around, whether it is children or men.

Ariel Foxman joined this magazine 25 years ago and was the heart of this magazine.

It is published in about 16 countries and is distributed internationally.


It is an American fashion magazine which mainly focuses on beauty, health, and wellness of women and was founded by Linda Wells in 1991.

Allure has about 5 million subscribers and 8 million viewers online.

This magazine stands as one of the top and best 15 fashion magazines for women’s style.


It was founded in the year 1998 by Elisabeth Dijan which mainly focuses on raising and grooming women into smart and intellectual ladies.

It has a number of diverse topics like lifestyle, fashion, music, dance, art, design and so much more which makes it stand as one of the top 15 fashion magazines internationally.


This again has a unique name after the fashion magazine names W.  It has an amazing tag line saying “what’s new what’s now?”

it in overall has 4 seasonal releases every year.

Stephen Gan was the creative head for the magazine and he indirectly made the magazine reach on the top.

It has about 3 million subscribers which will continue to grow day by day. It stands still and unbreakable in the top 15 best fashion magazines.


Grazia is one of the top fashion magazines and was first published in 1938.

It is not purely a fashion magazine but it also deals with current affairs and news events along with the fashion and celebrity news.

This feature of Grazia makes it stand apart and unique from all the other magazines.

it has about a total readership of 35 million and is spread across 5 continents. Not COUNTRIES but CONTINENTS! Can you imagine that?

Marie Claire

Evelyn Prouvost founded Marie Claire in the year 1937 to fulfill her self curiosity of fashion, culture, and lifestyle.

Her hunger for fashion made her the founder of one of the best and top 15 fashion magazines.

Its first edition, unlike the other magazines, sold about half a million copies and its second edition sold over a million copies.

Its first and second copies won the heart of the readers which made it very easy for further magazine editions to get sold.

 Vanity fair

This magazine was started in 1913 but did not get much popularity in its starting years.

It got its major popularity in the year 1983. It boosts the leadership of legends over the years.

This magazine has a lot of industry experts, fashion bloggers, stylists, and a lot many persons.

cover of the vanity fair magazine


It is one of the most trending magazines internationally and the best magazine in the UK.

If you have diverse interests like singers, dancers, actresses, fashion, models, etc, this is the place for you.

Also, It covers all the fields mentioned and a lot more.

It features some of the most amazing unknown fashion female models so that those models can get recognition in the industry too.


Paper is a fashion magazine with a unique name and was founded by kim in 1984. It is a newyork city based magazine and is sold internationally.

It publishes and covers areas like pop, music, fashion, etc. and is being published by the paper publications.

This is one of the best international fashion magazines.

cover of the fashion magazine paper

Summing up!

These were some of the most amazing and best international fashion magazines that one must read.

All of them have been recognized internationally and had sold over a million copies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and will read them for sure. Do let us know how you feel about them.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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