20 Ways & Tips To Look More Stylish At Work [2020]

Every morning when you wake up, along with the other things you should also concentrate on what you are wearing that day, because you are setting your tone for that day. You can feel beautiful and confident when you look beautiful and confident which comes from what you are wearing. This article deals in all the tips to look stylish at work!

Tips To Look More Stylish At Work

Below are super simple 20 tips to look more stylish at work. This will have you looking and feeling fantastic every single time you step out your front door. Let’s begin:

  1. Check and make sure that your clothes fit you:

This may sound silly, but this is the most important aspect of clothing. Many people wear clothes that are either too big or too small for them.

They may look saggy or unfit for you. So make sure that whatever you wear fits you properly and is comfortable to you as well. This will make your look appropriate for you work.

A lady dressed appropriately and stylishly for work

  1. Understand what your industry permits:

The industry in which you are working also has some norms and rules about their employees’ dressings. Some companionship also have uniform or dress code for employees.

Make sure your outfit follows your company norms and dress accordingly; because you not only represent yourself in the company, you also represent your company to others.

  1. Make sure your bag is well-organized:

Dressing elegantly for work does not include your clothes but your bag also matters. As your bag accompanies you in the office, it also has to be maintained properly.

Make sure your bag is clean and elegant in look.

a well organised bag which is important for how to dress smartly

The color of your bag should match or blend in with your attire. It should also be well organized and clean from inside also, especially when your bag does not have a zipper. This makes you a tidy person.

  1. Never smell:

This criterion includes both bad smell and too strong smell of perfumes or cologne. Make sure you don’t smell of your sweat because this leads to people making distance from you and also creates bad impression.

nobody would like some one who smells.this image describes a person who is smelling

Also to avoid the sweaty smell don’t put a strong smelling perfume or cologne as “Anything that anyone else can smell is not good”.

To avoid both the extremes go for a light deodorants that keeps you away from sweaty smell without others noticing the smell of deodorants.

  1. Glasses? Make sure it fits:

Many people have glasses and that is an add on to their daily attire, hence it also plays a very important role in making the person a gentleman or gentlewoman at work.

an image showing 2 people who have chosen their glass size and shape correctly

If you have glasses, make sure it fits you properly and do not come down on your nose every now and then.

No one would like you playing around with your glasses while in a presentation or in a meeting. Also see whether your glasses go with your outfit.

  1. Never enter your office with wet hair:

Always make sure that when you are leaving your home or entering your office your hair are not wet.

Entering your workplace with wet hair builds your impression as an unmanaged person who cannot manage his/her time well.

Further it may also make an impression that you will not able to manage your work too.

Also wet hair makes you look clumsy.

  1. Wear polished and maintained shoes:

A very important element for tips to look stylish at work. Shoes or footwear are as important as your clothes to look graceful at work. Always see that your shoes or footwear are well maintained.

Also check that they go well with your attire.

an image showing clean and polished shoes that one should wear to the office or work place. it helps you look more stylish

Your shoes should also be polished. This makes you a tidy, clean and disciplined person.

  1. Look at your watch:

One of the common accessary for both men and women at work is a watch. It is not compulsory but if you choose to carry one then, make sure that your watch is working fine and shows the correct time.

Also your watch should be elegant and not too eye catching. The watch you are wearing should also compensate with your clothes.

  1. Avoid over flashy clothes and clothes with neon colors:

Wearing over flashy clothes or clothes with neon colors makes you an attention seeking person in your company. You don’t have to wear catchy clothes to seek attention, instead work well to seek attention.

Avoid neon colors as they are not pleasant to eyes. Also flashy clothes are not a better option for being professional.

  1. Wearing rich colors can portray authority:

You should always pay attention to your color choices. Darker colorsgenerally convey stronger impression than lighter colors. But make choice of the darker color only when you have to show an authority.

But lighter colors are always a better choice at work as they reflect that you are a team worker and not someone who wants to show his/her authority.

Whenever you have a presentation to give, choose the colors that do bot blend in with the background and are also elegant and professional and also rich at the same time.

  • FOR MEN:

  1. Avoid ankle socks:

Choice of the socks with proper size also makes an impression on your look at work. You should never go for an ankle socks with your professional trousers.

One of the reasons to avoid ankle socks is that when you keeps your legs entangled and sit or whenever you sit, your pants go a little up and makes your legs visible making a bad impression.

Always go for a long length socks which helps you look professional.

  1. Don’t overwhelm your face with hair:

When you are working in a professional place your bushy beard or long hair won’t help you look good, actually has a poor impression in the work place.

Not every hair cut suits your face and your personality.

an image showing a lady who has a haircut that suites her face

While getting a hair-cut, make sure that your hair will suit your face as well as personality.

If you are not sure about which hair-cut will suit you, and then observe other people having same face cut as yours and then make a choice. You can also  ask your hair stylist about it.

  1. A goatee is very bad idea:

Many boys and even men love to keep a goatee on their chin. But this looks very unprofessional and immature for your work place.

So always avoid to keep a goatee when you are working in a company as you represent your company.

  1. Opt growing facial hair on weekends and vacations:

You may love to grow your facial hair but sometimes it may make your impression as a lazy lad and you grow it on purpose.

It is recommended to prefer to grow your facial hair on weekends or when you are on a vacation.

  1. Keep your beard trimmed:

It is not always needful to shave your beard on work, you can always trim it. Also make sure your beard and mustachean image showing a man who has maintained beard properly is well maintained and in proper shape which will enhance your facial beauty and personality. Gentlemen, this is a very important parto our article tips to look more professional at work.

Having a beard is not bad, but having an unmaintained beard is bad.

  1. Avoid unprofessional accessories:

Boys and men usually like to wear a thick chain in neck or thick bracelets in hand. This may look cool or stylish with friends or in their college life, but it is not appropriate for the corporates.

So one should always try to avoid those eye catching accessories in their work place and be elegant, simple and professional.


  1. Make sure your jewelry does not make noise:

Women always love to wear different kinds of jewelries but one should try to avoid the jewelry that makes noise or the jewelry that are too catchy too others eyes.

Such jewelries may distract others. It may also lead to dividing the people’s attention from what are you speaking.

  1. Don’t over accessorize:

The accessories are meant to enhance or complement your outfit and not overpower your attire. When you over accessorize people cannot focus on your speech and focus on the accessories you wear.

The main drawback of over accessorizing is when you have to give a presentation, because people get distracted with your accessories and cannot focus on the presentation.

  1. Keep the sexy look for parties:

Wearing inappropriate clothes is not only distracting, but also gives a wrong impression to the fellow collogues. Avoid too short hemlines, plunging necklines and exposed undergarments. Also avoid too tall heels in the work place.

Doing so will make you a provocative person. What you want to be remembered for? What you wore or what you said?

  1. Get regular manicures and pedicures:

A properly manicured and pedicured hands and legs create an impression on others. It also enhances your personality and makes you a well maintained and tidy person.

Because your clothes speak before you do, make sure you’re putting off the message you want others to hear.

This was all about the ways and tips to look more stylish at work. I hope this will be helpful for you. Do try to follow these tips and tricks and tell us how u feel about them.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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