There are a lot of shapes and sizes for the nails one can have and flaunt. This article deals with the ultimate guide to 15 Different Nail Shapes

Who ever considered the nail extensions to be dead cells? No girl ever did neither do I. they are just considered an extension to what ladies are wearing on a particular day. Right from colors to themes, matching and contrasting colors bring life to the nails.

Here is all the information that you would need about 15 different nail shapes.

Almond shape nails

It is a very popular shape that most of the fashion bloggers and celebrities prefer to have over any other 15 Different Nail Shapes and if you think it is difficult you are wrong. It is super easy and you would love doing it.

One can think about having this shape only if she has long nails. the one with shorter nails may have to wait till their nails grow long enough. To make it easy o understand, you need to cut your nails in triangle shape and mark the exact middle of your nail.

Once it is done, start filing your nail and lessening the point of the triangle to give it an almond look. You need to file the point of your nail and then make it look like a little U shaped.

almond shaped nails 15 different nail shapes

Squoval nails

Right from the name itself, you can figure out that it is a combination of both square and oval shapes and when you combine both the shapes it look amazing. If your nails are already not into a proper shape then first trim and file them to bring them into proper shape.

First cut them into somewhat square shape and start filing them so that not edge is left sharp. It basically should look like a square shape from the middle and should be filed and brought into somewhat oval shape from the sides.

Round nails

This is possible the easiest one can think about the shapes of nails. Even if your nails aren’t in the proper shape. If it is in the shape of square or squoval or just oval, all you need is a filer with you.

Start filing all the sharp edges of your nails so that it starts getting a round shape already. You need to file the nails equally from everywhere.

Coffin nails

Coffin nails are one of the trendiest designs one can have for nails. There are short and long coffin nails which mean women with both short and long nails can have this shape.

You need to file the edges towards the center of your nail so that it does not get very pointed and does remain too flat either. It should somewhat look like the image below.

When you file your nails and see some pointed edges in the center, take the nail cutter and trim some of the edged portion so that it gives a flat look.

coffin shaped nails

Oval nails

Oval nails are another shape of nails which are very popular and easy to achieve. The corners of your nail should curve inward. No matter what shape you have on your nails, start filing your nails inwards and do not leave any sharp edges. Your nails need to be a little long rather medium for the oval shape.

ballerina nails

it is just like the copy of coffin shape nails but people who do not want sharp edges, this shape if for you. Once you achieve the coffin shape on your nails you can have the ballerina nails very easily. Just start softening and filing the edges of the coffin nails in such a way that it is no sharper. It should in short have round corners.

Soft square nails

Some people are obsessed with the square shape but hate having sharp and pointy edges. No matter in what shape your nails are in right now, take a nail cutter and just cut the nails from the middle not caring about any edges now.

Next, take the filer and soften all the sharp and pointy edges to have an amazing soft square look on your nails. you can try doing nail art on you soft square nails.


This s almost having a triangle shaped nails with the curves going downwards and inwards. This is considered a little risky shape because you really have sharp edges and there are chances that you might scratch yourself or get caught on anything like lace or other cloths.

You just need to cut your long nails into a triangle shape and start filling it down to get a shape like shown in the image.

Natural acrylic nails

Natural acrylic nails are not exactly a kind of shape of nail but is something different that most of the women use.

There is a kit that contains all the kinds of nails of different shape whether it is almond, round, Oval, Square or any other shape. One can just select any shape and buy that kit to get wonderful nails without too much effort.

Short almond nails

Having been discussed almond nails before, it has been discussed that it is one of the most popular shapes but is also difficult to carry around.

Here is an alternative to the long almond nails. the short almond nails are very easy to have and also easy to carry around where ever you go.

You need to cut your nails to a shorter length if you have a little long nails and the repeat the same process that you did for the normal almond nails in pointer 1.

Pointy nails

Pointy nails are such nails which are a little difficult to carry around but once you know how to manage yourself with those nails, you look gorgeous in them and you must have them.

Lipstick shaped nails

Lipstick shaped nails are one of the most trendy designs which every women know and wants to have on her hand. This is one of the most beautiful among 15 Different Nail Shapes.

From the name itself it is very clear that how the nails might look. You need to cut your nails diagonally such that the pointed edge either comes to the right or left of your nail.

Arrowhead nails

This is a slightly difficult attempt to pursue but can be achieved. One needs to have really long nails to achieve this shape.

Flare nails

The name itself says a lot about this shape of nails. these kind of nails are also called duck bill nails because the wide flares tend to look like duck bill. You just need to have square shaped nails with a wide angle from the center.

Edge nails

Edge nails are of the trendiest designs which many women prefer having on their nails.

It is different than pointy nails because it resembles more of a hut shape. You need to have an edge just like a hut has and also the filing should be according to it. Refer to the link to get a better understanding.

This was all about 5 Different Nail Shapes and i hope you enjoyed reading this article.