A Beginner’s Guide: Popular Tattoo Styles Briefly Explained [2020]

Tattoo is not just a style statement. It is a language in itself and speak for themselves. They are much more than marks of ink carefully spread on your body.

They hide stories in them. An emotion, a whole lot of pain. Here are some of the tattoo styles briefly explained.

Tattoos are a piece of great art and talent. Be it the initials of your name or the name of your loved ones or maybe a tattoo of your favorite band, or may it be any pattern of your choice, tattoos are a mark of your emotions.

Here I am going to provide you with some amazing, mindblowing tips about popular tattoo styles.

If you are planning to get inked, then you have to go through this article so that you do not regret after getting tattooed. So hold on tight, and get ready for some great advice on getting inked!

Go for smaller Tattoos.

If you are planning to get inked, do not go for a complete full body tattoo.

If you are well built and have a good amount of muscle deposit on deltoids then you may get inked on your deltoids but make sure not to cover your whole arms with tattoos.

Restricting your tattoos to your deltoids will making your deltoids look more attractive. Do not go for too many tattoos in a particular area or it would mess up things

Since every tattoo in different and speaks a different story, inking tattoos of several styles at the flexors of your hand would simply kill the purpose of making it.

So if you are going for different tattoos, make sure you give enough spacing between two different tattoos. Always consult your tattoo artist for suggestions.

As they are highly experienced, they would help you to select the right tattoo for your body type. Just don’t go for anything. Always take the suggestion.

Several Styles

There are a million possibilities in getting yourself inked.  Some of the amazing tattoo styles are briefly explained here in this article.

I am going to discuss the popular trends of different tattoo styles that you may go for.

So just hold on and read till you find your perfect match.

I have tried my best to cover all the possible form of tattoos in the most lucid way possible. I hope that my suggestion would help you in finding your perfect tattoo that you are super happy with!

  1. Tattoos of Music Bands

a tattoo of music bands one of the tattoo styles briefly explained

If you are a fan of rock or metal or any music genre of your choice, you may get a tattoo of your favorite music band.

I have a tattoo of Led Zeppelin on my flexors as I am a very big fan of rock music and a big fan of Led Zeppelin, I have got a tattoo of that band on my flexors.

You may go for the tattoo of any band you like. Be it Metallica, Beatles or any other band of your choice.

You may also ink yourself with the name of a particular singer. But I personally favor band logos because I feel they look a total badass.

Also, if you are comfortable, you may go for a famous line of a particular song that you love of that band. For example, I saw a style in which ‘Stairway to Heaven’ was written which is one of the most popular songs by Led Zeppelin.

So it’s your call of what style you decide to keep. But keep in mind that price changes with the design of tatoo.

  1. Tattoos of Musical Instruments

musical instrumental tattoo style briefly explained

If you are into playing guitar, drums, violin or any other musical instrument, you may get a tattoo of that on your body.

Just keep in mind that such tattoos would only suit on your arms. Making it on your chest or back would just look ridiculous.

So you may go for tattoos of musical instruments. It would signify your deep interest in that very instrument.

Do not ink yourself with such a tattoo if you are not into playing that particular musical instrument because you would not be doing justice with that. Only make a tattoo of a musical instrument if you are into playing some of those.

  1. Zodiac Signs

Zodiac tattoo style briefly explained

Zodiac signs is one of the most amazing tattoo styles briefly explained here in this article. If the first thing you do in the morning is to pick up the newspaper, turn to the astrology page and look up for your day today corresponding to your zodiac sign then you may go for tattoos of your zodiac sign.

Getting a tattoo of your zodiac sign will signify your nature that is carried by that particular zodiac sign or it will also signify the birth of your month.

Zodiac tattoos are meant for those who have a strong sense of attachment to their zodiac signs.

If you feel that a particular nature of yours is carried by you just because you are a member of a particular zodiac, they go for it! It is in trend these days and would surely look fantastic!

So if you are such kind of person, go for the zodiac tattoos. I would again prefer it on the hands as per my opinion, tattoos are best suited in hands only.

I am not against a full body tattoo but personally, I do not like it. It feels way too much artificial.

  1. Tattoo of Your name or your closed ones

get tattooed the name of your close ones

If you like, you may get a tattoo of your own name in some good font. This would simply look super cool.

Inking your name on your body would just look amazing. But there is a catch! You must not make a mammoth tattoo of your name. This would look absolutely ridiculous and a total showoff.

Go for a small-sized tattoo of your name.

Or if you love someone, who is very close to you, a part of your life, then you may go for their name. Like the name of your wife, your love, your children, your parents or anyone with such importance to you.

This would signify your love and respect towards them.

So this is one of the ideas that you may go for if you are close to someone or you badly love someone or if you are a family person and love your little ones. Initials of their names would also be a good idea.

  1. Tattoo of a particular line or a message

a man's arm with a tattoo of a particular message or line or statement

Whether it’s a sweet message like ‘Daddy’s little girl’ or a line to motivate yourself like ‘I will Rise!’ you may get yourself tattooed with such lines.

This kind of messages would just be an amazing way to signify your love towards someone or to motivate yourself. To get up when you feel down.

Such tattoos have limitless possibilities and there are a billion of such lines to choose from.

You may choose any language or any font style for your tattoo.It may be a quote from your favorite novel or maybe a dialogue from a movie of your choice.

Such tattoos look absolutely amazing and have a huge amount of choices. So if you want to go in such a style, you need to give it a bit of thinking.

Since there are so many choices out there, you have to take a concrete decision (Once I saw a tattoo of the line ‘The things you own end up owning you’ from the movie Fight Club and that was the best piece of art I saw that day!’).

So if you want such a tattoo, go for it! There is a whole world of possibility waiting for you.

  1. Symbols

tattoo related to symbols

Again, under this, you have millions of possibilities.

If there is a symbol that you love or a symbol that has a great history attached to it or maybe a symbol with a strong significance, you may get yourself inked with such a tattoo.

For example, a tattoo of ‘Peace’ would signify your dedication towards a peaceful life of maybe your mindset of your peaceful world.

You may also choose religious symbols if you are a religious kind of person like a tattoo of a cross.

You may also get yourself tattooed with symbols with heavy historical significance like the Yin and Yang or the Caduceus or maybe a sign of infinity signifying your limitless possibilities.

Such tattoos would signify your deep interest in symbols and nowadays, these look super cool.

  1. Tattoos of heavenly bodiestattoo of heavenly bodies

Another great option of tattoos currently in trend is the tattoos of heavenly bodies. This is one of the most famous tattoo styles briefly explained.

For example tattoos of a particular planet or maybe a tattoo of a particular constellation would look just brilliant.

You may also go for the tattoo of stars or maybe a funny tattoo of a smiling sun. Such tattoos look beautiful and look good.

You may go for such tattoos if you are an aspiring astronaut! Just kidding!

Summing Up

Here I have tried to explain about all the best possibilities of getting inked.

Remember that different tattoos suit different body styles. It depends where are you getting tattooed.

Also, you must take suggestions from the tattoo artist as they are very much knowledgeable and would surely suggest you positively.

Also, one thing should be kept in mind that you must go to a good tattoo parlor because tattoos are made using needles and there is a good amount of health risk if the needles are not of good quality or are just dirty.

This may cause skin infection or maybe result in severe health issues. So make sure never to get inked at any random tattoo parlor and always go for a branded or famous one. They would take care of the rest.

So now that you are done reading the article, the fun part begins! Go for the tattoo of your choice! Select one and get inked! The world of possibilities awaits! These were some of the most famous tattoo styles briefly explained.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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