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There’s nothing like a stylish belt to make you appear, and experience, put together. But look at any lifestyle blog or men’s fashion magazine, and you’d think there was a sacred talent to finding the right one and wearing it suitably in case, heaven forbid, you break some unwritten, obscure fashion rule.

So it’s safe and sound to say that these belts have been rated the best from customers all around the world. In this article, take a look at our Preppy Men’s Belt : 2020


Belts are like most other things – the better you take care of them, the longer they’ll last. Of course, durability relates to the on the whole quality of the belt (cheaply made with cheap materials won’t last as long),.Here are some steps you can take to give your belt the care it deserves.

  • ROTATE YOUR BELTS ( Do not wear the same belt everyday)  

5 THINGS TO think about WHEN you purchase A BELT :

Selecting the correct belt begins with the essentials and finishes with your style and taste.


A belt’s length is among the most important you’ll need to make. As a general rule of thumb, select a length that’s one size larger than your waist (i.e., the waist size you use to choose pants). Its better if you should choose a belt length that’s two, or even three sizes larger than your trouser waist size.

Deciding the suitable belt size must take into account how much spare belt length – or “tail” – is left once you’ve fastened your belt. A tail that’s too long isn’t a pleasing look, especially with dress pants. You can go a bit longer with a casual belt, but don’t go beyond it.

Finding the spot on belt length is easier if you’re shopping in a store because you can wrap the belt around your waist to get a good idea if it’s too long or short. Shopping for a belt online is a bit more complicated and, again, you should choose a length that’s one or two sizes more than your waist size.


Width is for the most part significant when choosing a dress or casual belt. Casual belts tend to be wider and less formal.


Screw closure is a buckle that has a screw bar closure for quick and well-organized way to use it. The holdup that’s provided is quite adequate and this fashionable type definitely gives a attractive appearance.

Occasion: Formal & Casual

Clamp Closure is a buckle that comes in two parts put together on the belt. In this type, one part is bigger while the other part is a bit smaller. The camp closure style comes in cut to fit design.

Occasion: Formal

Stitch closure buckles come in natural fiber style. With this chic style, you can effortlessly adjust the texture of the belt according to your need. The design is exclusive and the modifiable buckle adds more attraction to it.

Occasion: Formal & Casual

The single tongue buckle has one prong attached on one side only. The complete belt closes and ends on one side. The prong comes to one end of the frame that helps to tighten the belt well.

Occasion: Formal & Casual

The double side tongue buckles come in different range of designs. These buckles usually have two prongs to hold the belt on the other side. The double side buckles have a great grip and come in different finishes.

Occasion: Semi-Formal & Casual

The double side belt is the contrary of single side belt. The double sided belts have a distinguished look and the design just adds a punch to the wearer’s outfit. Double side buckle is always used on casual belts.

Occasion: Casual only

Reversible buckles have the appeal of being used on double side. To protect the belt well, the reversible buckle belts are designed and ornamented according to the wearer’s fashion taste.

Occasion: Formal only

The double ring buckles have two loops to fasten the belt well. The D shaped loops are situated in a way that makes it easy to tie.

Occasion: Casual

Auto grip Buckle has quality and stylish grip on the belt. The buckles are shaped in a way to give a great hold power and hence you can always be worry free with this type.

Occasion: Casual


Casual belts, to point out, tend to be wider than dress belts and range in width from 1 ¼” to 1 ¾.” The width of belts commonly worn with jeans is 1 ½.”

  • Leather is the most ordinary material used in casual belts and, again, looks for a full-grain leather belt. Not only does it look excellent, but it holds up better to everyday use and many people wear their casual belt on a standard basis.
  • You’ll also find casual belts made of suede and cotton, as well. Cotton is the most affordable and considered the most casual of all casual belts.
  • The finish on casual belts is less shiny than on dress belts. They may have stitching, depending on your preference.
  • There are more buckle options for casual belts, while buckle shapes can cover a wide gamut, from square to round


Black, brown, and tan are the most commonly-used belt colours. Your belt should match your shoes, particularly in a more formal setting; at the least, they should be a close match, if not an exact one.

  1. MontBlanc
Mont Blanc 'Casual Line' Men's Reversible Belt - 38157

Mont Blanc ‘Casual Line’ Men’s Reversible Belt 

Features of the Belt

  • Reversible Black and Brown Leather
  • 3 x 120cm Strap
  • Polished Horseshoe Shaped Pin Buckle
  • They are made of leather
Pros of the Belt
  • They look stylish
  • They can be used for formal wear
  • They’re amazing quality
Cons of the Belt
  • They are quiet expensive
  • They come only in standard size

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Framed Double Gancio Belt, Black/Ultramarine, 34

Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Framed Double Gancio Belt

Url :

Features of the belt
  • Imported
  • Leather: Pebbled calfskin
  • Reversible, gunmetal-tone gancio buckle
  • Made in Italy
  • Width: 1.5in / 3.5cm
  • Adjustable
Pros of the Belt
  • The Belt has received 5 stars rating
  • It is a well known brand, and has a contemporary design
  • The finish of the product is Spectacular
Cons of the Belt
  • They are high priced
  • A little on the small side 
  • Soft leather is prone to marking

Charles Underwood

Charles Underwood Men's Genuine Alligator Belt with Silver Scottsdale Buckle - Chocolate, Size 44
Charles Underwood Men’s Genuine Alligator Belt with Scottsdale 3-Piece Buckle Set

Url :

Features of the Belt
  • Genuine Hand-Glazed American Alligator
  • Sizes: 32-44
  • Handcrafted in USA since 1978
  • Colors: Black, Cognac, Chocolate
Pros of the Belt
  • They are highly recommended
  • The quality is astounding
  • Iconic design
Cons of the Belt
  • They are pricey


Gucci Men's Feather Navy Blue Leather Belt Gold Buckle Detail 375182 4009 (100/40)
source :

Gucci Men’s Feather Navy Blue Leather Belt Gold Buckle


Features of the belt
  • 100% Leather
  • Leather
  • Gold Buckle Feather
  • Measurements: Buckle width: 1; Belt width: 1.25 inches
  • Original Gucci dust bag and tags included
  • Made in Italy
Pros of the Belt
  • Reversible
  • Good for several occasions
  • trustworthy brand name
Cons of the Belt
  • Some reviewers say that the belt buckle is small


Prada Nastro Sport 1 Web Logo Plaque Belt, Blue 2CN004 (36-38 US (95))

Prada Nastro Sport 1 Web Logo Plaque Belt, Blue 2CN004


Features of the Belt
  • Nylon web belt with leather trim
  • Polished silver tone logo-engraved slider plaque; leather keeper
  • Leather keeper strap and trim detail
  • Tags and dust bag included; Approx 1.5″ width
  • Made in Italy: This Prada item is guaranteed to be authentic. Prada is a registered trademark of Prada S.p.A.
Pros of the belt
  • Effortless adjustment for a right fit
  • Durable
  • Stylish yet well-designed buckle
  • Simple and classy design
Cons of the Belt
  • At times, locking mechanism can be a little difficult


Montblanc 114388 Men's Belt with Rectangular Rounded Shiny & Mat Palladium-Coated Pin Buckle

Montblanc 114388 Men’s Belt with Rectangular Rounded Shiny & Mat Palladium-Coated Pin Buckle


Features of the Belt
  • 75% Bonded Leather, 20% Polyester, 5% Leather
  • 1.5″ high
  • 44″ wide
  • Lace-braided belt featuring integrated notches and single-prong buckle with brass finish
  • 30 mm wide
  • Imported
Pros of the Belt
Cons of the Belt
  • Some reviewers say the buckle is a bit large


CrookhornDavis Men's American Alligator 32mm Belt, 34, Chestnut Brown
CrookhornDavis Men’s American Alligator Belt

Url: Glazed American Alligator

Features of the Belt
  • Genuine Glazed American Alligator
  • Imported
  • Measures 1.25 inches or 32 mm wide
  • 100% Natural Full Grain Hand Buffed Suede Calfskin Lining
  • Solid Brass Buckle
  • Interchangeable buckle construction with unscrewing post
  • 100% Hand made in Italy
Pros of the Belt
  • Highly Fashionable
  • Very easy to manage
Cons of the Belt
  • They are bit High-priced


Belts are essential in every man’s wardrobe.

Our ambition is choosing the top preppy men’s belts for 2020 was to provide a diverse selection of products. We wanted to include belts that were suitable for a variety of occasions, but also ones targeted specifically for formal or casual settings. We also wanted to include at least one luxury, “designer” belt, which is one of the many reasons Prada made the list.

Other things that factored into our decision were stability, accessibility and the reviews of customers and others. We hope this article will help you find the right one.  

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