How To Get The Perfect Red Lips Makeup With Eyes? [2020]

Beauty demands perfection and perfection demands you reading this article. Red lips go well with so many styles of makeup that you couldn’t even count. Going common like everyone else won’t give you uniqueness or won’t make you stand apart from the others. If you’re looking for an amazing style of perfect red lips makeup with eyes, this is the place for you.

Some people do not really use the red colored lipstick and prefer to keep their lips either in the nude shade or in shades of pink. Beauty preference varies but according to surveys and information, red lips give your personality a very bold look and adds confidence.

You can be recognized even from a distance. Never underestimate the power that red lipstick gives you.

Eyes attract and play a major role whenever someone sees you. This first thing they notice in your face is your eyes.

Keep your eyes pretty and beautiful. Here we have compiled some trendy styles to get you going.

Cut crease and red lips

For this makeup style, you need to take the darkest of your eye shadow and line it across your crease. Once you’re done, flip the brush and try blending the eye shadow a little so that it look good on your face.

Take another brush, and put some amount of concealer on it that matches your skin shade well. Carve out the crease and also make sure to let the brush go a little outside of your eye so that it makes a winged shape. Here’s how it should actually look like:

cut crease makeup image which is an amazing method to get perfect red lips makeup with eyes

Once the eye makeup is done, choose a shade of red lipstick that goes well with your color and put it to complete your look.

Fresh red

An amazing way to get perfect red lips makeup with eyes. This style emphasizes on your lips only. You need to keep your eyes bare. If you feel a little awkward, put some mascara to feel less naked.

Add a hint of red blush on your cheeks and make sure that you fill your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil properly. Once you’re done put a bold red gloss lipstick to complete the look.

fresh red with red blush on cheeks to get perfect red lips and eye makeup

Glamour and sparkle

When we talk about glamour, sparkle, shimmer and all sorts of things, what comes to your mind? Pretty eyes? Right? You can decorate your eyes in such a manner that they will actually fit in the title of ‘Glamorous’.

Here’s all that you need. A golden or silver eye shadow, black liner, concealer, red lipstick, fake eyelashes.

shimmer eye makeup

Start by putting some foundation on your eyes to make a base. You can also use primer. Once the base is done, start putting golden/silver eye shadow on your eyelids.

Do not put only one layer, it’s all about sparkle and glittery eyes. Once you put enough eye shadow, put a bold eye liner. Next, take fake eyelashes and put them on to complete the eye look.

Take a red lipstick, preferably a matte one if possible, and put it on to complete the whole look.

Freckles and red lips!

If you have a fair complexion, go for the fake freckles. Dab your brush into the darkest bronzer you have.

Bring if above your nose and cheeks and shake it a little so that it just falls randomly over your face. After the bronzer thing, take your brown lip liner or kajal and randomly touch the spots where the bronzer has fallen on your face.

freckles with perfect red lips and eye makeup

The next step is to put a red bold lipstick to complete the look.

Gold and red!

You should choose a golden eye shadow with black Smokey eyes and bright red lipstick and the highlighter that gives more of a shimmer and golden look to your face.

Golden and red have always been very popular. Start by putting primer on your eyelids. Next, put golden eye shadows and highlight your cheekbones with a golden hue to give your face more of a golden tint.

Put a thin eyeliner to give your eyes a pretty look and use mascara for long eyelashes. If possible, try doing golden Smokey eye. Once you’re done with the face, put red lipstick with the final touch.

beautiful gold and red makeup with little highlights on cheek areas

Brown and red

Do you have brown hair and eyes? Go, with brown eye makeup and red lipstick. What a glamorous combination it is? Start applying primer on your eyelids and covering them in brownish eye shadow color.

Try to take the eye shadow that sparkles a little to give more effect to the makeup. Once you’re done, take brown eyeliner and do a thin lining on the eyelids.

brown and red makeup image

Make sure that your eyebrows are one pint. Fill them to give a complete look. Put on glossy red lipstick to finish the look.

Red eyelashes!

An easy way of getting perfect red lips makeup with eyes. Continuity to a makeup, color or design never fails to give beauty. Repetition is one of the major factors in it. Red eye makeup goes well with red lipstick and looks stunning on who so ever wears it.

After all the steps including applying primer and all, start with a brush and red eye shadow on it. Do not cover the whole eye lid with the red shadow. Leave the wing corner bare.

Next, take another brush with black eye shadow on it and cover the wing corner that you had left bare. Blend the two of them so that there’s no line separating both the shades.

Take silver eyeliner for contrast and put it a little above than the usual, as shown in the picture. Finish the look by putting red lipstick.

a girl's red smokey eye image

Double eyeliner

Colors are fun right? Paint your eyes with 2 colors this time. Let’s say 2 of the boldest colors in makeup, pink and orange. Apply pink eyeliner in the lower lid of your eye and a bold and thick orange eyeliner on top of it.

Ensure that you wear a simple bold red matte lipstick if you choose to go with the double-colored eye makeup.

The 1980’s makeup style!

People have forgotten how their parents and grandparent used to do their makeup. Let’s revive that style this time. You’re going to love this.

Start by applying primer and taking a blue eye shadow in your brush. Dab the brush on your eye lids. Pink blush plays an important role in this style because people from that era loved to put pink and red blushes.

Dab your brush into pink blush and put in on your cheeks. Apply heavy mascara and a thick bold kajal. Try putting cat style eyeliner to give your eyes the old-style look.

After all, this is done, apply a red glossy lipstick to finish the look.

A Flick of white eye liner

White always goes along with red. People usually put a bold red lipstick when they wear a white dress or outfit. So why not contrast your eyes with the red lipstick?

Start by applying a primer to create a base on the eyelids. Next, do not use any kajal or anything black. Take the white eyeliner and put a medium-thin line along the eyelid.

Next, take red blush and put some on your cheeks. Once these 2 steps are done, apply red lipstick to complete the look. It looks beautiful and is super easy to be done.

beautiful white eye liner makeup done perfectly on a girl

Cat eye!

Cat eye is the trendiest in 2019. Right from shades to eyeliners, everyone likes to have long beautiful eyes. Why not do this in your daily routine? As they say, “wing it! Life, eyeliner, everything”.

There are only 2 things that are required, primer and eyeliner. Prepare your eyes for this cat makeup by putting some under eye cream and preparing a solid nude eyelid base.

After the base is created, use the thread hack to put a winged eyeliner. Take a thread and color it with your liner. Place the thread at the corner of your eye so that it creates a wing the following way:

A girl threading her eyelashes to create a wing

They were all the styles of makeup that one can do and combine easily with red lipstick. There are a number of styles but these are some of the best and easiest ones that even the beginners can do and apply.

Why not try these up in your daily routine? When you know them, try at least one style each day. They do not take more than 15 minutes of your day and help you to look glamorous all day. Who wouldn’t want it? 

So I hope that you enjoyed reading perfect red lips makeup with eyes and it was helpful to you. Go ahead and try it on! You can easily get perfect red lips makeup with eyes.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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