Who ever considered the nail extensions to be dead cells? No girl ever did neither do I. they are just considered an extension to what ladies are wearing on a particular day. Right from colors to themes, matching and contrasting colors bring life to the nails.

If you’re someone who loves to do nail art and decorate your nails according to what you’re wearing, this is the right place for you. Here are the most trendy nail art designs of 2019 that will help you look glamorous.

Contents at a glance!

  1. Diagon orange and pink nails.
  2. Four leaf clover nails.
  3. Ocean blue nails
  4. Strawberry nails
  5. Mermaid scales on your nails!
  6. Triple cloud nail art
  7. Valentine’s nail art
  8. Pretty Halloween
  9. Matte manicure
  10. Galaxy nail art
  11. Rainbow nails
  12. Fish net nails
  13. Flames nail art
  14. All my heart nail art
  15. The beetle bug nail art
  16. Just stripes!
  17. The heartbeat
  18. Colorful polkas
  19. The shimmering one
  20. The newspaper print.
  1. Diagon orange and pink nails

This vibrant and young design will enlighten your mood and day as you wear this to work.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Paint your nails with orange nail paint first.
  • Paint the lower half of your nail with a bright pink color diagonally.
  • Repeat the same process with yellow color going across diagonally.
  • Coat it with clear nail paint and you’re good to go!
  • Four leaf clover nails

Fresh leaves never fail to bring freshness in your day. 4 leaf clovers is an easy and trendy design. Get light and dark green nail paint and a brush.

Apply a coat of light green nail paint and start painting hearts with dark green color as shown in the picture. Create 4 hearts with their bottoms touching each other. Give a white touch in the middle of the dark green hearts and you’re good to go.

  • Ocean blue nails

To create this style, all you need is light blue nail paint and shimmering dark blue nail paint. Start painting your nails with the light blue nail polish. Once you’re done, take a thin strips of paper and place it diagonally across your nail. Now it’s time for some blue shimmer! Paint one half of your nail with dark blue shimmer. Finish with coating your nails with transparent nail paint so that it stays for a longer period of time.

  • Strawberry nails

Every girl will undoubtedly love this. Strawberries have always been sweet and fresh and so this nail art gives a sense of freshness. Instead of painting your nails with simple red color, paint them with red strawberries this time!

Here’s all you need.

  • Red nail paint
  • Light and dark green nail paints
  • Nail art brush
  • Polka dot brush
  • White nail paint
  • Clear nail paint

Start by painting your nails red. Try to use red matte nail paint to give them a better look. When it’s dry, take the polka dot brush, dip it in the white nail paint and start putting white polka dots all over your nails. Remember to not put too many of them.

Next, take the nail art brush and dip it in light green nail paint and start drawing the leaves of the strawberry on the top most area of your nail. Once you’re done, try adding strokes of dark green nail paint over the light green one. This step is optional.

  • Mermaid scales on your nails!

Creating beautiful blue mermaid scales on your nails is one of the fantasies’ that girls have. Here are all the things that you need:

  • Light blue nail paint
  • Dark blue nail paint
  • Nail art brush

Start by painting your nails with light blue color. Take the nail art brush and dip it in the dark blue color. Try imitating the shape as shown in the picture. Finish it by coating it with clear nail paint.

  • Triple clouds nail art

This style of nail art gives a very cheerful and bubbly look to your nails. Here’s all you have to do.

  • Paint your nails with bright pink nail paint and let it dry completely.
  • Take light blue nail paint in your nail art brush and draw a line in the corner of your nail as shown in the picture.
  • Continue drawing lines but shorter than the 1st one as shown.
  • Repeat the same process with dark blue color.
  • Let it dry and coat it with transparent nail paint and there you go!
  • Valentine’s nail art!

There are a number of styles to do this nail art. The easiest and prettiest has been described here for the beginners. This requires you to paint and design your all 5 nails in different styles all in the shades of red and pink.

Here’s all you need:

  • Baby pink nail paint.
    • Nail art brush
    • Pink shimmer nail paint
    • Red nail paint
    • White and red shimmer nail paint
    • A small heart paper cut out that


  • Start with your thumb and paint it red. Let the thumb be simply red
  • Paint your index with baby pink and let it dry completely.
  • Take your nail art brush and after dipping it in white nail paint, start creating crosses and circles as shown in the picture.
  • Then paint your middle finger with white nail paint and with the nail art brush, write love in a pretty way.
  • Next, place a small paper cut out which is heart shaped and then run the red nail paint’s brush over your finger.
  • For you tiny finger’s nail, use pink shimmer and then put polka dots with white nail art brush.
  • Cover every nail with clear nail paint and you’re ready to go!
  • Pretty Halloween!

Again there are several styles to do this. To opt for the easiest, you need a black matte nail pain, white nail paint and a nail art brush.

  • Start with painting all your nails black
  • Next, take the nail art brush and draw half moon as shown in the picture
  • This will give affect of eyes on your nails.
  • Matte manicure

This is a very simple nail art style which adds class to your outfit and goes with almost every color. All you need is matte and gloss black nail paint.

Start by applying a base coat of transparent nail pain. Then apply black matte nail paint on all your nails. After it dries completely, apply black glossy nail paint just on the tips of your nails as shown below in the picture.

  • Galaxy nails art

Choose a bas color for example blue and do some sponge work on it. Dab your nails while it is wet with the sponge. It will create some uneven surface on your nails on which you can draw some stars easily. Mix a little of pink in it to give it a proper galaxy look.

  • Rainbow nails

How refreshing it would be to carry a rainbow with you where ever you go. It is easily possible if you do the rainbow nail art which is super easy and fun to do.

Create a base of white nail paint on your nails and let it dry completely. Take a thin nail art brush and all the 7 colors of the rainbow.

Start dipping your brush in each color one by one and drawing straight uneven heighted lines on your nails. In the end here’s how your nails must look.

  • Fish net nails

Fish net nails are very pretty and trendy nowadays. Start by putting a skin colored glossy nails paint on your nails. Let it dry completely and coat it with clear nail paint. When it’s all dries up, take a thin brush and dip it into black nail paint. Start drawing diagonal lines all across your nails.

Cross the diagonally drawn lines with another set of diagonal lines. Put some black nail paint on the tip of the nails too, to give it a finished look.

After it’s done it should look like this:

  • Flames nail art.

Everything for this nail art that is essential for you to know has been shown below in the picture.

  • All my heart nail art

How about creating alternate color hearts on every nail? Interesting right? This is a typical girlish nail art style but sometimes it’s good to be a little girlish. You will need a heart shaped paper cut out to place on your nails. Make the cut out according to the size of your nails.

Paint first 2 nails in bold red colored nail paint. Let it dry and then coat it with the transparent nail paint. Once this is done, place the hollow heart cut out on your nail and paint it pink. Here’s how it should look like.

After completing these 2 nails repeat the same process on the other 2 nails and the thumb. Just do the opposite of it in terms of color. Paint the nails pink and then fill the hollow cut out with red to give contrast to the whole design.

  • The beetle bug nail art

A very simple and cute design to follow. Start painting your nails in red color. After you’re done, paint a T shape in your nails and surround the visible red area with black polka dots. Finish the art by dipping your brush in white nail paint and drawing hollow circles to make eyes.

  • Just stripes!

Simple and sober stripes are never any less of all of the above. Paint your nails in white nail paint and draw horizontal stripes with a thin nail art brush.

  • The heartbeat!

Heartbeat in most of the cases signifies love for someone. It’s very simple and attractive. Paint all your nails in white color and paint a heart on your ring finger with red nail paint. Draw continuing heartbeat rates with red nail paint as shown in the picture.

  • The colorful polkas!

Paint your nails white and randomly start marking polka dots at the edge of your nails. try to add different colors to your polka creation so that it look unique and attractive even when some one sees it from a little distance.

  • The shimmering one

Paint different just one of all the 5 nails. Let’s take for example, paint the 4 nails in deep blue and the wedding finger nail in silver shimmer. It’s simple and easy to do.

  • The newspaper print

This is the trendiest style that one can do. Paint your nails into white and while it is still wet, place a section of printed English/Hindi newspaper on your nails. let it be there for 10-15 seconds. Take it out and cover it with transparent nail paint.


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