Latest Fashion Show Themes you can’t afford to miss! (2020 Latest updates)

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So, the fashion industry is touching skies. Several businessmen & other industrialists are willing to fund fashion shows all over the world.

This industry isn’t only about glamour or beauty but this it has come way too ahead by helping thousands of NGOs and other help agencies to help the needy with their respective fashion shows all over the globe.

This article here deals with the latest fashion show themes.

So what makes this industry so powerful & appealing? Apparently it’s the “themes” which make this place so exotic & exquisite.

These themes are basically intentionally used to add glitter to the show thereby folks can totally buy what they really want.

Just stand up, grab a pillow or something, get comfy because today am going to tell you a lot about latest fashion show themes.

Let’s know the themes!

Indian Ethnic Theme

As this word “Indian”  pops up in head, you make think it might be cliché but actually it is not!

As you know our country INDIA is actually in fact full of diversity and full of colors, hence it’s not really what you have the so called image in your head. Moreover, the fashion shows that perform to Indian themes are without a doubt classic yet elegant.

a model walking in a latest fashion show

Period Themes

Such themes are AKA the classic themes as they includes the trends such as the accessories of 6Os, 7Os, 8Os and even of 9Os back to reality !

Moreover these themes are still trending even in 2020. Not to mention that these fashion show themes are also nostalgic and at the same time fun in modern context.

this is one of the latest fashion things image

Cause Or Event Based Themes

These fashion shows themes are increasing rapidly shows by shows. Plus here in such shows, the major factor is increased by summoning celebrities and supermodels from the fashion world to contribute as much as they can. The success mantra of such shows is their cause (as the name already saying they are cause based). As aforementioned the industry isn’t only about glamour or beauty but this it has come way too ahead by helping thousands of NGOs and other help agencies to help the needy with their respective fashion shows all over the globe.

The Unconventional Themes

This theme has still to reach to the certain heights of popularity and success yet it is still in the race. Moreover, it can relate to anything from striking outfits in daring colors to unusual décor including the music.

The Rock And Roll Theme

Honestly speaking if you would like to ask me which is my all-time favorite fashion show theme then it is going to be most certainly the ROCK AND ROLL fashion show theme. It has got everything to be my favorite, because it is loud. It has loads of attitude and most importantly of course it is trendy.

a latest fashion show theme

Seasons Fashion Show Themes

This theme is aka one of the most favorite fashion themes among many of the fashion designers. What really makes it so popular is it’s uniqueness including the ability to experiment.

Moreover, depending on the seasons, fashion designers can introduce many varieties in color and nature.

As the names says “seasons”  it can include creative designs which usually includes in winter outfits. Moreover, in summers lively and pastel colors are chosen such as peach, lemon, and yellow.

  1. Specially Clothing: To take care of the different class of society this fashion show theme includes accessories of different kind.  Therefore, you can literally observe this fashion show theme with showcased products tailored accordingly to various kinds of people.
  2. Accessories Based: Sure fashion is not only about “clothing”. It has now an entire segment for accessories too, including belts. In order to reflect these accessories, the fashion shows have showstoppers and beautifully designed décor.

Such fashion show themes based on the accessories are effective in showing people how to think beyond the outfit.

Bollywood Themes

This theme is most certainly the most inspiring for all the folks of the aspiring fashion models of India.

Take any movie of Bollywood, it has enough caliber to attract tons of folks to just follow this trend.

In addition to this, the Bollywood fashion scenario is also a party to the crime, and hence it usurps to this spot.

bollywood fashion show theme

The Construction Based Theme

Although this fashion show theme may not be as elaborate, however, its uniqueness is what makes it in this list.

The construction zone theme was included in the Spring/Summer 2016 runway show.

a construction based fashion theme

Space Theme: Chanel Fall / Winter 2017

It was one of the coolest fashion show theme of all time. Watching space time was like never seen before.

That display of the rocket ship in the center of the venue, along with Elton John’s “Rocket Man” playing during the finale after Karl Lagerfeld pushed the “launch” button!

Escalator Runway: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013

This fashion show theme was presented in Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2013 runway show as it added an entire set of escalators straight onto the runway.

escalator theme fashion show and runways

Back in 2013, such runway shows were not really at the level of extra that they are today, so this show was a true feat that paid off for Louis Vuitton.

That show was actually technologically advanced, as well as visually groundbreaking.

The organizers gave models a dramatic entrance while also carrying the bold designs from the collection onto the stairs, creating a balanced and cohesive look

Beach Theme: Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2K16

hot beach summer theme

This one had a tagline of “A fun day at the beach! Led by Gigi Hadid, a killer group of supermodels strutted through a makeshift beach at the Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2016 show. 

Tommy Hilfiger drew from Jamaican influences to create this resort line and did not disappoint.

The use of color-blocking with various trims really accentuated the entire theme behind this show and tied it all together.

And Finally :-

Grocery Store Theme: Chanel Fall/Winter 2014

grocery theme fashion show

OMG (in Janice’ Accent :P) This show caused a lot of buzz when it happened — it was all over fashion sites and even hit the mainstream TV news!

The grocery store theme that Chanel chose for their Fall/Winter 2014 line was nothing that had never been seen before.

It was show-stopping and awe-inspiring and left everyone in attendance speechless.

Models even carried Chanel shopping baskets, which were available for sale starting at $12,500.

End Note

The fashion show themes have the ability to make or even break the event. Therefore, to create a lot of buzz in any event, good themes hold unique importance. I Hope you liked our article on latest fashion show themes. Do let us know how you feel.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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