Fashion and modelling industry defines what should be termed as ‘good looks’. We all appreciate appearances of models we come across through media either print or digital. It is true that women dominate the industry mentioned above. But every person wants to look good including men. Male models are perfect examples to follow to look good for a commoner  (obviously male). How to look like a male model, has been the biggest question.

You too can look like a male model with a lean body, sharp looks, classic wardrobe and positive attitude. We bring you 10 steps that you should follow to look like a male model. Here we go:

Step 1: Identify a male model’s characteristics

Not all male models are the same. They are classified in the following types depending upon who or what they represent. The image below gives a little hint about it.

male model 


Type I – Fashion ModelsThese models are generally tall (near or more than 180 cm). They have a clean face, a lean but tough body.

Type II – Fitness ModelsHeavy V-shaped body, chiseled and stiff muscles, no body hair, a little groomed, loose fitted sporty clothes and accessories.

Type III – College Models – These are a more casual type of models. They experiment with the clothing styles. Not necessarily well groomed, may be less fit than the other two categories and (a drawback) not loved by all for their experiments.

Note: All three types of male models are physically fit.

Now, you have to decide first according to your body type which is the most suitable category for you. Second, how much effort you can put to follow a certain kind of male model type.

You can also continue with a hybrid of any two mentioned types.

Step 2: Attitude, Confidence and Energy

Once you have decided the figure of a virtual male model that you want to become, the next step should be to focus on the aspects other than the physical looks.

Every male model has his influence on the atmosphere. What causes that influence?

Attitude– how you feel about others and the people around you, your behaviour with them.

Confidence– what you think about yourself, how stable is your thinking.

Energy– how your emotional state emits positive vibes to people around you.

Many people lose their charm when they speak. Looking like a male model should be complemented with an attitude which enhances your reputation.

What should you do? You should SMS.

Sleep Dedicate at least 7-9 hours a day to sleeping. It’ll keep you healthy, make you more alert and (most important) reduce your stress levels.

Meditate You will be able to emit postive energy only when you’ll feel good in your own skin. Meditation can help you in controlling your negative thoughts and emotions effectively.

Smile– everyone loves a smiling face. It acts as a magnet. Apart from adding traits to your personality, smiling boosts your mental strength. Moreover, a return smile may make you happy too.

Step 3: Work on your physical appearance

All three types of male models are fit. So you have to shred the extra kilos that you’re carrying till now.

weight can be your enemy

How to lose weight?

Well, it requires physical activity, just reading this article won’t make you fit. 😛

There are three significant factors which affect your physical appearance.

Diet Stop eating junk/fast/oil-rich food. Prefer organic, home-made, carbohydrate and protein-rich food. Start counting your calories intake. An average man needs 2500 calories per day. (survey)

If you wish to lose fat, you should consume fewer calories and if you want to gain then don’t count your calories. Your gym trainer can help in preparing a diet chart but, stick to the diet plan strictly.

ExerciseJust eating less won’t make you fit. Hit to a gym or a nearest park, run, jump, play or do any physical activity to pump your muscles. Work on areas of your body which are out of shape. Ideally, you should focus on every part of your body for your best look.

Drink WaterYes. It is also equally vital. It’ll help you in digesting food, increasing your metabolism, keeping you hydrated and in flushing out toxins from your body. You should drink near around 2 liters of water daily. You may start with less quantity and gradually hit the target of ~2 liters/day.

There is simple math to stay fit –

Intake calories – Burnt calories = Gained or lost calories


Step 4: Skin Care

Male models have clean skin – free from wrinkles, blackheads, acne, scars or dark spots. Your face should be evenly toned. Clean skin doesn’t imply that only your face should be fresh.

The Type II male models as mentioned in step 1 are fitness models. Their body defines their personality more than their face.

You wouldn’t want to hide your body in clothes. But you would also not want to reveal a hairy chest, wrinkled arms or itchy and dry legs.

Remember, to look like a male model you have to take care of your whole body, not just the face.

What to do?

  1. Identify your skin type – find out whether it is normal, dry, oily or sensitive.
  2. Visit a nearby salon and get rid of undesirable body hair.
  3. Get a quality lotion, consider its ingredients as per your skin type for its nourishment. Prefer natural ingredients over chemicals.
  4. Don’t compromise with products such as razors, shaving cream and face creams.
  5. Men are tough, but their skin is not. Apply sunscreen before going out in the sun for longer duration.
  6. Exfoliate your skin once a week using facial and body scrubs.
  7. Sleep for 7-9 hours and drink plenty of water as discussed above. These are skin friendly activities.

Step 5: Dress well

People follow models essentially for their dressing style. Models set the trend for others to follow.

If you want to look like a male model, then you should set the trend or you should follow the direction of your favorite male model.

Male models have a complete crew of designers who help them in dressing up, finding out what suits best for them. You don’t have this privilege. You may have your friends for an opinion but they may not be an expert.

So, it’s better to follow the setup trend than experimenting with your wardrobe unless you want to look like the Type III model (Note: as mentioned earlier, they are not loved by all).

Your clothes should be distinctive but not out of the league like you can’t wear a suit in a gym. Dress according to the occasion.

Remember, the clothes that you wish to wear should not be too loose or too tight. The colour of the top should complement the tone of the bottoms.

To look like a male model doesn’t mean that you should always wear new designs and patterns. Some clothes and colour combinations are classics and evergreens like black trousers and white shirt.

It’s more important that the shirt and the bottoms are clean, made up of good fabric and are ironed.

Similarly, in casual wear, it is more important that the clothes are made up of good quality fabric, and they are clean as they reflect your personality.

Step 6: Hair and Beard

You can work a lot with your hairs and can color them, trim, let them grow and even make designs as in the image.

some best hairstyles

Most male models have trimmed hair because long hairs are not so easy to handle. You have to invest a lot in keeping them soft and clean.

Well, length of hairs is a personal preference. Make sure that their range suit your face shape, they are tidy and not frizzy.

Hairs should be evenly coloured, with no space for unwanted grey hairs. If you want a different shade, then select other shade considering your skin tone.

Oil your hairs regularly for proper growth and nourishment. Use shampoo to clean dirt and conditioner to get a smooth texture. You can also opt for a hair mask of banana, lemon juice and coconut oil if you have dandruff issue.

Just like hairs on your head, your facial hairs too should be tidy. Those who think that a clean-shaved face is a thing of past – remember, style is temporary, but class is permanent.

Your beard should be evenly trimmed, moisturized, and clean. Combination of hair and beard should be chosen depending upon the shape of your face, as shown in the image.

which shape is your face

Step 6: Footwear and Accessories

the footwear that you choose should complement your entire appearance. You must have heard, “You can judge a gentleman by his shoes.”

It should be clean and polished. The colour of shoe should match or at least respect the tone of bottoms. Selection of the type of footwear depends upon occasion. A few typical examples are shown in the image.

You are not completely dressed up like a male model without the right set of accessories.

Don’t overburden yourself with accessories and they should not be too loud like a heavy gold chain or a heavy bracelet with blue stone which doesn’t even fit in your wrist.

You can divide accessories into two parts, mandatory and optional, must use a belt (if the shirt is tucked in) and socks (if you’re wearing shoes). You can’t skip these necessary accessories.

There are other accessories such as a necktie, pocket square, tie pin, cuff links, cap, hat, wristbands, headband, sunglasses etc. which can be used to enhance your looks depending on your clothes.

Accessories also include jewellery, bracelets, rings, chains etc. are similar to garnishing ingredients in a recipe; they enhance the appearance.

Remember, you should be comfortable with your accessories.

Step 7: Small but notable things

Have you ever seen a male model with yellow teeth?

No. There are things which may not see in pictures but are essential. These small but notable things are:

Teeth:  white and bright.

Nails:  clean and cut.

Eyes: fresh, no dark circles.

Ears:  free from wax.

Mouth:  cleaned and shouldn’t stink.

Step 8: Smell good

Male models are not Greek gods; they too are human beings. They sweat, and you also sweat and spread foul odour.

You haven’t done anything to smell good yet. What to do?

The most common remedies are deodorant and perfumes. Which deodorant or perfume? Well, all deodorant and perfumes produce a pleasant fragrance, make sure you don’t spill over the whole bottle on you. Strong scents may make others uncomfortable.

You may also use talc to prevent sweat from making stains on your clothes, aftershave lotion (if you’ve shaved), and also use mouth freshener to avoid bad breath.

Step 9: Body Posture

Till now, you have built a body, confidence and attitude to look like a male model.

You are now ready, but you don’t know how to present yourself. You are confident, but your body language should reflect that confidence.

Your standing position, walking style, movement of body parts are vital aspects you can’t ignore.

monitor your hands while talking – keep them still/fold them/put in the pocket, don’t barge.

mind your head when you walk or stand – they should be straight.

notice your walk – your toe should point towards the direction you’re walking, and strides should neither be too short nor too long.

Watch your back when you are sitting – it should be straight.

Our brain controls the movement and posture of our body. Irregular movements and dull postures show how enegetic you’re, so be careful.

Step 10: Know your flaws

You have done everything to look like a male model from step 1 to step 9. Now, ask your friend to take your photographs and shoot videos. Look at yourself, your expressions, confidence, your grooming style and know your flaws.

Improve yourself and continue.

Looking like a male model is not a fortnight process. You see how a male model looks on a media platform. You are not aware of the hard work (do you exercise daily?) and sacrifice (pleasure of eating junk food) a male model does. Follow these 10 steps; they will help you in getting into the shape of a male model over a period.


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