20 Natural Ways to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

how to look beautiful without makeup

Everyone is going green; not only because of global warming and other environmental concerns. But also because now people are getting aware of the consequences of creating an imbalance in nature. Human beings too are a component of the natural environment. This article deals with natural ways to look beautiful without makeup.

Our body is a complex machine. Excessive and gratuitous use cosmetics may cause an imbalance in the natural development of human skin cells. It is better to look for natural alternatives to makeup tools.

Let’s have a look at 20 natural ways to look beautiful without makeup.

  1. Groom eyebrows and eyelashes

Grooming eyebrows and eyelashes is one of the easiest ways to look beautiful without makeup

One of the best ways to look beautiful without makeup. They say, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul.” and hence, nothing can make you look more beautiful than breathtakingly beautiful eyes. Since, we are focusing on a natural approach to highlighting the eyes, using almond oil or coconut oil does the trick.

All you need to do is brush your eyelashes and brows with a hint of almond or coconut oil.  As we know that coconut oil as well as almond oil are beneficial for hair growth as well as they are nourishing towards the skin, so this beauty hack will prove to be a hit.

Instead of troubling yourself with eyeliners, mascaras and eye shades, which in turn might torture your skin and even irritate your eyes, go for this natural way of bringing the best out of your eyes.

  1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation means removing the dead cells. Millions of cells in our body die everyday, but the ones that die on our facial skin prove to be the shackles in the way of looking extraordinarily fresh. Instead of spending hard earned money on wearing makeup to cover dead skin or to gain that glow like the celebs we follow, go for a natural way to exfoliate your skin.

There are multiple options to do this and all the ingredients are available at one stop i.e. your kitchen. You can scrub your skin depending upon the skin type and this little effort will result in an ever shining skin without any blemishes. Nothing makes one’s heart pound faster than the naturally smitten glow to your skin. This will not only enhance your skin color but will make you look fresh and energetic. Thus it proves to be one of the best ways to look beautiful without makeup.

  1. Drink Water

a lady drinking water to look beautiful without makeup

One of the easiest ways to look beautiful without makeup. The cheapest medicine of so many ailments is water. Many dermatologists suggest that drinking sufficient quantity of water every day helps the skin regenerate since water washes away all the toxins from inside the body.

Usually, we fail to consume recommended amounts of water on a daily basis and hence face multiple health issues which when left untreated for long prove to be big trouble. The skin issues related to acne and dry skin can prominently be resolved by gulping bottles of water. Water not only provides ample of minerals to the body but also assists in keeping the blood cool and therefore, is a natural radiator for skin.

As the rule of the thumb says, take 8 glasses of water daily and you won’t find yourself looking up for any other beauty potion.

  1. Cleanse skin regularly

Whether it be our Mother Earth or our skin, cleanliness is the key to enhance the features in store. Washing your skin daily with artificially synthesized soaps or solutions may prove harmful at times but adapting to natural or more bionic ways to clean the skin will definitely result in a better quality.

What needs to be done here is not only cleaning but also cleaning it regularly. Just like our homes, if we do not dust them off daily, they tend to look ugly, so does our skin. It is very important to pay a great deal of attention on how you clean your skin, since every skin type needs a specific style.

When we keep our skin neat and tidy, we tend to smell good and all the oils that are released by our body in 24 hours are washed and trust me, nothing looks more attractive than the non-greasy dining set in the party. It is better not to let the dead cells accumulate and make it tough for them to be removed on later stage. This is the easiest way of looking elite no matter what occasion or to which place you plan to go.

  1. Smile

people smiling to have a good heart and health and also to look beautiful without makeup

“Beauty is power, a smile is its sword.” We can’t agree more.

If you want to be the one slaying every guy or gal in your party then wear nothing more than a smile. Smiling not only makes you feel good but also adds a cherry on the cake. Smile through your eyes and nothing can be as serene as you. This is something you won’t have to spend your salary on, and it is priceless.

  1. 8 hours Sleep

Have you ever wondered why brides all over the world are asked to take their beauty sleep before the D-day. Well, the reason is simple. Sleeping for at least 8 hours relaxes your brain and muscles and improves your everyday stress levels. Being stressed is one of the prime reasons for getting early age wrinkles and may lead to hair fall and several other associated setbacks.

Sleep well to stay young and beautiful. Remember to keep it balanced. Sleeping too much might make you obese which in turn will affect your appearance.

  1. Clean and tidy hair

an image of a lady blow drying her hair

Every man and woman on our planet would die to have great hair. Whether it be Rapunzel or Prince Charming incredible looks are often best complimented with neat and tidy hair. It is essential to always keep them properly combed.

You might not be able to get a salon service every time you set your mind to attend a party or hang out with friends or visit a family relative but what goes and magnifies your authenticity is fresh hair. Not only should your hair be fastidiously done but also smell good.

  1. Eat good food

fresh vegetables

What goes in, comes out. The performance of an engine depends on the fuel fed to it. Likewise, eating a balanced diet with lots of anti-oxidants and required amounts of vital minerals helps your skin to live a better life. Ingesting junk food that the tongue loves may cause effects you barely can predict.

Buying costly cosmetic products won’t help you live a healthy life, so why not invest your money in the food you take in and attain maximum profits.

  1. Work out everyday

We all have busy schedules, hectic work hours and on top of it a very stressful lifestyle. Hence, exercising your heat out not only improves your stamina but also keeps you in shape. The more sweat you shed in a gym or by doing Yoga, the more exuberant you look.

People who have a habit of playing sports, dancing or any such hobby that makes their sweat pores flood have cutting-edge supremacy when it comes to judging who looks better. It is not necessary to rely on trainers to keep you motivated, nowadays there are apps on Android and iOS to help you with the same.

Running and walking have been voted as the best routine exercises. In such a world, where more than half of the population emphasises to lose weight, this natural beauty therapy is the buy one get two deal,

  1. Sunscreen

Due to the persistent effects of global warming, people living in the regions with ample of sunlight must wear a sunscreen in order to help prevent their skin from drastic consequences of consistent exposure to UV rays from the Sun.

Applying sunscreen is nowhere same as wearing make-up. It helps to guard your superficial skin layers from burning and protects your skin tone. You can use it just like you use your winter creams in the cold weather.

  1. Be stress free

As stressed earlier, stressing is the prime reason for a lot of health issues we face. Whether it be personal or professional strain on your brain or heart, the outcomes are quite loud on your demeanor.

Try to keep your adrenaline and cortisol levels in check and you will need no foundation or compact to have a smooth skin.

  1. Good wardrobe

an image of shirts arranged

Many of the people outshine themselves despite of having ordinary facial features and a mediocre build because of how they dress up. The major portion of you that is surveyed by another being is your clothes. The right wardrobe in the right season is the magical whisper to the doors of appreciation. To attain this, you must partly give your time to what’s trending in the season and not overdo anything. Your comfort is the step towards your elegance.

Carefully matched accessories and footwear are the dressing on your apparel salad. Before draping on anything, give a thought to where you are going, what you will be doing and when are you going. Applying coats of artificial products on your skin will not be as beneficiary as having the well-suited wardrobe.

  1. Good body posture

“The proof is in the posture.” This is a saying that has come a long way.

If you want to get old gracefully then always have a good body posture. Sitting or standing in a lousy position or posture kills the bird before it can even learn to fly. To fly high in the skies of admiration, keep your posture uptight.

  1. DIY face masks

a lady has put a face mask

I bet many of us Google about home-made face masks in order to give our face a fulfilling experience. This tip is easy and can be accessed at any time of the day. DIY hosts many options for masks made up of most herbal ingredients from the kitchen.

The highlight of this piece is that we always end up with one perfect mask for our skin.

  1. Lips

Lips need special care because we often rub them with lipsticks and glosses. What if we say there is a natural and more healthy way of coloring them which also keeps them hydrated and prevents chipping.

Use fruit extracts with coconut oil and heat them in a pan. After the mixture cools down, refrigerate them for about a month before using. These home-made lip balms are nutritious and tasty. They also help maintain the natural color of the lips.

  1. Teeth

When you smile, your lips and your teeth catch the gaze. No one likes to see teeth that are not clean i.e. are pale or brown. Brushing your teeth twice a daily is not just a recommendation by the dentists of the town but also an item to be checked on this list.

Good gum health along with shining teeth adds to the pleasure of your company.

  1. Take supplements for essential nutrients

an image of capsules and supplements to have good skin and hair

Some people find excuses of likes and dislikes when it comes to eating healthy food. Well we say you can cut yourself loose and eat what you like and take supplements for what your tongue doesn’t find good. Many pharmaceuticals are giving prescription bottles for essential nutrients that build our body and have no side effects.

A wonderful building outstands the rest mainly because of it’s architecture. We don’t suggest you to intake anything that can backfire and we hold our cards for a balanced diet but in case you are not ready to sacrifice your taste go for recommended supplements. These will slowly structure your body and skin into a magnificent one.

This is one of the easiest ways to look beautiful without makeup.

  1. Detox

Detoxification stands for abstaining the body from unhealthy and toxic substances. Anti-oxidants play a major role in this cleansing process. Multiple chemical reactions occur in your body every minute. Now we all know that all these reactions leave byproducts which may not be needed by us and their deposition in the body can be catastrophic.

Dermatologists call for blood tests to diagnose the skin problems you have because the grounds of many allergies and diseases are the toxic wastes secreted inside the body. It, therefore, becomes imperative to detoxify. Cleanse from inside and cleanse from outside and you will be the talk of the town. The most talked about treatments of any salon are the ones which have detoxification. You can do this simply at home and cut down your appointments to the skin doctor.

this proves to be one of the most amazing ways to look beautiful without makeup.

  1. Accessories – sunglasses or jewelry

wearing sunglasses or jewelry is one of the best ways to look beautiful without makeup

Just like we convert a simple tree into a Christmas tree by decorating it aptly, we can completely twist our looks with the jewelry we wear with our outfit. We face the issue of finding the right piece of earrings or the necklace or the bracelet to go without the dress for the gala night.

Mixing and matching is not so easy as it seems and when presented with innumerable options to choose from we fail to give our outfits the perfect finish. Putting on too much jewelry with an already heavily decorated dress is a complete No No. Whereas, a simple pendant around the neck can bring out the best of a plain/ solid dress.

During the daytime, putting on sunglasses that go with the shape of your face is the crux of portraying yourself as a diva or a dude. Think before you buy your glares because they come at a price and getting the wrong ones will starve you of the satisfaction of looking up to the mark.

  1. Cheek exercises

You cannot do much about the shape of your face or how thin and sharp your nose is or how correctly your lips have been carved and how big your eyes are but you can definitely get the flawless cheeks by doing cheek exercises.

If you cheeks compliment your face in the right way you will never have to ask a person to delete your photo.

Sometimes its not about the excellence of each feature but about how you blend everything you have into excellence.

Admire your natural beauty, and people will start observing real you. You can’t look more beautiful than nature has made you. Avoid artificial cosmetics and let the nature help you in keep you beautiful. These were some of the best ways to look beautiful without makeup.