Fruits as we all know are very essential in one’s life. This article here, deals with the ways about how to include fruits for dinner.

Look amazing like a male or female model just by including fruits.

They are packed with vitamins and minerals from top to bottom and it also lowers the risk of life threatening diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and a lot more, in one’s life.

Though breakfast is considered to be the day’s most important meal, dinner is the largest and latest meal one does in the whole day.

Fruits should be included in the dinner as it will ensure most of its benefits. Here are some of the easiest and amazing ways of how to include fruits for dinner.

Include fruits in your salad

It is very healthy to have salad along with dinner. You just need to include fruits to your salad like tomatoes, avocadoes, mango etc.

some of you might not have heard of mango salad, watermelon salad and avocado salad but let me tell you, they do exist.

These seasonal fruits make a very delicious salad that one can easily in his/her dinner diet. that’s just one way of how to include fruits for dinner.

You can easily get delicious recipes that you can make and include in your dinner for a healthy balanced diet.

  • Summer soup!

Tomato being a wonderful fruit has a lot of health benefits. You can make a delicious tomato soup for the starter of your dinner.

It is a very delicious way of including a fruit for dinner.

  • Pasta salad!

This is an amazing way of serving fruits in the form of pasta for dinner to children or even adults.

After you finish making pasta (dry) add few pieces of strawberry on the top of it.

It makes the pasta look beautiful as well as increases its nutritional value. This pasta is packed with vitamin C.

  • Lemon water!

Lemon is one of the most amazing fruit as it has miraculous properties for healing diseases and even preventing some and is loaded with vitamin C and has a lot of anti-bacterial properties.

You can easily make a glass of lemon water and drink it along with your dinner or immediately after you finish your dinner.

an image showing fruit salad that is the best way of how to include fruits for dinner

Myths and actual truths about what time should one eat fruits!

There are a lot of myths about times at what to eat fruits and not to eat. Here’s a list of some of the most common myths and there clarification.

One should eat fruits only when he/she is empty stomach.

This is one of the most common myths that people actually believe in.

They say if you eat fruits along with dinner, the food will sit in your stomach for a very long time and may cause indigestion or make the food rot in stomach.

There is no scientific study to prove that fruits make the food rot. It is true that fiber slows down the process a little but not really.

It just makes the digestion process a little slow which is indirectly a good thing.

You will feel full for a longer period of time which will further help you to shed weight in long term plans

One should not eat fruits after 2pm!

This is another very popular myth that people actually have started believing.

According to this myth if you eat fruits after 2pm in a day, your body does not get the time to stabilize the sugar before bed time that is collected.

It further says that your blood sugar rises very sharply after 2pm which directly causes weight gain.

According to many surveys conducted, there is no solid proof that says that your blood sugar will rise after 2pm of the day than any other time.

Even if the fruits raise a little of your blood sugar, such minor changes does not cause much changes to your overall metabolic rate.

Any diabetic person should eat fruits 1-2 hours before or after meals.

As stated in pint number one, if you eat fruits before or after your meals, it improves your digestion.

There is no such scientific study which proves that eating fruits before or after meals improves digestion.

Rather it is said that eating fruits along with one of the meals is better for diabetic persons. The meal should have high protein, fat or fiber.

Eating fruit before or after a meal reduces the nutrient value!

This myth claims that if you eat fruits right before or after your meal, the nutrients will be lost in the process.

This myth has been proved wrong by the scientific study the human body has evolved a lot over the period of time in terms of digestion and extracting nutrients from food.

When you have a full meal, your stomach only releases a small part of the meal to the intestine. So there’s no point of the nutrient value getting lost.

Some important fruits to include and their significance!


Pineapple is a very common fruit which has a lot of health benefits. One cup (237 ml) of pineapple provides 131% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin C and 76% of the RDI for manganese.

It also contains a number of enzymes and is full of other nutrients. More specifically, it is rich in vitamin C and manganese.

an image of pineapple in context of "how to include fruits in your dinner"


It is a very different type of fruit which is packed with a lot of nutrients and health benefits.

It is loaded with potassium, magnesium and fiber.  One avocado a day provides 28% of the RDI for potassium.

Bottom line is, avocados are very healthy for your heart health.

avocado's image which is very essential fruit for including in dinner under the topic how to include fruits for dinner


They are very healthy as they are very rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese and are exceptionally high in anti-oxidants.

They help in reducing heart diseases, risk of diabetes, and a lot of other dangerous and known diseases.


Lemons are loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals, vitamin C being one of the most important one.

You can include lemon in your daily diet by squeezing lemons in your daily diet or by drinking a glass of lemon water along with your dinner.

lemon's image which is an important fruit to be included in the dinner under the topic how to include fruits for dinner

There are a lot many fruits that can be included in daily diet for health benefits.

Different fruits for different diseases!

Apples for severity of diabetes and blood pressure.

Apples are a rich source of pectin which is a soluble fiber which lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol.

It may also help to reduce the risk of breast cancer. It proves the statement right “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Avocadoes for heart!

Avocadoes are considered to be the powerhouse of heart health. Only half of an avocado contains more than 4 grams of fiber.

They are Cholesterol-free and rich in monounsaturated fats and potassium.

Beetroots for cancer and inflammation!

Beetroots are loaded with all kinds of anti-oxidants and are claimed to protect one against cancer, inflammation and heart disease.

They are very rich in vitamin C.

Cranberries for urinary infections!

Cranberries have claimed to be protecting one against all kinds of urinary infections and also improve one’s blood cholesterol.

They make cancer drugs more potent.

Oranges for cancer and immunity booster!

One orange a day is advised to every healthy person as it is very effective in boosting immunity and is an amazing cancer fighter.

You can take it either as a whole fruit or can have its juice to boost your immunity in general.

Cancer patients are highly advices to consume oranges in any form available.

orange's image which is essential fruit to be taken along with dinnerin context of how to include fruits for dinner


Fruits are definitely being considered very important in context of how to include fruits for dinner.

Dinner is claimed to be one of the important meals of the day as usually it is the largest and latest.

There is no harm in replacing it with fruits but there is also no guarantee of weight loss and a healthy life ahead.

A balanced diet is always highly recommended by every doctor or dietitian.

Fruits definitely are rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals but also lack some of the essential nutrients like fats, proteins etc.

There is no harm in adding fruits to your daily dinner routine. It is not very recommendable to totally replace dinner with fruits.

You can instead just add some fruits to you dinner.

Last words!

This article dealt with how to include fruits for dinner.

It also cleared some very common myths and answered the question about replacing dinner with fruits as a whole. I hope you like it and apply this to your daily life.