How to get Beautiful, Glowing and Skin Naturally in a Week?

How to get Beautiful, Clear and Glowing Skin Naturally in a Week?

There are two kinds of people in this world for you – those who know you by your name and those who know you by your face. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that every person who sees you memorizes your face first instead of your name or character. This article will help you deal with a major problem of how to get beautiful glowing skin naturally.

Your face is your identity (even if you have a twin), as Apple Inc. too admits it. 😉

When your face is your identity, you would want to keep it in its best tone and shape. Cross the oceans and find one person who is happy with dirt and pollution on his face (unless she is mentally underdeveloped).

Beauty is admired by everyone. Hence, you would receive loads of compliments if you possess a beautiful, clear and glowing skin. How to get the beautiful, clear and glowing skin? Such skin, that too naturally. And if you wish to get a bright skin in a week, the task seems unbelievable.

You can not trust products made of harmful chemicals for your sensitive skin. Also, you would not want to ruin the skin balance forever for quick results.

Well, you have got a guide here. We bring you a week guide about how to get beautiful glowing skin We have considered different remedies and options for different skin types. Hence, you need not think about complications in your case.

The guide also makes sure that least chemical-based products are recommended throughout the procedure. Let’s get started:

Before jumping to the schedule of the week, you have a crucial task lined up which is to get your basics right.

First, identify your skin type.

Before starting the plan to rejuvenate your skin, it’s very crucial to conclude what kind of skin you have. Is your skin sensitive to minor changes,  too oily as lubricant or dry as a deserted stone, too rough or does it has uneven skin tone?

The skin on the face is delicate and sensitive as compared to the surface on rest of the body. There might be hair growth on the rest of the body while less or no growth on the face. So, let’s treat the facial skin and the remaining skin separately.

Note: This article ‘how to get beautiful glowing skin’ will be focusing more on the facial skin than the body skin. The facial skin tips are applicable on the body too.

Once you have found out the skin type, now you’re ready with the application of the remedies.

Second, cleansing, toning and moisturizing

are the primary and necessary steps you’ll have to follow to make your facial skin beautiful. Let’s discuss all one by one:

An image showing a bottle of essential oils that are required by the skin. this is very important for getting beautiful glowing skin


Your skin breathes. It sweats out; it absorbs the adsorbed materials. Hence it clear that the surface is porous. What happens when you don’t cover your face and go out in urban traffic? It gets dark, and the pollutants stick to your face, and slowly germs get transmitted into the upper layer of the skin.

Skin cells are protected by a permeable membrane. Gases and fluids gets exchanged through the membrane. Sweat is a body waste. If your skin get covered with the dirt and pollutants, your skin cells would not find space to excrete the sweat.

Cleansing is the method to clear the pores. It just removes the undesired material (mostly dust and pollutants) from the spaces in your porous facial surface. Some of the natural skin cleaning agents are apple cider vinegar (for all skin types), honey (for dry skin), lemon (for oily) etc.


Once you’ve cleaned the skin, now the pores are clear. It is imperative to close the pores to prevent further accumulation of dust and minute polluting particles. Hence, toning is the method to shrink the pores, diminishing space for the dust. Some of the natural toners are green tea (for oily skin), rose water (for all skin types), chamomile (for dry skin) etc.


Instead of feeding the facial skin with minute foreign particles you’d want to give nutrition to the skin. Hence, moisturizing is a way to provide the necessary nutrients to your skin and making it healthy. It is equivalent to feeding your facial skin. A few natural moisturizers are shea butter, buttermilk, aloe vera gel etc.

Third, though the skin is the outer surface, but it is affected by the inner system. You must have heard or read that people who suffer from acne should not eat oily food. Another fact about acne is that acne is caused by imbalances of hormones called oestrogen and testosterone.

Thus it is apparent that your internal imbalances can have a direct impact on your skin health. So, you will have to look after your inputs too.

Fourth, studies show that stress causes ageing and wrinkling of the skin. Thus no anti-ageing skin cream can help you in keeping wrinkles away if you keep your head filled with worries 24 by 7. Mental health too has a relation with good skin.

An image showing a lady holding a smilie in her hand indicating that smiling and keeping yourself stress free is very important to get beautiful glowing skin

We are done with some information regarding the relevancy of factors with the health of our skin. Let us now discuss the seven-day plan and most importantly the dos and don’ts.

Day 1: Apply the basics

The above-discussed part should be applied from day 1.

Identify your skin type before the day starts. Take a bath to clean your body. Therefore, opt a body wash or body soap which doesn’t have high pH level.

You can make use of litmus paper to test your regular soap or body wash. Irrespective of the skin type, all soaps are alkaline in nature to turn oils into soaps. But high alkalinity may cause irritation.

A dry skin can also be converted into a beautiful glowing skin

A dry skin is already alkaline in nature, soaps on dry skin can prove to be very harmful. Find out a good body wash in the supermarket which is soft on your skin and hard on germs. To go more natural, you can take help of neem leaves or their extracts to clean your skin.

Use a good moisturizing cream to nourish the body skin. Do not keep your skin dry; it may damage the texture of the skin.

Now, give attention to your face. Clean your face using a good face wash. Avoid use of soap on your face. The reason is, soaps are very harsh for facial skin. They remove vital lipids along with oil and dirt and break natural locking of moisture on the face. Thus the skin becomes dry excessively.

Make sure you opt the cleansing product as per your skin type. A slightly higher pH for oily skin and low pH cleanser for the dry or sensitive skin. The pH level between 7-9 is healthy for all skin types.

The toner’s work is to block the pores. Hence if you have oily skin, you can go with an astringent. Astringents block the pores directly; they are also used as an alternative to deodorants. For dry skin, you should prefer a toner which contains essential water.

People with sensitive skin should avoid toners that contain alcohol to prevent irritation.

Moisturizer should be applied after toning the facial skin. There are plenty of moisturizers in the market. Find out which one suits your skin type. Prefer one among the natural moisturizers discussed above.

Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses) to keep skin hydrated. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Be happy, don’t take the unnecessary stress.


Don’t wear makeup during the process of 7 days. Even if it becomes unavoidable then clean your makeup before going to bed.

Repeat cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) before sleeping. Your body heals itself when you go to sleep. Thus you’ll have to perform CTM twice a day. At the beginning and at the end of the day.

You’re good to go with this much of effort on the day 1. Just keep this in mind that day 1 consists tasks which are required to be done every day.

Day 2: Natural Nutrition

Start your day with cleansing. Make a natural fruit mask to feed your skin with some natural nutrients. We have shared one DIY face masks for dry and oily skin each:

Tomato mask for oily skin.

Take a tomato, squeeze it and apply on the skin. It doesn’t need extra effort. The seeds act as a natural scrub.

Wash your face after 15-20 minutes.

Banana + Milk mask for dry skin

Mash a banana and add some milk to it. Apply the paste on the skin for 20 mins and wash.

Continue with the toning and the moisturizing. Take care of other vital things such as water, food and mental health.

Day 3: Exfoliate

an image showing exfoliation of skin. this is very important to get beautiful glowing skin

Exfoliation means removal of dead cells from the skin. The issue here is that the dead cells are interconnected with the living cells. So you can’t go very hard on the dead cells selectively.

Some people are too rough on their skin in the name of exfoliation that they forget that dead skin cells are ultimately connected to living skin cell. It causes redness on their face.

Create an exfoliating pack at home using water and sugar. Apply it on your face. Scrub in a circular motion on the cheeks, and every corner of the face.

Exfoliation pack should be applied after cleansing and before toning. Perform toning and moisturizing thereafter.

Day 4: Deep cleansing with steam

A cleansing agent works with the help of chemicals mostly. There are some pores which are so tightly blocked that a cleaning agent fails.

Well, take a bowl full of water, boil the water. Use a towel to cover your face and head and let the steam pass through your skin.

The hot steam will help in unblocking the tough pores and the widening of the other pores. Steam is one of the best ways of cleaning the skin.

Follow toning and moisturizing after the steam. Take care of the other skin caring schedule as mentioned in the #day 1.

Day 5: Find out the best natural product

fresh fruits and vegetables

Most of the fruits and many naturally grown objects have properties which are beneficial for your skin. Like cucumber, aloe vera, tea tree oil etc.

You have to find out a good moisturizer for your skin which doesn’t get manufactured. Following are a few options with their properties:

  1. Lemon: A source of citric acid, a skin lightening agent. The acidic nature helps in killing harmful bacterias. Application of the lemon may cause irritation on cuts or uncovered skin.
  2. Aloe Vera: Proved skin-friendly natural product. It reduces inflammation, treats sunburn and acne, acts as a moisturizer, fights ageing and what not. A perfect all-rounder. Get an aloe vera plant in your house. Take a leaf and apply the transparent gel of the leaf.
  3. Papaya: Acts as a moisturizer, reduces wrinkles, dark circles, removes tan and fights acne and clears pigmentation.
  4. Strawberry: Protects from UV rays, lightens skins, prevents pimples and contain the anti-oxidant ellagic acid, which prevents collagen destruction—one of the major causes of wrinkle formation.

The list can go as long as there are many naturally occurring products which contain pigments useful for the skin nutrition.

Follow the day 1 schedule, just replace industry manufactured moisturizer with a natural one.

Day 6: Exfoliate

You should ideally exfoliate your skin two times a week. No, do not think of doing it every day. As mentioned above, exfoliation is a process of removing dead skin.

Also, the dead skin is attached to the living cells. It is not a cover of dead cells which can be peeled off easily. Two times a week allows your skin to heal in case of high damage caused by the exfoliation process.

You can use honey or yoghurt in place of sugar and water if you wish to make some changes in the ingredients.

Day 7: Maintenance

You can not achieve a beautiful, clean and glowing skin in a week or fortnight. Though you can notice significant changes in your skin texture, tone and glow in a week.

Thus it is highly essential to maintain the routine of taking care of your skin for an extended period.

Till the day 6, you’ve identified the good and bad products for your skin. Prepare a fruit pack, face pack or moisturizer at home for repeated use in the near future.

Extra tip: Apart from fruits and vegetative produce ice cubes, clay, fuller’s earth, ghee, cream and milk are also very beneficial for the skin.

Follow the tips provided in this article and share your experience of achieving a beautiful, clear and glowing skin in a week. Hope this article about ‘How to get beautiful glowing skin’ helps you.