How To Dress Smart Casual For Men & Women ? [Secrets Revealed!]

How To Dress Smart Casual For Men & Women ? Ultimate Dressing Guide

Everyone likes to stand out from the crowd. To look unique. To be the best. Everyone likes that extra spice of attention that others give you or maybe when you are provided as an example when the word ‘Perfect sense of dressing’ comes. It is a special feeling. Keep reading the article to know more about how to dress smart casual.

You may deny the fact stating ‘I do not have so much time to look forward to my dressing sense’ but deep down under you do crave for that confidence and attention that comes with an amazing sense of dressing.

But the point is, not everyone is able to empty their pockets of big brands and expensive fabrics.

You need not be a millionaire to look good.

You just need to use your brains.

Smart dressing techniques are all you need to know about.

You are at the correct place if you are into it and are really serious about making the most out of your wardrobe and wallet.

So hold on and let us begin the amazing journey where at the end there is a gift.

A gift of knowledge about the best dressing techniques to be the best and confident in every scenario.

Trust me, after following these rules, you won’t be the same person.

You would turn into a person with extraordinary dressing skills and would sure be a man with confidence.

The dressing is not about attention.

Whatever you wear is a matter of choice.

But make one thing very clear first of all and that is you have to wear for yourself and not to show off your dressing techniques to others.

Wear to stay confident and classy. It is up to others how they perceive you.

Stop thinking too much what others would think of that strange color combination or that strange pattern. If you like it just put it on.

Also, stop being dependent on others’ opinion.

Everyone has a different taste and different perception.

One may praise the new shirt you are wearing while someone may just laugh at it.

You need not listen to everyone. Just listen to your mind.

If you are fine with it then just wear it no matter what. This is all about mindset.

The dressing is not merely about wearing, it is also about the mindset that you carry with you.

Understand that different dresses suit different body types. Just because a particular blue color shirt looks amazing on you does not mean it will look equally good on everyone.

Its about the size, the body type, the color of the dress and the hairstyle.

Understand that when someone sees you for the first time, they would not see just the new shirt that you are wearing, instead, they would look at you as a whole. So wearing shorts with a blazer just would not work.


Now that you have understood the basics, let us move forward to what you have been waiting for. The Techniques of smart dressing! Hold on tight! It is going to get very thrilling from here!

Do not always go for the big brands

I do understand the fact that we all love big brands. The amazing ambiance and environment those big shops provide are undeniably loving.

Everyone likes to wear a shirt carrying a big brand name on it.

But just hold on for a moment and think. You are wearing your most expensive shirt that was available in your wardrobe and you are in a party.

What is the possibility of people asking you about the brand of that shirt that you are wearing? Very thin!

number of brands that usually people use. But ultimately it does not really helps you to dress smart.

One in a hundred people will ask you for the brand of the rest.

Rest of them would just perceive you like they perceive others.

‘Whether you look good or not’! That’s it! That is the truth.

I am not against big brands. Sure I love them, but that does not mean that others brands will not make you look good.

NO one is going to look at the underside of your shirt to lookup for the tag of the company.

So just end this dilemma of big brands and go for what your wallet allows. This is one of the most important pieces of advice under this spectrum I could possibly provide you. Thus big brands do not always help you in how to dress smart and casual!

Maintain Hygiene

This is something that has paramount importance in how to look smart and casual. No matter if you’re a man or a women.

Hygiene is something you are required to maintain if you want to look good.

You won’t look good even in a well-tailored suit if you have not taken a bath for days and all your hair is messed.

You need to maintain hygiene.

A perfectly groomed beard and a hairstyle that suits your face type always a welcome advice.

Also, stay confident in whatever you wear. If you are not confident, it will reflect in your eyes and anyone with the least of experience in human psychology would figure it out.

And you can’t feel confident if you don’t feel fresh. It is again an undeniable fact.

Take a bath daily or whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Always cut your hair on time and remember to perfectly groom your hair according to your face type.

You may take advice from your hairstylist for what to do with your hair and beard.

If you are a woman, make sure your hairstyle suits you. The first thing men notice in you is your hair and not what you think they do. Thus, it is an important essence for how to dress smart casual.

Smell Good

Again, an important point in this context ‘how to dress smart casual’

You have to smell good! You just have to!

This fact is so important and necessary that it just can not be expressed in words.

A lady holding a bottle of perfume specifying that smelling good is an important part about how to dress smart

Absolutely no one would want to spend their precious time with you if you smell like a skunk. Just do not smell like one.

Smelling good is of paramount importance.

No dressing technique or combination could save you if you stink. Nothing would look good on you.

Keep this factor in mind. Wear the best perfumes out there that suits you.

Take a bath regularly so that you feel fresh. It is necessary and undeniable.

Smelling good is an essence that would create your persona.

Understand that different perfumes are meant for different occasions and for different sex.

If you are a man, you can not just put on a sweet strawberry-like sweet perfume.

You need to wear a strong smell. Similar goes with the women out there. Wearing good perfume with a slightly sweet smell is preferred rather than a strong one.

There is one more point that you should keep in mind. Do not just apply too much of perfume.

Just a little so that it leaves a light aroma.

Do not just bathe in perfumes. It feels highly irritating to other if you are wearing too much perfume.

Also, prefer perfumes over deodorants. Perfumes are just amazing.

And also since they are applied on the dress rather than the skin, it saves you from a world of skin related issues.

Always Carry a Handkerchief with you! Always!

I can not explain the importance of a handkerchief in a man’s life.

A handkerchief is something that separates the men from the boys and women from girls.

Make sure you have a handkerchief with you wherever you go!

Trust me, you will not look good if you clean your running nose with that sleeve of yours.

an image where a handkerchief in the man's pocket specifies that it is the essence of how to dress smart and casual

Make sure the handkerchief is clean and has a pleasant smell. It is a gentleman’s move.

Nothing feels more bad-ass than offering your handkerchief to a damsel in distress and is in urgent need to wipe her hands after having her drink spilled accidentally.

So make a habit of carrying a handkerchief with you every-time.

It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, carrying a handkerchief with you is a common etiquette and you are bound to follow it. So make sure you develop this habit effective, immediately! It thus proves to be of prime importance in how to look smart casual.

Wear the best footwear!

Trust me! Footwear is the mirror of your whole dressing sense.

If you are in a suit with a slipper, then my friend, you have ruined the very essence of the suit that it was required to offer.

Wear the correct footwear whenever you go out.

Whether you are a man or a woman does not matter. If you are a human, you HAVE TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT FOOTWEAR!

Footwear speaks for your whole personality. So make sure you are having the right right combination of footwear that matches your attire.

If you are wearing formal shoes, make sure they are shiny and polished.

If you are into normal or day to day use footwear, make sure they are clean and well maintained.

Never ever wear a worn out set of footwear. It leaves a very bad impression.

Always wear the correct wrist watch

If you are really into wearing wrist watches, make sure you wear the right one for the right occasion.

You just cannot wear a funky looking watch at a conference.

You must wear the correct watch.

See, watch is again something that leaves an impression on others. Yes sure you can check the time on your phone but watches have their own importance.

It is nessesary to wear one if you want to look good. This is one tiny piece of advice that most of you would not think as an important one but trust me, you would look much better with a good watch that suits the occasion.

For men, select watches with a slightly bigger dial. I am still a big fan of analog watches even today and would always prefer analog over digital watches when it comes to style.

For women, select watches with a small dial. Since women have a thinner wrist, a large dial simply would not suit them.

Color Combinations!

Never wear clothes having too many colors imbued into it. It looks just ridiculous and funny.

Also, make sure you are wearing the color combination.

You can’t just wear a dark green shirt with a dark red trouser. Anyone with such an attire would look just bad.

If you are not good into selecting color combinations, just take help of someone who YOU think is good in such talents. But again, not too many opinions.

Overtime, you would develop the sense of style on your own and will not have to rely on others for the best of color combinations. That’s how to dress smart casual

Wear what you are comfortable in

Wear what you are comfortable in.

Just because your friends wear hot pants does not mean you also need to do so.

If you are not comfortable, you would not be confident! Simple as that! Easy as toast!

Wear the clothes your spectrum of comfort allows you.

Do not fall under the peer pressure. Just follow your will.

Make the best out of what you are wearing.

You need not to dive into the world you do not want to just for the sake of looking good. It will hamper your confidence and no one can look good if they are not confident!

So follow this tip by heart. Wear what you feel comfortable in.

Summing Up!

Now that you have read the article, you have learned the very essence of how to dress casual and smart.

Now that you have the knowledge of smart dressing, apply it into your life and see the magic by yourself.

So go on! Be the best version of yourself. Something you never thought you would become.

A person of high self-confidence and a beautiful looks. Go on! The world of amazement awaits! That’s it. You now know ‘how to dress smart casual’.