How To Do Workout At Home? Best and easiest ways [2020].

“Hit the gym, you’re out of shape.” That’s what most of the youngsters hear nowadays. Who says only hitting the gym will keep you in shape? Why not hit your regular routine with some equipment at your home?

A gym membership isn’t responsible to bring you back on track in terms of what you really desire. This article here deals with How to do a workout at home.

Beginner’s Workout At Home

Pushup at home

Pushups are a great start for beginners. They form the backbone of any workout at home. There are many types of pushups, beginners can do as their daily workout routine. Pushups are one of the easiest exercises, that can help to strengthen the upper body and forearms.

No equipment is really required for a simple pushup. To begin with, one should try wall pushups. This helps in preparing you for further complex exercises.

Wall pushups: Spread your legs as you stand at one arm length away from a wall keeping both your palms on the wall. Lean forward towards the wall and try to keep your arms stable.

You should inhale while you lean towards the wall and exhale while you push yourself away from the wall. 10-15 wall pushups at the beginning will prove to be a great start.

When your body gets used to the wall pushup, try doing one hand wall pushup by just using one hand to lean and get back to the standing position.

Seated pushups: Find a comfortable place to sit with your legs touching the ground and both your palms places by the side of your body, on the bench. Try lifting up your body weight by both your arms. Your hips should not touch the bench for a second or two. Repeat this regularly in the sets of 10-15 pushups.

Once you develop strength in your arms to take the whole of your body weight by the two of the above-mentioned activities, switch to standard pushups.

girl doing yoga

Yoga: Yoga may not give you the strength you expect immediately but it does affect your mental strength in a positive way and it provides peace to your mind.

Yoga helps to avoid heart diseases and many more diseases associated with heart and general health. Here’s how you can start doing yoga;

Find a comfortable space that has a lot of space nearby. Spread the yoga mat and sit with folded legs.

Start chanting and meditation before you begin any session. Begin with sun salutations, followed by backward and forward bending.

Chanting a particular word for example, (aum) can have a positive effect on a person’s body. You should feel the vibration in your belly when you do this.

If you can’t feel, try to sit a little more properly and straighten your body. Sit in the prayer position by joining your hands to dedicate something to God or the natural energy that runs the universe.

Close your eyes and continue sitting in the same position for about 10 minutes. Always start your yoga practice with the mountain pose and continue it with the tree posture.

Next, start doing Asana in this order: Standing, inversions, back bends and forward bends.         

End your yoga session with forward bends as they are supposed to calm your mind and body and relieve all the stress and pressure from the mind. Doing this beginner’s session for about a week, you can try complex yoga postures when you think your body is ready.

Dumbbell workout at home

People, who want to start working out immediately, they can replace the dumbbells with bottles filled with water. For heavier weights, rice in a bag of a particular measure will also do.

After a while, Purchase sets of hand dumbbells online or whatever is convenient for you. Some of the best dumbbell exercises are:

Bench press: Lie on a bench with your legs touching the ground. Place the dumbbells just above your chest and lift it up while you inhale. Bring it down in 2-3 seconds. Repeat this for 10-15 times in 3-4 sets.

credits: coachmag

Lying fly: This also requires a bench and the same position as the above-mentioned point. Place your arms like the titanic posture holding the dumbbells.

Bring them together up in the air so that the dumbbells touch each other. After 1-2 seconds, bring it back to the original position.

Wide row: Get yourself in a semi-squat position. Hold the dumbbells near to your knee. Keep your back straight. Take the dumbbells away from each other, up in the air and bring them back to the original position after a few seconds.

Deadlift: Your body needs to be straight with your knees a little bent. Hold the dumbbells in both hands and bend down till your hand hangs from the weight of it.

credits: muscleandfitness.com

Get back to the straight position. Repeat this for 10-15 times in 2-3 sets.

Shoulder exercise: Hold the dumbbells beside your ears and lift it up, bring back to the original position within 2-3 seconds. Repeat 15 times in 3-4 sets.

Bicep curl: Hold the dumbbells and start doing the curls one by one. Start with your right hand, curl your hand to bring the dumbbell near to your shoulder while squeezing your bicep then take it back to the original position.

Keep repeating this process and increasing the number of sets day by day.

credits: mensjournal.com

Other exercises at home

Squats: Squats help in getting firm thigh muscles and properly shaped hips. Stand with your legs wide apart and spread your arm in front of you, your palms facing downwards.

credits: runtastic.com

Lower down as if you’re sitting on a chair. Let your body go down and after a second, get back to the standing position. Doing some 10 of these 4-5 times would definitely tone your hip and thigh muscles.

Hip bridges: You need to spread a mat and lie on the floor with both your feet flat on the ground and knees bent. Slowly start uplifting your hips from the ground. Hold the position for 3-4 seconds and lie back again. Repeat this 15 times every day.

credits: popsugar

Mountain climbers: Your body needs to be in the pushup position for this exercise. You need to pretend a fast run without actually running.

credits: runnersworld

Push your knees inwards towards your chest just like you do in a run. Your hips shouldn’t rise from the height you actually started.

Jumping jack: stand with your feet together and hands by your sides. Start jumping by spreading your legs wide apart. Continue jumping for about 2 minutes and repeat this every day

Sit-ups: Sit-ups can prove to be very helpful in maintaining a fit and healthy body. You need to put a mat on the floor and lie down on it. Place the feet on the ground while bending the knees.

Put both your palms over your ears and curl up your body as you do when you have to get up from that position. Repeat this several times for about 1-2 minutes every day.

Palm press: This is an extremely easy exercise that you can do anywhere at any time. You have to place your hands in the prayer position and press both the palms against each other.

The pressure that is created after pressing the palms helps to strengthen the chest and shoulder muscles. Women who complain about not having a proper figure should try this because this really makes a difference in the chest and breast muscles.

You need to repeat this exercise 3 times a day. Do about 15 palm presses at the beginning. Results can be seen within 2 -3 months.

Maintaining a proper diet

People usually don’t understand the significance of fueling themselves with the proper kind of food and food routines. According to a survey, having a lavish and healthy breakfast reduces the cardio diseases and keeps your blood sugar level perfect.

One should try whole-grain breakfasts like oats, wheat bread, and butter, etc. having one fruit along, also has a lot of benefits.

Throwing proteins and carbohydrates in the right amount can keep oneself fit and help in the home workout. Avocado, nuts, whole grain fiber foods banana, berries, apples, etc should be taken into consideration.


People who try to lose weight often end up thinking about cutting their calorie intake. This is a big misconception.

When people try to skip their meals, thinking that they will get back in shape quickly, they are not able to fulfill their body requirements. They end up feeling sick or exhausted during their day.

According to research, 1500 calories are enough for women who want to get back in shape by losing weight. 1800 calories go-to men for the same.

Tips before starting to work out at home

  1. Never expect an overnight result. Workouts take time to show results. You may start noticing a little change after 2-3 months of continuous workout. Patience is the key.
  2. Never start your workout without doing a warm-up. You may try jumping jacks for a casual warm-up or stretching on a daily basis
  3. Your whole body will be challenged and you will have to go through a little muscle pull here and there. You can use a hot water bag for extreme cases.
  4. Never start any of the workouts after having lunch or dinner or even a heavy breakfast.
  5. If you have certain health problems like high blood pressure or high blood sugar, do not start any of the home workouts or even gym workouts without consulting a doctor first.

Is Home Workout Any Better Than Gym?

There are a huge number of people who complain about their figures and are disappointed by how they look. Also, some people just want to have a fit and properly shaped body even if they aren’t chubby. Whether it is home work out or a gym membership, both have a lot of pros and cons.

There still are people who think the gym isn’t suitable for them because of some of its drawbacks.

  1. Fixed timings: The day you take a gym membership, you’re bound to follow its rule and regulations and more specifically it’s timings that are rigid. It’s not flexible like it would have been if you did your work out at home.
  2. Damage to your heart: Gym holds a risk of causing damage to your heart 7 times more than the usual work out. People, who generally join the gym for the 1st time, end up going to the gym only for a few days.
  3. Sore muscles: The gym trainers get a target to bring your body back to shape and so they do not compromise even if you’re begging them to stop. This often leads to sore muscles and forces the person to quit the gym in some cases.
  4. Diet imbalance: Gyms lead to diet imbalances as the tiredness and immediate change of routine holds back the person to eat as much as he/she used to in before joining.
  5. Expensive: The gym memberships cost a lot and people are unable to afford it. Eventually, either they drop the idea of working out, or end up spending so much money and wasting it.
  6. Gym guilt: People very often start feeling guilty for eating a lot or for being out of shape. It is the guilt because of which they join the gym and end up quitting it very soon.

These were some of the most amazing and easiest ways of how to do a workout at home. Working out in the gym can be intimidating some times, so do try out these workouts. I hope you try them all.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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