Casual Outfit Ideas for Men (30 best ideas) [2020]

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This article deals in 30 best casual outfit ideas for men. In today’s world of fashion and fashion industry, whether it be men or women, everyone has a lot of variety to wear. People mostly prefer wearing casuals.

If you are a fashion freak or want to impress your partner or want to get a perfect dress for a photoshoot, this is the right place for you. Here are the best casual outfit ideas for men:

Dark blue denim jeans (Most common casual outfit ideas for men)

Dark blue denim jeans that every man has in his wardrobe. All the light-colored shirts and t-shirts are well to go with the dark blue denim of yours.

If it is a casual day in your office or work, you should select a plain white shirt and dark blue denim jeans.

It gives a very formal but attractive look to your personality. It is one of the best casual outfit ideas for men.

Neutral colored pants/trousers outfit ideas.

The shades that are included in neutral are grey, brown, khaki, light brown, dark brown, faded black, black and some others.

One should definitely have neutral-colored pants in his wardrobe because it goes well with almost every torso outfit.

You can try wearing a black t-shirt or shirt with khaki-colored pants to give your personality a dashing look.

The Casual Hoodie Look for Men.

Oversized hoodies give a very casual look to your personality. Get a common hoodie that goes along with almost every pair of pants or jeans.

For instance, get a grey hoodie and try wearing it with black pants or denim to get a classic look.

Polo with a button-down shirt, a casual outfit idea for men

Polo neck is famous and popular nowadays. Men look very attractive in a polo neck. One can consider wearing a polo neck and have an open buttoned shirt with a classy trouser.

Try wearing a light blue polo neck shirt and a dark blue denim jacket or denim look shirt with its buttons open. Any denim jeans would go with this outfit.

polo neck with button down shirt one of the best casual outfit ideas for men

Single colored t-shirt; a casual look for men

The t-shirts in a single color look very casual. Try buying a few t-shirts which don’t have any print or double colored look.

Go for black or white t-shirts because they go along well with each and every denim and pants that you have in your wardrobe.

The bomber jacket casual look

Bomber jackets are amazing and very popular these days. It is both fashionable and versatile and a man should have this in his wardrobe because it goes well on every occasion. 

Man wearing bomber jacket
credits: Zalora

It was earlier made of leather but now it comes in polyester, nylon, wool, etc. It keeps you warm and makes you look very trendy. Go buy one.

Even if you don’t want the warmth of it, you can casually wear it on a winter morning with its buttons or zip open to get an amazing look. It proves to be one of the best casual outfit ideas for men.

The casual shorts outfit ideas for men

Men nowadays have started wearing shorts for their daily routine because it gives a very casual look to them. This proves to be true.

Whether it be a neutral-colored short like black, grey, white or khaki or it is a colorful one, it does not matter because it is the most trendy thing going on right now.

You can pick red colored shorts and a plain black t-shirt to wear on your routine day. If you’re picking up the khaki-colored shirts, you can choose literally any color of your t-shirt.

Trench coat

A trench coat is a coat that is one step ahead of the cotton blazer but is one step below from the woolen blazer.

This characteristic of the blazer makes it suitable for every weather and every season.

It is like a normal blazer but goes down to your knees. It is a long blazer which gives you a very casual look. This usually comes in neutral colors.

The sweater look

Men usually don’t prefer wearing sweaters but rather prefer wearing jackets.

Sweater gives you a very trendy and classy look. Having a V neck shaped sweater in your wardrobe is a must.

You can go along with a black t-shirt, a V neck sweater, and denim jeans for your winter morning look.

V neck sweater

The sweatshirt casual look outfit ideas

Sweatshirts are something that everyone has in their wardrobes. You can pick up a grey colored sweatshirt to wear with a dark pair of jeans and roll up the sleeves of the sweatshirt to get a certain look.

Colorful socks

Yes, this might seem a little odd but this is a wonderful look. Men have stopped wearing socks other than the color black.

Try adding a little color to your outfit. If you’re going all black, try having different colored socks like white or khaki or light yellow, etc.


A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of sneakers. Sneakers go well with almost every outfit.

Try having a white-colored sneaker because it is the best casual thing to wear on a normal day.

Whether it be denim jeans or sweaters or jackets, sneakers make their place in every outfit.

Multipurpose blazer

Having an actual blazer is a necessity. You can wear on a chilly morning or even evening with trousers.

Avoid wearing blazers with denim jeans because it gives a very odd look then. Blazers go best with trousers.

Tailored jacket with a hoodie

Wearing a hoodie is not the only thing that can be done. It can be elevated with a jacket to get an amazing look.

Try wearing a white hoodie and wear an open long jacket along with denim.

Overcoat with all black

All black outfit is always a very casual look for men. How about adding a little color to this all-black outfit?

Wear black denim or pant with a black t-shirt. Wear a red or any colored jacket or an overcoat, that gives a contrast look to your style.

Cream full sleeves with a navy look one of the best casual outfit ideas for men

Cream gives a very trendy look. Try wearing a cream-colored full sleeve t-shirt or shirt with navy blue trousers or pants.

It gives a dynamic look to your personality. Also try adding polished boots to this look of yours.

Joggers casual look

Men have joggers which they don’t really use. This can be used in several different manners.

Joggers can be worn with a hoodie and sneakers that match the hoodie. That gives an overall great look.

Grey outfit with a chain

Chain definitely boosts up your personality. Try wearing an all heavy grey torso outfit and wear a golden chain with it.

It gives you the cool dude look.

grey tee with a golden chain men's outfit ideas

Printed shirt with plain jacket

Printed is in style right? How about combining both print and plain together? Select a neutral color pant and wear a printed shirt.

Next, wear a plain color contrasting jacket with a printed shirt. This is a very trendy winter casual outfit.

Transitional jacket with colored cuffs, casual look

Having bold contrast colored cuffs is amazing. Try getting a jacket of neutral color with contrast colored collars or contrast designs.

The 2-coat style casual look

Wearing 2 coats is difficult but stylish. Try wearing an open jacket on your shirt or t-shirt and then wear a long jacket on it.

Try having a jacket or coat with a fur collar. It gives a classy look but it should be noted that this look’s good only in heavy winters.

double coat style for men's casual wear

Cropped denim with sneakers

Why should girls have all the fun? Try wearing cropped denim with a high sneaker of any neutral color.

Cropped denim should be approximately up to your ankle length. Also, one can try ripped jeans which gives you a casual look.

It could be a knee cut or just ripped without any cuts. Get your funky side out with these Casual Outfit Ideas for men.

Printed sweater with a tailored coat

Again an amazing winter looks. Get yourself a printed sweater that looks good on you.

Wear that printed sweater with the tailored coat on so that the coat elevates the look of the sweater as well as your overall personality.

printed sweater with a tailored coat for men's casual outfit ideas

Brown leather jacket with a white tee

White and brown are both neutral colors. When you combine both of them, it gives a very dynamic look to your personality.

Get a plain white tee and wear a leather brown jacket on it. Consider wearing any denim with this look.

Jumper style

As stated above, the sweater looks amazing on men. Instead of wearing just the V-shaped one, try the jumper look.

It is also a kind of sweater that has a different type of neck shape. It is kind of a round neck shaped but is not at all deep.

It stays much closer to your neck.

jumper look for men which is casual and on t=of the best outfit ideas for men

Waist Tied

Tying your shirt or jacket to your waist gives a very cool look. Avoid tying jacket because it has weight and will make you want to remove it soon.

Try wearing a plain t-shirt with denim or trousers and select a contrasting shirt that is light weighted.

Tie it around your waist to get that look. this is one of the best casual outfit ideas for men

The sleeveless jacket

Men usually do not think about wearing anything sleeveless. But you need to try this look. Get sleeveless denim or any bright colored jacket.

Wear a plain white or plain white t-shirt and then wear this jacket on top of it. It gives a very trendy and unique look to you.

The muffler look

Again a winter look but can be worn even in summers with a cotton cloth muffler. For winters get a check muffler to keep it all-around your neck with either jackets or coats.

For summers, get a cloth of the same look with small or large checks on it. You can put it around your neck in summers as well as any other season.

Harem pants

These are not that popular but look great on men. Harem pants are just like the other pants but the area below the button and zip is extended.

Here’s how it actually looks. this is one of the most unique casual outfit ideas for men.

harem pants for men which is one of the best casual outfit ideas for men

Casual outfit idea with Denim shorts for men

Denim shorts give a very different and trendy look to one’s style. Try wearing a pair of jeans shorts with a white or black t-shirt to get this look.

Summing Up

I hope you liked the list of Casual Outfit Ideas for men. These are some of the top best casual outfit ideas for men that you can easily find in the market and look cool and classy any day. Try all of this and then pick your favorite one!

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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