Best Beauty tips from Celebs: Skin, Hair, and More (Secrets)

Celebrities are called ‘celebrities because of the way they look primarily. Have you ever encountered a celebrity? If you have, did they leave you wonder about how perfect their skin, hair and body are? They did right? Maintaining a charisma is their job. They get paid to maintain it. Here’s to all the beauty tips from celebs I’ve known

A dry shampoo for hair immediately.

How many of you have thought about the effects of the dry hair shampoo on your daily life?

Girls take up away with their lives not knowing some super astounding hacks and products.

How many of you knew about the dry hair shampoo that you can also make at home?

The normal talcum powder assists one to make their hair fluffy and non oily at any time of the day.

It acts as an aid for the ones who have their work at 7 or 8 in the morning.

There’s one trick that one of the celebrities talked about. An aerosol formula should be sprayed along the roots section of your skull.

Have patience for about 2 full minutes before brushing your hair with boar-bristle brush.

This trick allows the product to completely absorb the oil from your skull area. She suggests trying this trick when ever your hair starts to look greasy.


Glowing skin secrets from some celebrities!

One should always employ only fingers and not palms to apply moisturizer. This ensures that your skin absorbs the moisturizer properly. – Hoyeon Jung

After you wash your face, stretch your palm and pour out half of cleansing cream and half of moisturizer on it. Mingle them together.

This trick will virtuous all your pores. Using oil cleansers are a muddle sometimes. – Jung Sun

Some of the celebrities claim that face masks are their main saviors. Use one single sheet of the face mask before going to sleep.

For the people who have a very dry skin, Kim proposes that after you cleanse your face; apply some coconut oil on your face before applying any other cream.

These were some of the skin beauty tips from celebs.

Skin clearing up hack!

You have to realize the importance of holistic skincare approach. One has to cut out dairy product and add more greens to it.

Eating too much of sweet and dairy makes it strenuous for your body to digest it and your skin does not get cleared up easily.

But once if you start to add more greens, your skin eventually clears up soon.

  • Some hacks and tips for good hair.
  • The considerable mistake is washing your hair every day.


  • Ever wondered of using forks as your hair curler? All you need to do is get your hairs a little wet and roll them on to the plastic forks and tangle them on your skull. Do it with all the small sections of your hair. Either us dryer or let them dry naturally. Once you open it, you’ll get beautiful curls.
An image showing a lady using forks for curling her hair, one of the beauty tips from celebs
  • Aspirin repair in general is used to heal the acne but ever thought about aspirin repairing your hair? Every once in two weeks, crush one aspirin and mix it in your shampoo. Aspirin has salicylic acid that helps to banish dullness of your hair.
  • Ever got embarrassed by static hair in public? Never let that happen. Whenever you wear something that makes your hair static, use this hack. Get some dryer sheets and rub them on your static hair. It immediately removes that static hair and will give you a sigh of relief!
an image where a lady is irritated because of her static hair
  • Out of dry shampoo? That can definitely be a night mare when one morning you’re late with super greasy hair and out of dry shampoo. You can use some corn starch. Just rub some of it on the greasy areas of your head to get rid of the oil and stickiness.
image of corn starch which is considered to be a major part of beauty tips from celebs
  • Dandruff problem? Here’s what you can do. One of your kitchen’s items, baking soda is known for its properties to remove dandruff from your hair. Just take 2 table spoons of baking soda and mix it with adequate amount of water. Put that paste on your scalp and leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off to see its immediate magic.

Beauty tips

The wrong eye curling techniques are increasing so much. Women just put the curler on the lashes, count till three and done.

That’s wrong! Try the pump technique. You just have to start at the base of the lash and pump the curler 3 times

Fake eye lashes with baby powder. Some people think that attaining fake eyelashes is a big pain but surprisingly it is not.

You need to put one coat of mascara and then put some baby powder on the eye lashes. Then put another coat of mascara.

Fake swell of lips.

So many products in the market claim to swell up your lips for the looks but often people who use them end up in pain with no swelling.

You can do that without pain easily. Put any shade of lipstick and put some ivory shade of lipstick in the middle of your lip.

That will fake the swelling of your lips.

How can you make scents last? Now a days people complaint about their scents not lasting long enough. There’s a hack for this too.

Spray some of your scent on your comb or hair brush before you brush your hair.

After spraying, brush your hair properly and see the difference. The smell will last so much longer.

Chapped lips? All you need to do is exfoliate your lips. Wet your tooth brush a little and rub it over your lips in a circular motion.

This will help exfoliate your chapped dead skin cells easily and will give you fresh looking, soft lips.

an image showing chapped lips

When nail polish starts to peel, don’t remove it! Women get irritated and remove it as a whole.

When it starts to chip off, take one of the glitter nail paints and start applying it from the middle.

The transparent glitter will cover the chipped off area making it look trendy as well as decorate the rest of the nail area as well.

Out of a very expensive mascara?

Mascaras are very expensive and finishing it up is a very expensive trip. But before you make that trip to that cosmetic store, make sure to use every drop of mascara that the tube has.

When you think that the mascara is over, put some contact lenses solution in it and shake it well. There you go.

Ready to use the same mascara again for a few days.

Go tanned! People get tanned for good looks. You can get the same look without getting permanently tanned.

Take some of your body lotion or body cream. Mix some liquid bronzer in that and apply it all over to get a tanned look.

Flat hair? People complaint about having flat hair and not looking good with them. Here’s what you can do.

Take your comb and hold your hair in the upright direction in which you want them to be fluffy.

Once you get the right direction, spray some hair spray on them and hold them in the same position for a while.

After sometime, leave the hair and look how they hold themselves in their places and make you look so fluffy!

This was one of the major beauty tips from Celebs.


These were some of the best tips and tricks that even the celebrities recommend and use them in their personal lives.

“BEAUTY TIPS FROM CELEBS!” How about applying them right from today?