20 Proven Ways to Become more Handsome & Attractive Man

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Most women appreciate and like good-looking men, cute faces, rich brats and muscular hulks. But, a visual appeal does not make a man desirable.

Humans are an emotional being, and majorly women are more emotionally sensitive. This article deals with ways to become more handsome & attractive man.

No matter how you look and how much money you have in your bank account, all these things are irrelevant to the ideal sexy guy that all the women look for.

Sexiness’ can’t be purchased, cannot be worn. It is a style; it can only be practiced.

We bring you the 20 proven ways to become more handsome and attractive man – ultimately the sexiest guy that every woman would admire. Not only woman, a man too notice and accept the beauty in the character of their peers.

Most men don’t share their thoughts, but you know it is true.

Surely, after working on the below mentioned 20 methods to become more handsome you will get accolades from your brother too.

Let us begin.

How to become more handsome & attractive than ever?

Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you

one of the most important element of how to look more handsome & attractive. Believe in yourself and your capabilities

Walk, talk, sit, express, smile, everything that a sexy man does is filled with confidence.

He doesn’t need to do anything to show off his belief in himself.

His face, his attitude speaks about his dominant inner self.

What should you do?

Start believing in yourself, your merits, your positive attributes. Don’t sit back quietly thinking about the tone of your skin, how long or short you are.

Physical appearance can be overshadowed by a correct and positive attitude towards yourself.

Your body posture, body language should be firm and impactful. Don’t be lousy. Keep your shoulders broad, face parallel to the ground, look towards the direction you’re moving, don’t look down.

Your feet should be straight, not angled, open fists. Hands should be free and should oscillate with your movement. You should always feel that someone is noticing you, so there is no room for dull posture.

Take decent sized steps, not too short nor too long. Keep your body open when you sit. Use hand gestures when you talk. The way you represent yourself is a very crucial way to convey your confidence to others.

Intelligence is sexy

Just keeping a positive body language enough to look like the sexiest guy of the gathering?

Well, we have just started. Yes, people see your physique, but they notice you more when you speak.

Gain knowledge as intelligence is always super sexy. No one is born ‘Smart’. Smartness is achieved by reading, studying and by observing the world.

Women love men with brain and experience. Grow your hunger to learn more. Read, read and read – be it anything, a blog post, newspaper, magazine, novel, autobiography, anything. Reading helps our brain to think creatively and in acquiring knowledge.

You should be aware of a topic before speaking about it. You would not want to be a subject of mockery by speaking false facts in a group of people where you were being noticed. Also, you do not wish to be a dumb guy, just nodding to others’ opinion.

Your opinions, your arguments should be based on facts and figures accepted widely. Intelligent men are an instant attraction for women.

Mind yourself

Sexy men are polite and humble. Respect all, especially women.

A sexy man’s every action is performed with proper etiquette. Hence, you should watch yourself.

Mannerism is reflected when you deal with people who are inferior to you.

Make sure you don’t boast off yourself in order to look sexy. An egoistic guy can never be a sexy man. Keep in your confidence in check. A little overconfidence can turn you into an arrogant brat.

Always stay grounded in order to look attractive. You should be approachable by the people around. They should not feel that you are too hard to converse. Rudeness is not a right attitude, nor confidence. It is harmful.

Shots of humor

A good sense of humor acts as a magnet as our brain seek happiness to feed our soul. Understand the difference between humor and sarcasm.

Sarcasm can be insulting and yet hurtful to people. Humor should be clean of any controversy and offensive jokes.

There are many ways to make people laugh – write a satirical poem, a pun on imaginative character, making fun of your own flaws, sharing your life experiences by making funny stories of them etc.

A sense of humor is gained naturally by observing funny things around. Look at the people around you before cracking a joke, make sure that you don’t hurt someone. Let people enjoy your company.

Brave as Popeye

Overcome your fears and never be afraid to take up a challenge. Be a risk taker. Trust your guts and abilities. Women are attracted to men who are brave. It is okay if you do not have huge muscles.

How do muscles make a man sexy if he’s afraid of a house lizard?

Gym goers build a heavy body to impress women. Yes, they look good if they’re fit. But, take a moment and think. Real life challenges require strong will more than the strong biceps.

A Man with a Hobby

an image showing a man watching a shooting star indicating that a man should have a hobby to appear more handsome & attractive

If you are interested in something, then invest your time to it like sports, driving, cooking, painting, dancing, travelling, photography, music or any activity which is not relevant to your profession. Passion and profession may be different.

Apply your mind and soul to that activity and become as good as possible. Don’t just be a one-dimensional personality.

Refine your talent. Work on it. Most importantly, do it for yourself not to brag about it.

A hidden or unexpected attribute of a person is always sexy because women love surprises.

King of Hearts

A sexy man doesn’t mean he has a stone in place of the heart instead he has a soft heart. He’s kind, caring and sensitive. A sensitive side of a strong man makes him sexier.

Love animals, appreciate the nature, the natural environment around you. Be kind to the poor, help people proactively with a happy face. Donate an amount for charity.

Remember, you are handsome and attractive for someone who is noticing you. Thus, give them reasons to like you.

Fitness Freak

Most of the ways that are discussed in the article are directly or indirectly dependent on a healthy body and mind. Start working out and make yourself ready to look sexy.

It is true that you need not put on weight or shed all of the fat. You just have to be fit. Reasons:

  1. can’t take up a physical challenge with a fragile body.
  2. will look good in most of the apparel with a lean body.
  3. will feel good in your own skin. Hence you’ll be happier.
  4. will be to help others in getting fit by inspiring them.

These are a few finite reasons, but the real benefits are more than the mentioned reasons. It is not necessary to hit the gym. Eat right, drink plenty of water and work out regularly.

A Master of Conversations

In the world of the internet, it is very likely that you interact with people through your mobile and social media. Thus, your body posture, confidence and everything on which you’re working to look sexy in the physical won’t be useful in a virtual world.

“Hold on a second. Am I wasting my time?”

No. Work on your communication skills. It will not only help in conveying your thoughts over the internet but also in real life. Women like men who are good at building conversations.

Don’t sorry, we have got you covered with an article on improving conversation skills.

Don’t be serious but mysterious

Where would you like to visit if you are given a chance – a public park or the mausoleum of Taj Mahal? Obviously, the second place – The Mausoleum of Taj Mahal.

An unexplored place is always attractive. Similarly, a person who is not extrovert is more attractive.

“Does that mean I should become an introvert?”

No way. Be a mysterious person. Share yourself but in a limited manner. Let the women crave for more information. Don’t open all your secrets in one go, surprise them, they like surprises.

Keep calm, be patient

Sexy men are the most patient breed of men. Whatever a sexy man does, the process is slow and steady. They don’t rush for everything. They have control over their senses.

What comes to your mind when you think of a romantic person? Soft and sensual, right?

A patient person is always romantic to some extent. He does not need to put tremendous efforts. Be patient with your activities. Smile slowly, speak with pauses and think before you act.

Dress like a Gentleman

Is it essential to justify the criticality of apparel to look more handsome and attractive? Yes.

Well, then please read the 10 Things Women Find Most Attractive In Men’s Style.

Groom yourself

“What comes under grooming?”

Well, it is a good question. Because many of you guys think that your hair and beard includes grooming, that’s it. You are partially right if you think so.

But, partial knowledge is more dangerous. Grooming does include your hair and beard along with body hair, armpits, nails (fingers and toes both), ears and of course skin.

You have to be prepared for every occasion. You can not live like a Mowgli and yet want to look more handsome and attractive.

Keep your hair clean and set, your beard trimmed, your armpits and genitals shaved, your body hair in check, your nails cut, your ears clear of wax and your skin healthy.

Visit here to find out ways to keep your skin healthy naturally – How to get Beautiful, Clear and Glowing Skin Naturally in a Week?

A Signature Fragrance

A sexy person makes his presence felt with his odor. Thus it is highly recommended that you find a unique fragrance for yourself.

An attractive man is attractive to all your senses, not just to eyes.

He is good at communication, he is always dressed well, and he also smells good.

Search the internet or market, find a mild (particularly mild or soft, not strong), effective fragrance and don’t share the secret of your odor with others.

A Friend of All

Play with kids, listen to older people and make babies smile.

If a man mixes up well with every age group, then he is the most desirable person.

Women like men who are favorite of all. You never know that the girl you like would find this attribute attractive.

Loaded with experience – Be mature

Just keeping beard doesn’t make you look mature. Maturity is reflected by the decisions you take. Your decisions prove to be correct with your experiences.

Thus, it is crucial that you examine the events in your life. You should learn from the happenings around you and apply your learning while making decisions.

A wise man whose decisions are logical and are not dependent on adrenaline is more attractive than a childish, impatient guy.

Show off your scars

You don’t desire to be a male model. Models represent some brand that’s why they don’t require to be clean and well shaped. You desire to be handsome and attractive.

Your scars don’t make you look unattractive, but they are your reality. No matter how you got those – because of a brave effort or a silly mistake. Accept them and flaunt them confidently.

A Pinch of Genuine Style

Make your own style statements. Wearing clothes in an unimaginative way is not styling.

The way you move, the way you dress, the way you speak should be genuine.

Do not try to copy someone else. Do not copy a celebrity.

Be yourself. Be simple yet impactful. Keep yourself original, and it’ll become your style.

When you are distinct, and out of the race of copycats, you look more attractive.

Be Ethical

A man of words is always the most famous being. Stick to your morals, set your values and don’t compromise on them. Be flexible for the sake of others in extreme unavoidable conditions.

Punctuality, honesty, transparency at work, determination and all the good adjectives are there because they look men more attractive and sexy. Be ethical.

Clear your intent

an image showing a man touching  girl in a very casual way.

You want to look more handsome and attractive, right? Why do you want to look attractive? Why do you want to be the sexiest guy? To become a womanizer? Well, you can never be the hottest guy then.

Do not be creepy. That’s it.


You can follow all the proven ways to look more handsome and attractive, but you’ll lose all the charm with an unclear intention.

Yes, you can be favorite of all but remember that you do things for your favorite.

Keep your lady in mind. Good luck!

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