How To Be Slim Forever Without Losing Diet? [2020]

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We are obsessed with our body images and most of us suffer from body image issues and are never happy by the way that we look but are always running behind what we deem to be ‘perfect’.

But what is this perfection? What is the correct prototype? This article deals with some of the tips to be slim forever without losing diet.

For us, its celebrities, with their hour glass figures, the sinewy limbs, toned abs with not an extra ounce of fat anywhere to be seen. But how do we mere mortals achieve this celestial standard?

Now even if we figure out the way to be slim forever and not gain any weight, but how do we proceed?

Is it by giving up food, eating micro portions?  But that is not possible if you are working, and it is also deemed as an extremely unhealthy prospect.

How to be slim forever without losing diet!

And it is the most problematic if you are a foodie and yet you want to be slim.

It is almost as difficult as walking on the water, because our love for food wins over our attempts to be slim and then when we look at our reflection in the mirror, the self loathing sets in leading to more binge eating.

be slim forever without losing diet

So, below we will tell you how to be slim forever without losing diet.

First let us burst certain myths about the process of being slim.

  • Go on a strict diet.- most of us give up on our quest, at this ominous word – diet, especially if you are a foodie. The internet will throw up a list of diet like the vegan diet, the Atkins diet, low carb diet, the Dukan diet and there are many more. But it all promotes eating miniscule proportion and giving up on certain kinds of food. All that we are left is almost nothing.

Dieting requires tremendous will power, the ability to refrain from food, even when you are tremendously hungry or when people around you eat a proper meal and all that you are left with is some measly sprouts.

More often people snap, give in to your hunger pangs and gorge on all the extra calories in one day that they took probably 7 days to lose.

These diets often work temporarily and it is not possible to maintain them for a long period of time. And once you stop all the fat that you lost has come back in double the quantity.

  • No fats or carbohydrates.- as kids we have all learned the concept of balance diet. We need proper quantities of all the nutrients. Especially for women, there are often adverse side effects.
  • It is a good thing to exercise but to do strenuous exercising is often not possible. With the tight corporate schedule, by the end of the day we are dead tired to hit the gym.

And once you leave the gym, the toned muscles are gone and you become a sagging mass. Not desirable at all.

Secrets To Stay Slim Forver Without Losing out on Dietfood to stay slim

So now lets us find out how we can be lose without much sacrifice.

  1. Eat right

You should eat small meals frequently and not skip any of the major meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner, and especially breakfast. Often this is the meal that we most neglect.

It is our common misconception that by skipping meals, we will lose weight, but nothing is more further from the truth than this.

You should have the heaviest meal at breakfast, because then your body will have the whole day to burn the calories and you will also feel energised to work throughout the day.

And after that try to eat a little something every 2 to 3 hours, as an empty stomach leads us to eat more during the next meal and also releases certain enzyme which is extremely harmful for us.

So when you eat your lunch, you are not famished and you can eat less than your usual quantity.

Also remember that dinner should be the lightest meal and always taken an hour before you sleep.

Eat till your only 90% full, if you want that last helping, then try and avoid it, because that will be you over eating.

  1. How you eat

Every kind of food is important for us and let’s be practical we are happy when we eat the food that we are what you eat

And the things that we love are our guilty pleasures are often not healthy and binge eating it, leads to piling up of the pounds.

Take small bites.-  our mothers have always taught us to take small bites and it is not only good etiquette but it also helps in intake of less calories. If you take small bites, you trick your mind and body into thinking that you are already full.

It also helps while drinking, whether it is your favourite alcohol or the sodas or even packaged juice.

Apart from water, sip every other kind of drinks as it will help you from taking a second helping.

Get new plates-  buy plates which are smaller in size and in dark colours. Always use contrasting plate to your food, it shows that how much food you have finished and you can consciously stop yourself.

Also by using smaller plates, you eat smaller portion. So, you end up eating your usual but in lesser quantities.

Use smaller spoons, as that will help you take lesser quantity of sugar.

Use glasses which are taller and thinner as the quantity will be less than when you drink from a tumbler.

Use your senses.- appreciate your plate of food using your visual and olfactory senses. That tricks your brain into thinking that you are almost full.

  1. What you eat

Avoid eating junk food and outside food. Try and avoid eating out as much as possible.

Cooking is a very relaxing and pleasurable activity. And the sense of accomplishment on making a meal is beyond words.

If you cannot cook every day, then try and have as much as home cooked food as possible.

Avoid instant noodles or any other product from a packet. These items are high on trans fat, which gets stored as the extra fat on your body. It is also not healthy.

Juices out of the box is high on sugar, so it is better if you replace it with freshly squeezed juice or whole fruit, as it is more nutritious.

Have a fibre rich diet like leafy vegetables, sprout and salads, as it will not only fill you up but also keep you fit.

Eat proteins like egg, chicken, fish, pork, beef and lamb, but try and avoid the fatty pieces as much as you can.

Most diets will tell you to cut back on carbohydrates but remember every class of food has a designated role in maintain the homeostasis or body equilibrium.

So, instead have less amount of rice, roti, pasta or bread.

For breakfast switch the bread with corn flakes, oats or museli, or if you cannot do without your sandwich or bread, the try the whole wheat version.

For the in between snacks have dry fruits, except cashew, or yoghurt or seasonal fruits. If you cannot do without some kind of a desert, then it is better if you take it for lunch, as the body then gets to process out the sugar.

Take smaller scoops of ice cream; eat sweets that are little less on sugar content.

If you cannot live without your regular fix of chocolate, then try and switching to the dark variant.

  1. Eat healthy

a picture of fresh fruits and vegetables effective to be slim

It stands as one of the most effective tips of how to be slim forever without losing diet. Remember what might work for others might not work for you.

So, it is extremely important to understand your body and also what your environment and genetics suggests you to eat.

Going vegan is not always a way of losing weight. If you have been a non vegetarian your whole life then that is what your body is attuned to.

Eat what your forefathers ate, as that is what your body is made of. Never over eat but keep your portions in moderate quantity, tweaking the various components, so that you have a balanced and healthy diet.

Do not take too much salt with your food, as it leads to water retention.

  1. Be relaxed

Do not be stressed as stress and emotional instability leads us to find solace in food.

Psychology says that we often resort to panic eating especially sweets. Sweets act as hallucinogens and get our mind of the immediate problem. So try and avoid stress.

But that is not often possible in our busy life, so instead stop your food craving by listening to some music or meditating or any other activity that helps your mind relax.

Losing weight can be a very stressful activity too, so never forget to celebrate even a minor achievement. Whether it is a day without drinking your favourite cola or walking a mile instead of hailing an Uber, celebrate everything.

  1. Exercise

An image showing a person doing exercise which is very effective to stay slim forever without losing diet

Some people do not consider it effective to be slim forever without losing diet, but this is very effective.

Instead of taking the elevator while going up, take the stairs as it will help you shed some extra calories and it is a good form of cardio.

If your office is too high up, above the 10th floor, then it is not possible to walk up the entire way, so go half way in the elevator and walk rest of the way.

Walk around your office; take walks after every major meal, even if it is for just 10 minutes.

Swimming is a very relaxing activity that not only helps you get a slim and toned body but also helps to take your mind off stress.

Join any activity that keeps you physically active. Not only do you learn something new but you also become active and fit.

Try yoga, it is a wonderful way to lose weight and be relaxed at the same time.

  1. Get adequate amount of sleep

Research has shown that by getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily helps in losing weight. Do not stay awake late at night binge watching Netflix or texting.

Less amount of sleep makes you jittery which gets compensated by splurging on food and also get you late night snacking and which is more often than not unhealthy.

Also ample amount of sleep makes you feel fresh and keeps you motivated.

No wonder they call it beauty sleep.

  1. Set a goal

You should be your own motivation. Dig deep into your closet and find that pair of jeans or dress that you no longer fit into, or which is a little too tight at the waist.

End Note

Hang it where you can see it every day, and that will help you keep your eye on the prize.

So, be happy and eat what you want but in moderation. Lead a healthy life and always feel glamours, because that is the key.

These were some of the most effective tips to be slim forever without losing diet. Try to incorporate them in your lifestyle and let us know how feel about them.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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