Searching a hairstyle for your little baby girl? This is the perfect article dealing with 40 Baby girl hairstyles. These hairstyles are both for long and short hair.

You baby will look like a princess after you try these hairstyles on her and more over these are suitable for every kind of occasions.

Here are the 40 baby girl hairstyles to try on and select the best one for your little girl:

Blunt hair cut style

This is one of the most popular hairstyle which every mother at least should once try on her baby. No matter what skin color your baby has or what face cut she has, this cut always look just amazing and cute if your baby has straight hair.

Shoulder cut style

This style is again for the babies who’ve got straight hair. You can get her hair cut till shoulder and part her hair to make her look more trendy and up to date in terms of fashion and style. It also is easy to wash and manage.

Baby cut

Baby cut is a style that most of the moms prefer to get their babies because it is the easiest of all to manage by the babies themselves as well as by the moms. In baby cut hairstyle, your baby will have hair till the till her ears and you can put pretty clips and decorations on her baby cut hair to make her look the best.

Layer cut

Layer cut is a type of cut that specifically demands long hair. If your baby does not have long hair it is advisable to not go for this cut.

But for the ones that have long hair, you can get long layer cut which will look beautiful on your daughter.

Pixie cut

This is a real cute cut and you can surly for once try this haircut on your baby girl on summer to ensure that your baby is cool enough to be happy and cheerful like always.

Curly shoulder length

If your baby has curly hair no matter which type of curls, this is the cut you must try once. Babies with short curly hair look pretty and adorable.

shoulder length curly hair40 Baby girl hairstyles (2019)

Colored hairstyle

You might be wondering about the dangers and damaging the quality of hair of your baby with the color products at this tender age. But you might not know that safe washable hennas are available in the market which is very safe for your baby.

You can have pretty shades of pink or red or even blue on your baby’s hair and just watch her look like a princess.

Pony hairstyle

If your baby has long hair, go for this easy and popular hairstyle. Pony tails specially in summer are seen a lot. Tie a high pony by gathering all the hair of your baby and use some attractive and colorful hair accessories to make her look even more pretty.

One sided pony

One sided pony look pretty and cute on girl babies. You just have to gather all her hair and instead of tying the pony at the back of her head, tie it on either side of her head. Make sure the pony is tight and high on whichever side you choose to put it.

side pony

Princess hairstyle

You can dress up your daughter for some special occasion and then try out this princess hairstyle.

 Make a small bun on the top of her head and pick out some strands from both the sides and some from the front. Tightly curl them and open the curls a little and just let them hang to give that princess effect.

Little space buns

Space buns are the two cute buns that you make for your baby on both the sides of her head. Tie two tight ponies and twist and turn it to make it a bun. This is one of the best among 40 Baby girl hairstyles

Back pulled hair

Back pulled hair looks amazing on babies and you could also easily accessorize your baby’s hair after you pull her hair back.

Take some section from the top and try to make a lose comfortable puff out of it. Pin it with fancy pins to make her look prettier.

The afro baby girl style

This is a very rare but amazing style which looks just amazingly wow on any baby. If your baby has short curly hair, you just need to tighten her curls a little and make it look all fluffy. Attach some fancy clips and pins to make her look very pretty just like an afro princess!

The flower hairstyle

This is a kind of additional hairstyle that you can do and experiment on literally any hairstyle that you want.

Whether it be a bun or a open hair style or even a pony, flowers always add beauty to a girl. Just take some bobby pins and fresh little flowers that you can attach to her hair.

The front bang hairstyle

This is a hairstyle which looks extremely cute on babies. You need to make a small puff and take out all the small strands of hair from the front so that they fall on her forehead.

Braided hairstyle

Babies with long hair look very cute in braided hairstyle. You can braid two ponies out of your baby’s hair.

Small bit clips

These are like button sized clips that you can put around the hair of your baby. Take small sections of your baby’s hair and twist them a little. After you’re done twisting, put those colorful clips to finish this look.

Side braids

Side braids on a baby’s hair is rare but when you do it, your baby looks amazing. Part the hair in the ratio 70:30 and the side which has more hair indicates you where to start.

Take small section of hair and braid it while you keep adding strands of hair from both the front and back side of the head.

The bow style

A small pretty bow never fails to make your baby look cute. You can either leave the hair open and put the bow on either side of the hair or just tie a pony tail and put the bow where the pony tail starts.

Open hair 2 ponies

Pig pony tails are pretty common but are amazing. Just take hair of your baby’s head and divide it in 2 equal sections. Make sure the pony you tie is tight and high so that it does not come down easily. You can put colorful bands and articles on the ponies.

V shaped bangs

Bangs on your baby always makes her look beautiful and cute. You can get her hair cut in short bangs that can cover her forehead and the length of the bangs can gradually increase as and when it moves to her both the sides. An inverted V shaped bang can be made in the middle of her forehead.

Bangs with ponies

2 ponies with short bangs look amazing and lovely. Tie two tight high ponies of your baby and again make an inverted V on her forehead. You can also take out strands of hair from near the ear.

Falling curls

Curly hair always suits babies. Falling curls means that right from the skull area, the curls should start. Even if your baby does not have that curly hair you can curls her hair and make them fall. This will make her look beautiful!

The Chinese look

This is a rare look which you would not find many babies having it but it is a very cute look. Short straight hair on forehead and a baby cut in the back side of hair is the perfect combination. This proves to be one of the best looks among 40 Baby girl hairstyles

Choppy hair with heavy bangs

By choppy hair, it means you can have 3-4 layer cut on your baby’s hair which will eventually make her look that she has thick and fluffy hair. Apart from this, get her heavy bangs on her forehead.

Chin length

Chin length straight short hair on any face cut would look amazing. Apart from just having a chin length got cut; you can do her the side parting.

Bobby pin updo

If you are looking for a hairstyle which is just perfect for special occasions, this is the hairstyle you should try and make your baby carry.

All you need to do is, divide the hair into too many small sections and while twisting each section twice, pin it up with a bobby pin and let some of the strands fall on her face.

The tomboy look

This is a look which your baby girl can have when she is wearing denim stuffs. Detangle her hair and pin the strands near her ear. Take a cap and make her wear that with the rest of the hair open.

Fish tail braids

A little time taking but look beautiful and also makes the baby look beautiful. Gather all her hair and hold it in a low pony position.

Start making loose fish tail braids and secure it with a rubber band.

The crown braid

This by the name itself denotes that your baby is gonna look no less than a princess.

Take a section from near her ear from either of the sides. Braid it till the end and secure it with a rubber band. Next, take the braid from this end to that end from the top of her head and pin it near to her ear.

Snake braid

Snake braid would look just amazing on your little baby girl if she has thick and long hair. it should look like it is looking in this image.

snake braid

High bun with accessories

Tie her high bun which will also keep her cool during hot sunny days. After you’re done making a high bun, attach some accessories on the bun all over so that it looks pretty.

Open long hair with side braids

Having braids with open hair would ensure your baby girl looking lovely. Detangle her hair and take small sections of hair from both the sides and braid it tightly. Let the braid go along with the open hair.

The bubble braid

This is a very beautiful braid especially for those who have curly hair. You can first tie a tight pony and tend select some colorful ribbons that would contrast her dress.

Approximately you will require 3-4 ribbons depending upon the length of your hair. Leave about 2 inches gap and tie the ribbon tightly. Again leave 2 inches gap and tie a ribbon tightly. Make the bubbles loose to make it look even better.

the bubble braid, one of the best 40 Baby girl hairstyles (2019)

Half braid

Half braided hair from the skull area is an amazing hairstyle. You need to part your baby’s hair from one side and pick the area which has the lesser amount and area of her hair and head respectively.

Start braiding you hair by picking up strands from both the sides and comb the other side’s hair properly to complete the look

The center braid

Braid your hair from the center while taking continuous strands from both the sides. Let this braid go till half your head and pin it tightly. Let her rest of the hair be open

Warrior princess look

Divide your baby’s hair into 2 sections, top and bottom. Take the top section and pull it back to make a braid out of it and secure it with a rubber band.

Roll and wrap the braid around to make a bun out of it and you are done with this amazing look.

Half pony

This is very similar to the half bun. You need to take a medium amount of section of your baby’s hair from the top and then pull it backwards.

Instead of making a bun, simply tie a rubber band and make a pony tail out of it.

half pony, one of the best styles under 40 Baby girl hairstyles (2019)

Blow dried curls

This is a harmless and beautiful hairstyle. Blow drier gives bounce and volume to your baby’s hair and no one can deny that. Wet her hair and start blow drying it along with a comb.

Part her hair in the direction you want to and move the comb accordingly while blow drying it. It gives you soft air dried curls. You can tighten the loose curls with a curler to upgrade the look for the day.

Half bun

Pull some of her hair back and take half of her hair from the back. Make a bun out of that half hair that you are holding and pin that bun to keep it in place. this proves to be one of the best hairstyles among 40 Baby girl hairstyles

one of the best styles. a half bun from 40 Baby girl hairstyles

These were some of the best 40 Baby girl hairstyles (2019) that you definitely should try for your daughter.