30 Best Exercises to Increase Height Naturally! – GUIDE

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Having a good height is a blessing. But the ones who aren’t able to achieve a certain height, this article about 30 best exercises to increase height naturally is just for you. There is no harm to have a good height. Even if you have a respectable height, you should try these exercises to increase height a little more.

The pelvic shift

Did you know that the number of hours you sit directly affects your height? All you need to do is, lie on a yoga mat with your shoulder’s flat on the floor.

Start bending your knees so that your feet come closer to your hips. Lift your pelvic after this step.

Tuck your buttocks and let your legs and shoulder support whole of your body weight.

You need to hold this position for 30 seconds and then repeat this exercise for 7-8 times a day

Side planks

Want to have model looking legs? Then this is the perfect exercise for you because it lets you have perfect looking long legs very quick. Here’s all you need to do;

  • Lie down on your right shoulder.
  • Stretch out your legs and place your left hand on your left hip
  • Start raising your waist off the ground
  • Make a diagonal angle of your body with the floor
  • Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

Surya namaskara

This is one of the very popular yoga styles. Lie down flat on your stomach.

Try to balance your body on your toes and make a ‘U’ shape by raising your head and torso.

Support your upper body by both your palms by placing them flat on the ground, parallel to your chest.

a lady doing surya namaskar which is is a very essential exercise to attain height naturally.

Inversion table exercise

This exercise directly stretches your back muscles which lead to height development. This shifts your body gravity frequently.

Here’s all your need to do:

  • Start with locking both your feet in the inversion table.
  • Raise your arms while rotation whole of your body upside down.
  • Stay in this position for about 25-30 seconds and then come back up.
  • Repeat this exercise 5 times a day to see an improvement in your height.

Bird dog

This is an exercise that increases and focuses on the lower back strength and balance of your body. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Make up your body in the pushup position with just one difference, that your knees should touch the ground.
  • Lift any one of your legs in air and extend it to let it stretch.
  • Next, lift the opposite arm and extend it in air the same way you did before with your leg.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat it on the other side of the body.

Downward facing dog

This is also called adho mukha svanasana. It helps you strengthen your leg and arms. Make your body in shape of an arc.

Stand and bend your body in such a way that your hands and shoulders are wide apart and your feet is as wide as your hips are.

Try to push the floor away from your feet which will strengthen the muscles of your legs.

The cobra stretch

This exercise has been inspired from the cobra snake and the way he raises his head when he puts his tongue out.

You need to lay down on your tummy with both your palms at your shoulder’s height.

Next, lift your head upwards and stretch out your arms to make an arc

. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and repeat this for about 6-7 times a day to see changes in your height.

Jump squats

Everybody is very familiar with doing squats and jumping right? In this exercise you need to combine both of these things together.

Take a squat position. Next, jump from that squat position with a whole lot of pressure.

Try to jump higher and higher every time because that will ensure better height.


A very common and easy exercise is cycling.

The teenagers are recommended to cycle as much as possible as this brings a huge difference in your height because of the exercise of your calf and leg muscles.

a person doing the cycling whihc is one of the best exercises to increase height

Mermaid stretch

This exercise helps you to strengthen your shoulder muscles. If you have bowed down shoulders, this is the perfect exercise for you.

Here’s all you need to do.

  •  Sit down with your knees bent on the left side. 
  • Hold on to your ankles with your left hand.
  • Raise your right arm, extend and reach over your head.
  • Feel a good stretch along the right side of your torso.
  • Hold for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Repeat on the other side as well.

Forward spine stretch.

This exercise is very helpful for your back, hamstrings, and abdominal.

All your need to do is, sit up straight and spread your legs a little more than the width of your hips.

Straighten your back as much as you can and then let your hands reach and touch your heels. Your back should look like a C when you do this exercise.

Cat camel back stretch.

This exercise is just perfect if you are focusing to stiffen and strength your back. Here’s all you need to do to perform this exercise.

Balance your body on your palms and knees. Arc your back and stay in that position for 6-7 seconds and let your body relax after that.

Hip bridge

Lie on your back and let your palm grab your ankles. Lift your hips and knees to make your body parallel to the ground.

Lastly, lift your torso to stretch your back muscles.

Wakeup stretching

Stretching your muscles has always been good thing in height development.

Put your arms up in the air above your head and elongate them to stretch as much as possible.

Be in that position for about 30 seconds and then let your body relax repeat this exercise at least 10 times a day.

Alternate leg kick

For the name itself, this exercise describes itself very clearly.

All you need to do here is stand straight and extend one of your legs to the fullest and also extend the hand on the same side of the leg.

The hand should be closed tightly in fists. The other hand should remain close to the chest with fists tightly closed.

2 girls performing alternative leg kick which is one of the best exercises to increase height

Repeat this exercise at least 15 times a day.

The legs up exercise

Stretching your legs up in the air has always considered being a very good exercise for boosting your height.

Lie down and start raising both your legs together. Remember that your feet should be together and your legs should be straight.

You can support your body with your palms if needed. Hold your legs up in the air for 1 minute and repeat this at least 10 times every day.

One of the best exercises to increase height.

Land swimming

When we say swimming, we always imagine water. How about dry swimming for boosting your height?

You need to lay down on a mat and lift your legs up in the air one by one.

Stretch your hands along with it and imitate as if you really are swimming without water.

Toe lifts

This exercise is very easy and can be done by you at any time of the day no matter where you are.

You need to stand on your toes as high as possible. For beginners, it is recommended to first stand in front of the wall to get a little support.

This gives amazing results in a few months.


No dry swimming this time. We are talking about actual swimming. It helps you to use your legs, hand and torso to the fullest.

This can be a great height booster as your muscles are pumped up regularly.

You are advised to swim on a regular basis to boost up your height.

swimming exercise for height boost up

Side bends

Side bends should be done on a regular basis. You just need to stand and bend your body to both the sides one by one.

Make sure that you when you bend your body, it should be stretched to its limit.

You need to hold that side stretch position for about 30 seconds and then let your body relax.

Standing stretch

This is somewhat similar to the side bends exercise. In this exercise, you should bend to touch your toes instead of bending side wards.

This will ensure proper exercise of you back muscles as well as your leg muscles. This proves to be the easiest exercises to increase height.

Vertical bends

This is also a bend where you reach out for your toes but this time you keep your legs little apart from each other.

In standing stretch, you keep your feet joint together but in this one, you keep them away and try to touch your toes without bending your knees.


Skipping ropes are fun right? Make them your regular exercise to boost up your height to a great extent.


Jogging is one of the easiest exercises. You just need to jog in fresh air every day which will ensure good health as well as good height after a few months.

Low lung arc

Join and interlock your palms with your fingers and stretch your arms to the front of your right leg.

Bend your right leg and stretch out your left leg.
Stretch as far as you can and stay in the pose for 30 seconds.

Repeat the same process the opposite side of your body

The side stretch

You need to stand straight with both your feet joined together. Lock your fingers and raise them above your head.

Next, bend your body in this position towards your right then towards your left.

Neulife chin up

This is an equipment that you can buy and use to gain a little more height. This never leaves you with unsatisfactory results.

Set it on a certain height so that your feet do not touch the ground once you get on it.

The basket ball exercise

You might have heard people say that you should play basket ball to increase your height.

That proves to be really true. Join a basket ball academy or if you can’t do and repeat all the activities you might do when you play basket ball.

Forward stretch

Sit with your legs folded backwards. Raise your hands above your head and stretch to touch the ground. One of the best exercises to increase height.

The runner stretch technique

You might have seen the runners and athletes do the warm up and stretching when they begin their race.

Put your knee on 90 degrees of angle and do the stretching as shown in the image.

a lady dong runner's stretch for boosting her height

These were some of the most effective and amazing exercises to increase height naturally. Follow this to boost your height.

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