30 BEST Casual Outfit Ideas for Women [2020]

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Women love fashion and the latest styles, right? So do I. if you are a fashion freak and love to go according to the trend, this is the right place and article for you as it deals with 30 best casual outfit ideas for women.

Whether it is work or office or a normal casual day, you can execute these outfits on every occasion. Here are the best casual outfit ideas for women:


Trousers are the most famous casual outfit for women nowadays. Women like to wear trousers as it is extremely comfortable and allows them to move to and fro for work frequently and easily.

Wearing a contrast color with the trousers gives a very cool look. One should consider buying trousers.

You can also try wearing a white collared formal shirt with these trousers to give your personality a casual look.


Jeans have always been the favorite for women because it provides unparallel comfort and mobility. With blue denim of any shade, tops and shirts go along very easily.

Denim for women ranges from various styles as well as shades.

They range from skinny to baggy, ripped to non-ripped and extremely casual, faded to patchy faded and a lot more.


Jackets come in various styles and material and women love wearing jackets even without winter season.

They range from various colors to various styles and various fabrics. The most popular of all of the jackets is a denim jacket.

Women can try wearing a plain colored t-shirt and a denim jacket on top of it.

Denim skirts look

The skirts are back in trend and are very fashionable nowadays.

For office and work hours, women can go with a less short knee-length denim skirt with a collared shirt.

This gives a very sophisticated look for the day. For regular days, women can go with a denim skirt and their favorite colored top.

Denim skirts are something that goes along almost any color of the top.

The Friday look

This is a very descriptive look in itself. Friday indicates towards the end of the hectic week and beginning of the weekend.

Try wearing the comfiest and relaxed clothes that you own and wearing a pair of jeans which is not very tight fit and a casual tee that goes along with the jeans.

Do not go for heels. Wear sneakers with jeans. Leave your hair open and carry sunglasses along with you.

Practically stylish look

There are looks that are practically impossible for women to carry. This look is easy and practical.

Pick a single colored skirt, for example, a light pink. Next, select a top or shirt that goes well along with the light pink (or any other colored) skirt.

Wear a contrast or neutral-colored watch along with this outfit. You can wear heels if you are comfortable with it.

If not, wear block heels because they provide comfort. Wondering where to get this skirt and shirt, here it is.

pink skirt with a check top that gives a casual look to women

Organizer look

Ever organized an event? Even if the answer is no, you should try this look because this is extremely popular.

Pick loose trousers or loose parallels from your wardrobe. Make sure that the color of the lower is any neural color.

If you pick a black parallel, take a white full-sleeved top and wear it for the look. this is one of the best casual outfit ideas for women.

organizer look which is one of the best looks of best casual outfit ideas for women

The hoodie look

Women who wear hoodies look extremely cool. This is a fact and boys should accept this thing.

If it’s a routine day of your life and the weather is good, pick denim of any color and a hoodie that goes along with that denim.

You can either put the cap on or not put it on. It looks cool both ways. But remember if you decide to put the cap on, leave your hair open.

a girl wearing hoodie looks cool
Credits: Stocksy United

The conference look

The conference look is a formal look but a comfortable look. You need to buy a pair of matching trousers and overcoat.

A woman should have this in her wardrobe for sure. You can wear any neutral color that goes along with the trousers and coat like a black or white shirt, inside the coat.

Try wearing heels with this look because this mix and match of ideas really take breathes away.

The button down style

This style is growing popular day by day. Whatever shirts women have, they use it in various ways like this one.

Wear a black or white top or tee along with denim or any lower that you like. Take your shirt and pull it on but with the buttons open.

This way, the inner tee gives a contrast look to the shirt and elevates the all-over look. Try wearing sneakers with this look.

Buttoned up trousers and scarf

This is a very casual and formal look for women. Pick any comfortable trousers and pull a shirt on with all the buttons up.

After you are done, put a contrasting or mono-colored scarf around your neck as shown in the picture.

sarf abd buttoned up trouser look for women.

Cardigan + sheath dress + pumps

This is a very popular style because it looks amazing on women in the workplace. Pick a one-piece that is very casual and not too decorative.

Put on a cardigan over it and complete the look by wearing a necklace. Wearing a necklace is purely optional. Try wearing heels with this particular look.

one of the cardigan casual outfit looks for women

V neck sweaters

There are a number of styles of sweaters with various different shaped necks. V neck is one of the most famous kinds of sweaters. Women love wearing it. Pick a V neck sweater on a winter morning and wear it with denim or trousers.

The woolen cap look

Women look cute in this style of dressing. A woolen cap comes in various different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, etc.

Woolen cap look goes along with almost every other look. Wear a cap and let your hair open.

Divide your hair into half and put them on both your sides to get a cute and casual look.

woolen cap look for women. best casual outfit ideas

Printed inner

In this, either you can wear a printed inner and then put a plain shirt over or vice versa. It looks amazing both ways.

It gives a contrast look and elevates any look that you want.

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are very fashionable. They stick to your lower body and give a very amazing shape to your body.

They come in various different designs and colors. If you choose to wear a designed skirt, make sure that you wear a plain shirt or tee on the torso.

Jackets over frocks

Frocks are extremely comfortable and give the freedom to move and perform various activities at work or in a routine day.

Select any casual frock to wear and the put over a jacket that goes well along with the frock. This elevates your look for that day.

Belted top

Women love wearing belted tops as it gives a perfect fitting in the torso area. Select a loose top and wear either jeans or trousers.

Tie the belt along your stomach so that your body gets a good fitting and you’re ready with this one of the easiest best casual outfit ideas for women.

Flare dress with a neck knotted scarf

Wear a flared dress like a frock. If you want, you can wear a blazer on top of it or even a trendy jacket can be worn.

Next, take a scarf and knot it loosely to your neck. This whole outfit will give a perfect and unique look to your personality.

Shell top with a blazer

The shell top is really popular nowadays. Pick any shell top from your wardrobe and match it with any of the denims or trousers.

When you’re done selecting and wearing the shell top and trouser, put a blazer on top of it. Try wearing heels with this look.

Off shoulders

Off-shoulder tops are really popular. Whether it is denim skirts or jeans or trousers, it goes along with every style. These come in various cuts and styles.

off shoulder top comes in many shapes
Credits: miss36

Long skirts with a scarf

Long skirts have been going viral for many months. A long skirt with a sleeveless top with a scarf is considered to be smoking hot.

Right from college to work to any outing, it is suitable for every occasion. Get yourself a sleeveless white or black top and match it with a long skirt. Put on a scarf or a ‘dupatta’ in a stylish manner.

The half-in half-out look

This is a unique messy look for every occasion. Put on denim jeans of any shade with a formal shirt on.

Next, put in one half of the shirt and let the other half of the shirt be out.

Joggers look

Women do not consider joggers as their style of fashion but it can be. Pull up your joggers and put on a casual comfy tee that goes along with it.

this proves to be one of the best casual outfit ideas for women.


Jumpsuit being a comfortable dress is very popular. You can put in a black or white tee inside it to complete the look.

Buy jumpsuit with ripper look so that it gives you a trendy look.

a jumpsuit worn by a brown girl
Credits: Prettylittlethings

Long frock

Long frock is less popular but comfortable and easy to handle. It should go below your knee and heels should be considered for the long frock outfit.

The plazo look

Plazo is the new introduction in the fashion industry and is worn by several women.

Pull up a plazo of any color and match a trendy top with it to put on and look classy the whole day.

Long over-coat

Short coats and blazer section is done now let’s come to the long coat one. A Long coat is really famous as it can be worn with denim and one-pieces both.

Whatever dress you choose to wear, if it is a chilly morning, you should consider wearing a long over-coat of any neutral color.

Sleeveless jacket

Jackets with full sleeves are in fashion but sleeveless are no less than them. Putting on a sleeveless trendy jacket on any other outfit is really cool and classy.


Whether it be denim shorts or any other shorts, women look smoking hot in shorts. Try wearing denim or any other kind of shorts one day with a comfy tee or a trendy off shoulder top.

You can also try wearing a crop top with it. Combine sneakers with this outfit.

Summing Up

These were some of the best casual outfit ideas for women that you definitely should try on. Although the list may seem overwhelming but who doesn’t want to try things out. Pick a new fashion every day!

I hope you liked the article on 30 best casual outfit ideas for women. Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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