25 Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Should Own       

25 Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Should Own

In the fashion world, there are things which become a trend for a while and the world moves on with another new pattern as the time passes. Then there is some apparel which stays in trend forever. You never go out of style with those evergreen wardrobe classics. This article deals with some of the wardrobe essentials everyone should own.

If you are not aware of the ever trending wardrobe materials, then do not worry at all. We bring you the 25 must-have wardrobe essentials that everyone should own. Here we go with the list:

  1. Black T-Shirt

an image of a black t shirt which is a wardrobe essential

Black – a colour that goes with every other colour. Black and white are lifesavers when it comes to top wear. Though white is preferred less because it is prone to stains and dirt.

A black t-shirt carries a tag of ‘go everywhere’  with it. When you’re not able to find corresponding coloured top wear, black t-shirt shines in the wardrobe as your relief agent. Either you’re a guy or a girl, you can’t be satisfied with your wardrobe collection without black coloured top wear, especially a pullover (because shirts have buttons :P).

You have options in the form of various types of necks (round, polo, henley etc.) and sleeve sizes; you’re free to opt as per your taste. But, remember it should be plain black.

  1. Multi-coloured Polo with Fine Horizontal Stripes

polo neck t shirt with multi coloured stripes in it

The 25 must-have wardrobe essentials include objects which you can wear anytime, irrespective of the occasion (but yes, your office and weather are exceptions). Multi-coloured Polo with subtle horizontal stripes is another wardrobe essential which compliments most of the bottom wear.

The multi-colour theme provides space for a wide variety of colours for the bottoms. Fine stripes add freshness to your personality. Polo collared t-shirts are always trendy casual wear. They display the contemporary class of sporty men. this stands as one of the wardrobe essentials everyone should own.

  1. Black Formal Trouser

a man wearing a formal black trouser which is essential for everyone's wardrobe

Formal wear collection starts with a formal black trouser. Chinos, joggers and flat front trousers don’t fall under this recommendation. Formal means pleated trousers here. Make sure that the height of the trousers is well adjusted.

Formal clothes reveal your body shape and fitness. Hence, formal black trouser will suit you if you’re tall and lean. Don’t worry even if you are not slim. Get a little loose fitted trouser in that case.

Make sure that whenever you wear a formal trouser, it is ironed well. Formal clothes should be wrinkle-free. It shows your discipline and attitude. Black coloured formal trouser goes with every bright coloured shirt. Avoid wearing it with a dark shade top wear.

  1. White Casual Lenin Shirt

white lenin shirt

White is a colour of elegance, shine, prestige, trust and peace. White shirt reflects the same characteristics only when it is free from dirt and stains. Formal white shirts make you look like an employee. Therefore, casual white shirts make more sense.

Well, you’re free to opt the material of your choice and budget. Linen bright coloured shirts are translucent. This enhances your body appeal (of course if your body is clean and you’re fit). As mentioned above while discussing black t-shirt; white and black coloured top wear are your lifesavers.

You can go with very fine or light printed white shirts or thin checks. Plain white shirt with the mandarin collar to looks equally appealing. White casual linen shirt is surely a must-have wardrobe essential.

  1. Khaki Cargo Knee Shorts

khakhi cargo knee shorts which is an wardrobe essential everyone should own

Khaki colour and cargos compliment each other. It makes you feel like a defence ranger. Full-length cargos are out of trend nowadays. Shorts have replaced them and are well-liked by everyone irrespective of age and sex.

Cargo shorts are mostly preferred as a vacation costume because of the comfort it provides as compared to other bottom wear while travelling. A large number of pockets with buttons or zippers help you in accommodating small valuables materials like earphones, power banks, keys etc. securely.

Another convenient factor of cargo shorts is that you need not iron the shorts. In the case of plain knee-length shorts, wrinkles are very common, and you don’t look good with a crushed cloth. Cargo knee shorts are a sign of a tough and outgoing personality.

A one of the must-have wardrobe essentials everyone should own for vacations and journeys.

  1. Neat Analog Watch

neat analog watch which is one of the wardrobe essentials everyone should have

Smartphones have replaced the wrist watch for many people but not for the people who are style conscious. A wristwatch is not only a useful gadget but also a classy accessory for men and women.

Well, watches have become smart too, but such watches go high in the budget. Men don’t have many options to wear as an accessory. Moreover, a shiny watch is more useful for than a bracelet for women.

Analog watches are colourful and the dials express more about your personality than a digital watch like slim and flat font reveals that you’re a clever and thoughtful person. Bold and big numbers in a dial represent your tough and sporty side.

Fashion is all about speaking about yourself by your appearance without opening your mouth. An analogue wrist watch is one of that element in your wardrobe which does the talking when people notice. This proves to be one of the wardrobe essentials everyone should own.

  1. Durable Backpack

a good durable back pack which is one of the wardrobe essentials everyone should own

Gadgets and more gadgets as associated gadgets. Like a laptop, its charger, earphones/headphones, phone connecting cable, a power bank, an aux splitter, external hard disk drive, phone power brick and the list continues differently for different people.

All such stuff requires a bag for your convenience and portability. Hence, a backpack is very crucial if you possess the above-mentioned materials. The backpack should be large enough to house your basic necessity stuff without getting bumped.

Separate sections such as cushioned sleeve for laptops or tablets, small pockets for stationery items help you in organizing your things. A backpack acts as a backup store. You can keep stationary, essential cosmetics or your documents inside the backpack.

One of the wardrobe essentials everyone should own.

  1. Secret Perfume

an image of perfumes that are essential wardrobe items everyone should own

Every person has a distinct odour naturally. Although all natural odour is not pleasant. A bottle of perfume which keeps you smelling good should be your signature smell. It should mark your presence in the gathering.

Secret perfume is like a secret weapon. It can turn a dull looking apparel into a lavishing one. Aromas of perfumes are distinct for men and women. Make sure you make the right choice.

It is also noticeable that perfumes are not meant to be poured down. The quantity of the application should leave a subtle scent which makes the senses crave for more. The most important wardrobe essentials everyone should own.

  1. Leather Jacket

If you love to ride bikes, you own a decent one, and you don’t have a leather jacket then you’re not doing justice with your appearance while riding the bike. Leather jackets highlight the sporty, rugged and ‘evereday to take a challenge’ side of your personality.

Leather jackets look good in black or dark tanned brown in colour. Though beige and off-white fused with bold black stripe are also in trend these days. Leather jackets not only add charm to your looks but also keep you warm when chilly winds hit your chest while riding a bike.

You should go to a branded store next to you to buy a genuine leather jacket. PU Synthetic jackets are available as a cheap variant but are not durable.

  1. Blue Denim

a lady wearing blue denim which is wardrobe essentials everyone should have

You must be living under a rock if you don’t own blue denim. Needless to mention, blue coloured denim is a part of every urban wardrobe.

What makes denim everyone’s favourite? Durability. The fabric is tough and stays the same for long. Moreover, the faded jeans after several washes don’t get out of trend. Even if the threads come out, the jeans are wearable for most of the people.

Denim jeans are blue in colour because of the indigo dye. It has a long history why denim jeans are mostly blue. Stop reading this and go get denim jeans if you don’t have it in your wardrobe.

  1. Black/Brown Oxford Shoes

black oxford shoes

Formal shoes have different variants. Don’t get confused between oxford shoes and derbys. Derbys shoes are also known as ‘open lacing’ shoes whereas oxford shoes are known as closed lacing shoes.

The main difference lies in the place of shoelace eyelets. In derby, the eyelets are sewn on the top of the vamp of the shoe while in the oxford shoes eyelets are sewn under the vamp. Hence, practically oxford shoes look more formal.

Derbys shoes look younger brother of boots, therefore, seems a bit casual. Well, to be straight, oxford shoes should be worn if you’re going for a formal gathering. Every man gets opportunities where he desires to look like a gentleman. Get your oxford shoes ready for that event.

  1. Warm Tracksuit

2 warm track suits

A tracksuit includes top and bottom wear both for sports activity. Though a t-shirt and shorts are also comfortable, they are not wearable in winter or early mornings when the temperature is cooler. However, you have the option to wear track pants and the top wear jacket as both are a separate entity.

Moreover, when you work out, your body gets warm. It is vital to preserve that warmth for an extended period so that you sweat more and lose more calories. Therefore, a tracksuit is a must-have wardrobe essential for active and sporty people.

  1. Headwear

a cool head wear

Your ears and head the most vulnerable body parts that may get cold in winters. Hence head wear is crucial. Winter caps made of wool and fitted to the skull are a good option.

If you’re living in coastal regions or where winters do not cause much severe temperature drop you can prefer cotton beanie caps. Beanies have redefined the looks of headwears nowadays.

For those who live in hot deserts, a regular cap is highly useful. It protects from direct sun rays on the head, eyes and most part of the face. It is also a style statement for those who suffer from hair loss. Keep a headwear in your wardrobe to make yourself look different in variable weather conditions.

  1. Gradient Wayfarers/Aviators

glasses being an important essential of wardrobe that everyone should own

Eyewear has a lot of designs and options. Wayfarers and aviators have occupied most of the market share because these are highly liked by people.

Mono-coloured lenses look classy only with formal attire. Hence, a pair of gradient lenses should be preferred which compliments every type of apparel and occasion. Eyes are precious and protect them from UV radiation, unpolarized light, blue light and dust with the help of eyewear which doesn’t compromise with your looks.

  1. White Sneakers

a person wearing white sneakers

Look at the feet of any popular fashionable celebrity; he must be wearing white sneakers. It proves that white sneakers are in trend as of now. But why? Because an English proverb says, “You can judge a gentleman by looking at his shoes”.

Maintaining the purity of the white colour of the sneakers prove that you’re a gentleman. Hence, don’t miss the fashion trail. White sneakers’ trend is common for both the genders.

  1. Leather Belt

leather beltDo you like tucking in your shirt or t-shirt into the pants? You can’t miss a belt in that case.

There is no need to justify the use of a belt. Only if you’re relying on a polymer or a cloth belt, it is recommended that such belts though look colourful but don’t define quality. Get a leather belt for your wardrobe.

  1. Printed Nightwear

Nightwears should be relaxing, you know it. What night wears should be printed, and the prints should be childish or in contrast to your character as shown in the picture.

Why? Because you shouldn’t wake up with the worries of your past day. Your printed clothes will divert your mind and will be refreshing for you. Try it once, go for a printed short or t-shirt or pyjama and note the difference. These cute thing is a wardrobe essentials everyone should own.

  1. Classy Wallet

a classy wallet

A rich doesn’t look rich; a poor doesn’t look poor if the wallet speaks more than the money inside it. People tend to look at the wallet whenever you take it out to pay.

Hence, make sure it is free from any wear and tear and defines your class. The wallet also helps in organizing visiting cards, plastic money and coins. Hence it is better to keep a wallet instead of searching things in different pockets.

  1. High Brown Boots

beautiful high brown boots

Boots are voluminous and strong. Boots not only add a badass touch to every outfit, but they are also incredibly durable, standing up to wear and tear and looking better for it.

Though boots cover only 5% of the body, they empower 30% of the personal impression. Boots are a must-have wardrobe essential for a flawless impact.

  1. Precious Metals

precious metals

Jewellery is a signature of luxury and lavish lifestyle. Both men and women have ample options to decorate their body parts with precious metals. Women don’t need examples of jewellery items but if you’re  a man and you’re not aware of your available ornaments then here are a few examples – bracelet, cufflinks, rings, chain, earrings, piercings etc.

Make sure you wear one at a time. Don’t’ overload yourself with loud and shining metals. The other crucial tip is – never settle for cheap jewellery. Buy only genuine as your wardrobe essential.

  1. Slip-On Sport Shoes

You might be thinking that sports shoes should be placed up in the list. Well, first this list doesn’t rank wardrobe essential. All the items are equally important to complete a wardrobe.

Sports shoes need no justification for a place in your wardrobe. But, slip-on sports shoes add style to your regular sports shoes. Easy to wear and easy to take off – excellent fitting slip-on is available in the market for running and walking too. So don’t be sceptical that slip-on shoes won’t be good for gymming or outdoor activities.

  1. Loafers

loafers of brown color

“Style is the way to say who you are without speaking.”

Loafers are a replacement of shoes for the ease of wearing footwear as they are laceless. These days you see loafers in every magazine. Loafers come with exclusive loafer socks. If you’re planning to wear a regular pair of socks with your loafers, then make sure they match with the shade of your loafers.

  1. Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket

Best layering apparel – a Bomber Jacket. Easy to carry, unisex, compatible other accessories and suitable for all occasions – what more reasons do you need to keep a bomber jacket in your wardrobe.

Bomber jackets have a wide range of variety in the form of plain, printed and embroidered. Hence, there are a lot of options available for your taste.

  1. Sweatshirt

a sweatshirt

Multi-purpose clothing apparel is always preferred. Sweatshirts are one of these apparels. It can be worn in summers as well as in winters.

A sweatshirt not only keeps you warm but also absorbs your sweat on scorching hot days. Sweatshirts are here to stay in trend. You should definitely make space for a few sweatshirts in your wardrobe.

  1. Branded Blazer

a man wearing branded blazer

“In difficult times fashion is always outrageous.”

One clothing apparel yet different wearing styles may make it look different at multiple occasions. Blazers have a blend of both western and ethnic taste.

You should get some blazers for your wardrobe to complete your wardrobe with 25 must-have wardrobe essentials everyone should own.