25 Easy Curly Hairstyles to try for women in 2020

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Women with curls are beautiful but some of them fail to realize this. To make them realize, this article deals with 25 Easy Curly hairstyles.

Being blessed with beautiful big or small curls are not rare. So many women out there are blessed with curls and have no clue how to treat their hair right.

Right from parties to casual occasions to casual meetings, these hairstyles never fail to impress people. A fresh look everyday attracts new beginnings.

Long, medium or short, no matter what length your hair is, this article will prove to be useful. Most of the best fashion magazines also recommend these.

Here are 25 easy curly hairstyles to try for women:

Fun bun

This is one of the easiest hairstyles that women with curly hair can opt for. For this quick hairstyle, you need to first comb your hair properly and curl some of the loose curls to make them more bouncy and attractive.

Once you are done, make a pony tail out of your hair but keep in mind that you should tie a high pony.

Twist your hair tightly and make a bun out of it and secure it with some bobby pins. Once you’re done, loosen the bun a little to give it a fluffy look. To give it a funky look, you can tie a hair scarf or colored hair tie to the bun.

The Gel look

This is an amazing look that most of the models and actresses tend to follow and apply it in their events.

Buy a hair gel that suits your hair. You just need to apply the gel on the skull area and make the hair pin back.

Secure it with some bobby pins and let the back hair be fluffy and as it is. It gives a very cool look to you.

The gel pony

Just like the gel look, this is also one of the amazing looks. You need to again put some gel on your skull area and pin it back just like you did in the above hairstyle.

Next, tie a low pony and blow dry your hair well to give it a curly, fluffy and bouncy look. This contrast makes you look very fancy and trendy.

gel pony girl

The pineapple romantic bun

Interesting name right? The look is even more flattering and interesting. It is a simple yet trendy style that you can definitely use when you want to go out on a date or even party.

The uniqueness of this hairstyle is, you’ll have a bun on your head but more than the bun, you’ll see strands of bouncy curls on your forehead.

You need to make a bun like you always do and the start pulling short tight curls from the front side. This hairstyle is advisable to the people with short curly hair.

You even have to full some strands from the bun and curly them tightly so that it sits right on your forehead.

Bubble pony tail

This is a very popular hairstyle for casual occasions or meetings. You need to pin back your hair (without gel) and then take some ribbons to use it on your hair.

Approximately you will require 3-4 ribbons depending upon the length of your hair. After you tie a pony tail, leave about 2 inches gap and tie the ribbon tightly.

Again, leave 1-2 inches and tie a ribbon. Keep repeating this step till the end of your hair and you will get a very trendy hairstyle in minutes.

Make sure that you use some contrasting and bright color ribbons to make it every trendier.

bubble pony tail one of the best 25 styles for curly hair

Half braid

Half braided hair from the skull area is an amazing hairstyle. You need to part your hair from one side and pick the area which has the lesser amount and area of your hair and head respectively.

Start braiding your hair by picking up strands from both the sides and comb the other side’s hair properly to complete the look

Blow dried curls

Blow drier gives bounce and volume to your hair and no one can deny that. Wet your hair and start blow drying it along with a comb.

Part your hair in the direction you want to and move the comb accordingly while blow drying it. It gives you soft air dried curls. You can tighten the loose curls with a curler to upgrade the look for the day.

2 buns

Having 2 buns is very classy with some particular outfits. They are also called space buns. You can sleep as well as go out having this hairstyle on.

Tie 2 space ponies that are tight and high. Twist and turn it to convert it into buns. Once you’re done, take some medium-sized curls out and curl them even more if required.

Center braid

Braid your hair from the center while taking continuous strands from both the sides. Let this braid go till half your head and pin it tightly.

Keep the rest of your hair open to give this look and beautiful and complete look.

Half bun

Half bun is very popular among teenagers as well as adult women. Pull your hair back and take half of your hair from the back.

Make a bun out of that half hair that you are holding and pin that bun to keep it in place. This is one of the most casual 25 Easy Curly hairstyles

Low base bun

High buns are cool but low buns are classy. Accept this fact that on date nights, low buns are referred by so many women because it upgrades your look and dress.

You can either part your hair or just pull back, it is up to you. After whatever you decide. Hold your hair in a low pony tail and twist it to make a low bun out of it.

low base bun

Braided half top

This is combination of 2 hairstyles which looks absolutely amazing and is very easy to make.

Center braid your hair just like described above and pin it tightly. After that, hold half of your hair into a pony shape and make a half bun out of it again the way you read in the above point. This is one of the most classy 25 Easy Curly hairstyles.

Braided low pony tail

High pony tails look beautiful but low ones are amazingly lovely too. Part your hair from whichever side you are comfortable in.

Start braiding from the top taking strands of hair from the front and keep continuing till you reach your ear. Once you reach your ear, pin it and tie a low pony tail

side braided hairstyle for curly hairstyle

Half up crown braid

A little time taking but worth it. Start braiding a small section from one side and braid your hair till it reaches the end.

Secure it with a rubber band. Put it around the backside of your head and pin it to the next side of your head near the ear.

This will give a crown look to your hair. This is one of the most lovely 25 Easy Curly hairstyles.

Knotted curls

This is a hairstyle that even the once who do not have tight curls can try and successfully pursue.

Wet your hair and twist small sections of your hair into small buns all around your head. There should be at least 20 small buns on your head.

knotted curls

Blow dry it and let it dry naturally. Open  it once it is all dry and you’ll get a fluffy curly look

Warrior princess look hairstyle

Divide your hair into 2 sections, top and bottom. Take the top section and pull it back to make a braid out of it and secure it with a rubber band.

Roll and wrap the braid around to make a bun out of it and you are done with this amazing look.

Twisted pony tail look

Easiest and popular look that women carry. Tie a low pony after detangling your hair.

Next, where you tied your rubber band, put a finger inside of the hair after sectioning it exact from the middle.

 Make the partition a little wider with your finger and pass your pony tail through it.

Boho braid

This is a kind of braid which looks very beautiful when carried properly. You need to divide your hair into 2 sections, upper and lower.

Make loose braids till the end out of both the sections. Once you’re done, attach both the braids together with bobby pins.

Messy twists.

Wet your hair and twist and turn small sections of your hair in different directions and secure the turns with bobby pins.

Let your hair dry or blow dry it to complete the look soon. Open the twists and you will get messy pretty twists all over.

messy hairstyle for curly hair

Two low ponies

Low ponies never fail to attract people and people with curly hair are the major attraction when they put on this style.

Just divide your hair into 2 sections, left and right and tie both of them lowly. Tighten the curls that have become loose. This proves to be one of the most amazing 25 Easy Curly hairstyles

The middle parting braid

You need to part your hair from the middle and take small section of hair from both the sides of your head.

Simple braid both the sections of your hair till it reaches half of the length and pin both of them together at the back of your head. Leave the rest of your curly hair as it is.

Half pony

This is very similar to the half bun that you all read in the above points. You need to take a medium amount of section of your hair from the top and then pull it backwards.

Instead of making a bun, simply tie a rubber band and make a pony tail out of it.

half pony one of the best Easy Curly hairstyles

Half back pulled

This is the simplest and most easy hairstyle any woman who has long short or medium length of hair can do.

Take some bobby pins and attach it to your hair which you pulled back and made a small puff out of.

One-sided curls all the way down

This is a kind of hairstyle you would like to go to a party with. Because of the curls, the volume of your hair increases and it gives a beautiful one side look.

You need part your hair in the ratio 20:80 and put some gel on the 20% remaining hair.

Closely set the hair with the gel and tuck it with some bobby pins. Let the rest half of the hair look all fluffy and full of volume.

Open small curls

This is a very simple yet elegant hairstyle. No matter which type of curls you have, you need to try this out.

With the small curler roller or heat curler, make your hair get curled into too many small curls and keep it open all day long to get an amazing look and all eyes on you.

open hairstyle for curly hair one of the best 25 hairstyles

There were the 25 Easy Curly hairstyles to try for women in 2020 which every woman out there must try. I hope you had fun reading this article.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t forget to comment below. We have many more tutorials and articles in the arsenal to make the most ‘stylish you’.

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