Right from teenagers to adults to some people in their silver age, everyone loves dating. But most of the sites are considered to be fraud or expensive. This article deals in some of the free online dating sites that will let you date for free and safely. Here are some 15 websites for people who want to date.

Tinder Dating app.

Since 2012, this dating app has been on the play store but wasn’t popular enough to be used by so many people.

Recently, this app had its boom period as many teenagers and adults started using tinder for dating purpose.

Not only in India but it is used in almost 200 countries of the world. According to various surveys, there are almost 1.4 billion swipes per day.

It involves a lot of fun because you get to interact to a lot of people and to even meet some of them if you’re lucky enough.

Its basic working is very easy. One has to make up his/her profile and put up a picture that will show up to other registered ids.

If the person surfing likes your profile, he/she will swipe right on your picture and if you’ve already right swiped on the person who just did, it’ll be a match!

Both of the partners must right swipe on each other to find a match. It is a very easy thing to do and is very fun.

This is one of the most famous free online dating sites.

If you’ve had a breakup and haven’t been able to move on, this is the perfect app to download! Go ahead!

an image of tinder dating app showing how it notifies you when you match with someone

Ok Cupid!

Ok cupid says “you’re more than just a photo! Get noticed as who you are and not what you look like!”

ok cupid is not as simple as tinder because it has some real genuine and serious profiles that want to have a serious kind of relationship.

There will be some questions that you will have to answer while creating a profile.

It has it’s free as well as paid membership.

When you get a paid membership, all the ads of the app are blocked and you get a notification when someone reads your message.

image of ok cuid free online dating site

Ok cupid welcomes straight couples, lesbians, gays, bi-sexual and everyone else.

It is very fun to interact with new and different people on daily basis. All the best! 😉

Match dating app!

This app has a 7 day free trial to try but it mainly focuses on the paid memberships.

If you’re not interested in paying, this app is not for you but once you pay, you will definitely get your love through this app.

an image showing the poser of the dating app match

This app works through email system. You will get an email id and the other person as well.

You can start talking with someone on email and if you find him/her okay, you can share other information and social media information to talk on.

This ensures safety and security of your private life. Even if you don’t want to pay, you can register and use the app with some of the features locked but you definitely will get the basic features.


another popular free online dating sites. This dating app has a tag line “more singles who are more your type”! Attractive right?

This app has a boost feature which will help your profile stand alone and the best from the others.

This app will learn about you by itself and won’t ask you too many deep annoying questions.

It ensures that you and your profile both are adequate to be on the site which further indicates that the person who is talking to you is also a genuine user of the app.

You can trust this app and is also a very fun place to find the love of your life.

There have been so many people who have actually found their partners through Zoosk.

an image showing the poster zoosk free online dating sites

Elite singles!

Before knowing anything about this app you should know that most of the profiles registered here are all college graduates.

They might not want to interact too much to the new teenagers. The way this app deals people is a little different than the other apps.

But this app gives you assurance of genuineness and your safety & security. You may find people who have the same likes and dislikes as you do.

Over all, people who have used this app have claimed this app to be super fun and interactive


This is an amazing website where you can register yourself for free but then there are 3 plans. People mostly go for the basic plan.

The other 2 plans are totally connect and premier. This is one of those apps that allow you to call your match right from inside the app.

You can talk to them and check if they are genuine. It does not even display your phone number so don’t worry about that.

an image showing the poster of eHarmony. a free online dating sites for teenagers and  adults

To conclude, this website is really safe and ensures that you and your privacy is their first priority.

Christian mingle!

The name says it all. It’s all about Christians in this dating site.

This website is very helpful to make you meet new people who are Christians and fall in love with them if you’re lucky enough.

This ensures that you are in a harmonious atmosphere and also ensures that you don’t have to give in personal or credit card information.

It is becoming popular day by and most of the Christian singles are using this app. It is super fun and easy to use and understand.

Our time!

This is a unique senior dating app. This does not cost you even a single penny but then you’ll only get to see people who are 50 years and above.

It is especially meant for older people who are in need and search of their partner. Love has no age and this app proves this statement right.

Black people meet!

This app has a match system by location and age mainly. It has over 1.4 million black singles visit this site in a day.

This is specially meant for the black singles and it is 100% free to make your profile, talk and flirt with other people.

It is fun being around people you may fall in love with.

an image showing the inside and the poster of the free online dating app of the black dating app

Silver singles!

The name says it all again. Silver singles is a dating app for people who are 50+ in age.

This app provides free registration, limited talks and unlimited profile browsing. Fun for old people right?

Adult friend finder!

This is a unique dating app which does not really support relationships but supports hookups more!

There are some people who are not ready for a serious relationship but are searching someone for hookup.

Then this is the place for you. This site does not really charge you anything like register, add profile, add pictures, etc.


If you live in a residence of rural area, and think that you won’t be able to pay for any dating site then this is the perfect dating app for you.

This is a free dating site and allows you to make a profile and all the features for free. 

This app holds people from 18 to 25 years of age. You will get a huge number of people here using this app and looking for someone like you.

Meet me +

This dating app has the responsibility to connect you to a number of people throughout the world.

This lets you register yourself for free and add your profile. One can also login through their face book account.

an image showing the poster of the dating site meet me this is one of the popular free online dating sites


It has a very strong community of singles from all over the globe. Dating, talking and flirting, this app allows you to do all of these things.

Most of the members are women and are fom Russia and Ukraine.

Asian dating!

Most of us are Asians right? And also love to meet up with Asians. This is the perfect dating site for you. This site lets you use a number of languages.

These were some of the best free online dating sites that will help you to date people you may fall in love later. Try each one of it!