10 Things Women Find Most Attractive In Men’s Style

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive In Men’s Style

If you are a man, then this post is for you! We all dress up to attract the women out there. Most attractive things in men’s style proves to be an important topic. No matter how much you deny this fact, at the deepest part of your heart and your brain you do accept this fact! I mean what is the point of looking good if no one cares? This is the right place to know things women find attractive in men’s style.

This is an undeniable fact and a universal truth. We all want that attention of females. We all want to know the secret of what makes the women more attracted towards you. What is that very essence that would make you win the heart of that girl you have a crush on? Or maybe you want all eyes on you. Like, girls talking about your amazing style sense and talking about you among themselves.

Things apart from being most attractive!

Every man wants to be the best version of himself for his girlfriend. Every man wants to be the ultimate hero and center of attraction for the woman he is in love with. If you are a person who has the very same feelings, then my friend you have come to the right place. it’s not about looking attractive all the time, but about the things that actually leave impact. This is no ordinary post. This is not like any other articles out there. If you are truly dedicated to being the most amazing man for your woman then you have to read this post no matter what! Here I will be sharing the best of the tips and secrets that you are required to follow to become a ladies’ magnet.

You don’t have to be a superhero for women.

All these style tips are of high importance and must be followed delicately. If you do, I am damn sure you would not be the same person again. You will turn into a person full of confidence and style. Understand that you do not need to be a superhero or a six feet tall muscular fella to look attractive. All you need to do is to follow some simple and easy tips about styling yourself.

Small things women find attractive in men’s style. 

Just remember, there is one thing that needs your extreme attention. Always stay confident in what you do. Just stop over thinking stuff. Once you are done styling yourself, do not look in the mirror for the rest of the day.

Understand and accept the very fact that the more you are addicted to the mirror, the less confident you are.

Trust yourself and once you are ready and good to go, do not look yourself in the mirror. It is a sign of low self-confidence and you must avoid it! Mirrors are surely a great tool but excessive use of that tool is going you harm you big time. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. Just BELIEVE! Believe that you look absolutely amazing.

Things that Gets you Her Attention and attraction!

You have worked at yourself and now you are looking absolutely perfect. Do not compare yourself with others. They are good in their own kind and you are good at your way! So hold on tight and start reading this article! Let the ride begin in 3…2…1…

Always keep a handkerchief with you

This is not just etiquette, it is a style statement! some of the things women find attractive in men’s style.

clean handkerchief: Always keep a handkerchief with you. Offering your handkerchief to a woman in urgent need of it looks like a total bad ass!

So make sure you have a clean handkerchief with you every time you go out!

make it smell good: Women find it super attractive. Easy as that! Make sure your handkerchief is clean and smells good. It is necessary. From now on wards, make sure you always have a handkerchief with you.

If you want to move it up a notch, you may buy handkerchief perfumes that have a special fabric soft smell that will make your handkerchief smell extremely good!

The attractive style of folding sleeves!

If you are wearing a full sleeve shirt, make sure to fold your sleeves.

This is an instant attraction and attention point to women out there.

perfectly rolled up sleeves that women find attractive in men's style

The cuts of your flexors and the ex tensors of your hand with your shirt folded to your elbow just look tremendously attractive!

Avoid half sleeve shirts. They look good for sure but still, it is nowhere near the effects of attraction provided by the folded full sleeve shirts.

Just make one thing very clear. If you have folded your sleeves, fold it the correct way! Do not wear a loose shirt if you are planning to fold your shirt.

When you fold your shirt, it must be a little bit tight around your biceps. Not too much, just a little.

Correct Footwear

It’s hard to believe but women notice a lot. Women are humans that find even the footwear of men attractive.

You cannot just wear slippers with blazers. You have to choose the correct footwear.

Whether it is shoes or its flip-flops, you have to choose the correct footwear with the correct set if clothes.

These are an instant attraction point and as a matter of fact, shoes reflect your whole personality.

Shoes are the first thing people notice in you so make sure you wear nice shoes.

An attractive beard!

If you are blessed with a good beard, maintain it! A perfect set of the beard is an instant turn on!

If you have a long beard, make sure to wash it. There are several beard wash products out there. Washing your beard with a beard wash product makes the beard shiny and looks good on your face.

an image set to give an idea bout how to keep your beard

If you have normal to small beard, make sure it does not look like a mess. Trim it occasionally to keep the beard in shape.

Make sure to consult your stylist before letting a blade touch your beard. They have a perfect knowledge and would surely suggest you with the perfect beard style that suits your face.

Good looking hairstyle

Make sure you maintain your hairs on your head! it is one of the most important points of what women find attractive in men’s style.

No one likes a messy hair. So make sure you maintain your hair. Hair is the secret essence of your complete personality. No matter how well you dress, if you have messed up hair, you are going to mess things up!

Consult your hairstylist before getting a haircut. Apply correct products to your hair. Understand that different hair products suit different hair types. So do not just blindly select a shampoo or a conditioner.

The hairstyle is an instant point of attraction. So do not cut down on hair maintenance. Just don’t! Hair is an asset and you have to preserve it. Go to a good stylist if your wallet allows for your precious hair.

Things women find attractive in men’s speaking style!

One must never underestimate the seductive power of proper speaking. Correct selection of words at the correct moment is something seldom possess.

Women find it adorable and attractive when men speak in the correct manner.

If you are in a suit and tie and still act like a clown and speaking without any sense then you are ruining your personality.

Make sure you speak in the correct way and make sense in what you say. Just do not vomit out of your mouth just because you want to.

Never interrupt her while she is speaking and only speak after she is done with her line.

Habits like these are easily noticeable and add up to your style. The style is not only about what you wear. It is also about how you present yourself.

it’s not just about what women find attractive but also about the things that you can pursue to attract her.

That watches of yours!

The wristwatch that you’re wearing signifies your taste in style and products. Watches are something that is directly related to your taste in other products.

If you are wearing a good watch, she will presume you have a taste in quality and style and that matters!

Funky watches are going to do you no good. Just make sure you wear the correct wristwatch for the correct occasion. It matters way too much to be explained in words.

So make sure you are wearing the correct watch for the correct occasion.

the style of wearing your watch

Remember that spending money on watches is not an expense, it is an investment and in return, you are going to get confidence, attention, and respect and style statement.

A well-maintained body

There is a reason behind those hefty prices that the gyms charges from us. You must not deny the attractive power of a well-maintained body.

Women are instantly attracted to a well-maintained body. A good shape makes you more likable and view-able at the same time.

Try to maintain a good body shape. If you are overweight, shed off that extra kilogram in any way possible. If you want something, you have to work for it.

Try to work out at least four to five days a week. Maintain a proper diet.

If you are not aware of the exercises that you need to do you may join a good gym. Trainers at the gym would surely help you with your weight issues.

Even if you have a good body, maintain it! Do not let it go! A good body shape is what millions are craving for! So if you have it, maintain it! Hold it! Do not let it go!

Appealing glasses!

Believe it or not, but glasses are a true style statement! women find men attractive who wear glasses.

There is a reason why companies charge a huge sum of money for glass frames and lenses.

Choose the correct glass frame for your face type. Be it aviators or just formal looking glasses. Choose the right frame!

The right kind of attractive glasses

Understand that different frames are meant for different face type in a dramatic way! So make sure you choose the right one.

Posture that women find attractive!

The way you sit, stand, walk, talk and do stuff speaks for you. The style of your posture leaves a huge impact on things that women actually find attractive

Make sure your body posture is correct while you walk, sit or doing any random stuff.

Postures are easily noticeable and are a mark of confidence.

If you are sitting in a chair, sit straight! If you are walking do not make your shoulders too loose.

Now that you have read all the points, it is time for you to apply it in your real life. Go for it! you know almost every points about ‘things women find attractive in men’s style!’