10+ Easy & Step-By-Step Perfect Hairstyles for Parties

10 easy perfect hairstyles for parties

There are times when you want to grow your hair long, but when it becomes long, you don’t know how to style your hair correctly. This article deals with some of the most amazing perfect hairstyles for parties.

Forget about the formal looks, long hair in parties too should be orderly. Everyone would have loved growing their hair long, and not caring about the hairstyle. Yeah, that’s what the first men used to do.

You judge people by their appearance at first. The same applies to you too. You would not want to be a centre of attraction at a party because your long hair makes you look like a person who doesn’t belong to the gathering (hope, you got the point).

We bring you 10+ easy to get, step-by-step guide of perfect hairstyles for parties.

Here, the hairstyles in the list are connected in some way or other. The connection between the hairstyles helps you in different hairstyle transitions.

You can ignore the common steps among hairstyles. Hence, you’d have to focus on some tiny simple steps to modify your chosen hairstyle into a different look.

Let’s get started:

  1. Triangular Shaped by a Middle Split

Middle split which is one of the most amazing perfect hairstyles for parties.

Let us begin with the most effortless style we have in our shortlist. An awe strucking perfect hairstyles for parties.

Look at the picture. You might be thinking that you don’t need any instruction to get this style. Still, we have a job to do.

Step 1: Clean your hair.

The most common problem with long hair is the amount of dirt and grease they catch. Also, if your scalp is dry, you would be facing dandruff issue too.

Use a good shampoo to clean the dirt and grease from the hair (prefer an anti-dandruff shampoo).

You must use a hair conditioner if you want to style your long hair. A hair conditioner helps in many ways such as:

  1. It restores the moisture in hair.
  2. It prevents damage to hair.
  3. It assists in preserving the shape of the haircut.
  4. It improves the texture of the hair.

So, no, you can’t say ‘no’ to a hair conditioner.

This step is going to be standard for all hairstyles. Unfortunately, we don’t have any hairstyle for dirty hair for parties.

Step 2: Dry the hair

Now you always have two favourite instruments to dry your wet hair.

  1. Hair Drier
  2. Time

When a hair drier causes more volume in hair, and it makes the hair look more bouncy. Both volume and bouncy characteristics are not required in this hairstyle.

So, dry your hair naturally.

Step 3: Oil the hair

There are two crucial questions that you should ask yourself before proceeding further.

  1. Which oil should you prefer and why?
  2. How do you oil your hair/scalp?

Well, you should get more information from the internet if you are not aware of the oil which suits your scalp, hair and need perfectly.

For the triangle by a middle split, camellia oil is recommended. Camellia oil helps in retaining moisture and it softens the hair.

Now, don’t rub your palm on the scalp or run your fingers through the hair.

Take a little oil (3-4 drops) of camellia oil on fingers and crunch your hair at the ends. That’s how you have to apply the oil.

Step 4: Comb

Do you remember how you used to style your hair for school? Yes, you can follow the same technique here for partitioning. Comb the hair towards front first then with the help of comb create a partition.

Middle split looks good only when the split line is straight and visible. So it is vital how you split your hair.

Follow either of the three-way strategies:

  1. Follow a hairline, which is in the middle of your forehead.
  2. Use tip of your comb (rat tail comb) to divide hair equally on both the sides.
  3. Just use your fingers to part the hair.

Use comb for precision and better results. Brush the side hair.

Note: Step 4 and step 3 can be interchanged for this hairstyle. That is, you can part your hair first then oil, or you can oil the hair before partitioning.

zig zac pattern middle split.

Add on style: Instead of straight middle partitioning, you can part your hair in zigzag pattern as shown in the image below.

  1. Bell Shaped by a Middle Split

bell shaped middle split which is one of the perfect hairstyles for parties

Notice the shape of the hair in the picture above. It is a kind of bell-shape. If you’d go through the steps to get this hairstyle, then you’d find that all of the steps are same except a few changes in techniques.

That’s why the title says 10+ Easy perfect hairstyles for parties [long hair].

Step 1: Clean your hair

As mentioned in the last hairstyle that the cleaning of hair is the most standard step among all the steps. You simply can’t skip it.

You can use any shampoo as per your hair and scalp (prefer anti-dandruff shampoo). Don’t forget to use a quality hair conditioner after the shampoo.

Step 2: Dry the hair

Out of the two hair drying methods mentioned in the last hairstyle. This style requires a volume in the hair. Hence, you should dry your hair using a hairdryer.

The hair dryer usage should help you in parting the hair from the middle of your forehead up to the crown of your head. It will help you in saving much time.

Step 3: Oil the hair

Oiling technique should remain the same as it is mentioned in the previous hairstyle. The ends of hair must be crunched with the help of oiled fingers. Don’t rub your palm or run your fingers through the hair.

Step 4: Texturising Spray

Lift your hair off the top of the head using a comb or fingers. Use a good quality hair texturising spray and spray a little on the roots of the hair on the top of the head.

The texturising spray will help in increasing and maintaining the volume of your hair and making them bouncy.

Step 5: Finishing

Your fingers and your hands are the essential tools to style your hair. You do not need a comb.

Make sure that the split that you created in step 2 is perfect. If not, use your finger to mark the middle of your forehead and create a hairline for a better splitting of the hair.

Arrange undistributed hair. Run your fingers downwards for the hair at the back, and you are good to go.

  1. Middle Split with Curly Ends

curly ends with a middle split is one of the sexiest perfect hairstyles for parties

If you love curly hair and your hair is not naturally curly, you should have curling iron to get this hairstyle. That’s what you must be thinking.

But no, this is the list of 10+ Easy Step by Step perfect hairstyles for parties [long hair].

To get the instant curly hair, you need a curling iron. But if you have ample time to get ready for the party you have other ways too.

Step 1: Clean your hair

You just can’t skip this step.

Step 2: Split your hair

Use any of the mentioned splitting techniques to split your hair from the middle of the forehead from the #1 hairstyle – Triangular Shaped by a Middle Split.

Step 3: Coil your hair

Spray a little water on your hair, make them wet.

Divide your hair into small strands and tightly twist the strands one by one. Pin the tightly twisted strands on the top of your head using a pin.

Keep all the strands pinned for at least 3 hours. You may also coil your hair in the night and admire your hair in the morning.

After the patient 3 hours or more, unpin the hair strands one by one and run your fingers through the hair. Get rid of unwanted hair locks. You’ve got your curly hair.

Step 4: Finishing

Use a good quality hair shiner on your hair for better looks.

  1. Classic Slickback

slick back hairstyle which is perfect for parties

What is the best thing you can do with wet hair? You usually pull them back with your hands. This is the most easy and amazing perfect hairstyles for parties

Slick back is one of the oldest and yet modern hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly hair, long or medium, black or blonde, it looks classy.

What should you do to get perfect slicked back hairstyle?

Step 1: Clean your hair

Yes, you’ll have to do this.

Step 2: Brush your wet hair

You need not dry your hair. Use a brush or comb to pull your hair back away from the front of your head to the back of your neck.

Don’t leave the sides loose.

Step 3: Sea-salt spray (Optional)

As mentioned, this is an optional step. You may use a sea-salt spray to give texture to your straight hair or to maintain the touch of your curly hair.

Sea-salt spray provides a wavy texture to the hair.

Step 4: Clay or Wax

It is vital in a slicked-back hairstyle that the hair retain moisture for a long time. You may use a strong hair clay or wax to help the hair in maintaining the moisture along with the combed shape for a period.

And you’re done. It is easy, isn’t it?

Add on: you can use hair drier and texturising spray to make your hair a little bouncy and increase the volume as shown in the image below.

  1. Slickback with Side Fall

slick back with a side parting as a perfect hairstyle for parties

Look at the picture of Brad Pitt, and you can quickly identify what you should do to get this style if you have read the steps of the previous hairstyle. This quick hairstyle is a modified slicked-back hairstyle.

Step 1: Clean your hair


Step 2: Brush your wet hair

Divide your hair in the ratio of 1:4 of your head size. If you’re not good at math, then pull back the hair of either of your side.

Use the brush or comb to drive back your hair diagonally and fall the other side without actually parting the head.

Step 3: Lock the style with clay or wax

Use a good quality hair wax or clay to help the hair in maintaining the given position.

And that’s it

  1. Samurai Jack

the samurai jack hairstyle

What if you don’t like open hair? You should prefer a pony as Samurai Jack had. Do you remember Samurai Jack? Yeah, the single fighter on the left.

Getting a Samurai bun men hairstyle is easy as it doesn’t require extra efforts.

Step 1: Clean your hair.

Step 2: Oil

Pick an oil as per your preferences. Crunch your long hair using oily fingers as mentioned in the first hairstyle.

Step 3: Tie a pony

Run fingers through your hair, pull them back and bunch them at the position of your crown. Don’t leave the side and back hair.

Use a rubber band to tie a half knot. That is, pull your hair halfway through the hair tie.

You need not do anything more than this.

Add on: You can position the bun or knot as per your hair length. The shorter the hair length, the lower should be the position of the bun as shown in image below.

  1. Braided Bun

the braided bun hairstyle

There are a lot of experiments you can do with your long hair pony hairstyle. One of the best-looking hairstyles is the fusion of braids with a thick men bun.

Step 1: Clean your hair.

Yes, it sounds repetitive now but can’t ignore.

Step 2: Oil

Step 3: Braiding

Divide the hair into parts and create thick or thin braids depending on the density and length of your hair.

Step 4: Create a Bun

Pull all the braids back to the top of your crown. Twist all the collected braids and unite them. Use a rubber band to tie the braids.

Wrap around the braids to hide the rubber band, and you’re good to go to a party.

  1. Pony with Curly Hair

a pony with curly hair all around is an amazing perfect hairstyle for parties for long hairs

Please read the steps of hairstyle number #3  (Middle Split with Curly Ends) before reading step by step instructions for Pony with Curly Hair. Get the idea about how to get curly hair if you don’t naturally have curly hair.

After that, follow the steps given below (assuming that you’ve cleaned, dried and oiled your hair):

Step 1: Divide the head and hair

Part the hair on top of your head. Leave the side hair and the hair at the back.

Step 2: Pony with the Hair on Top

Brush the hair on top towards the back. Pull the hair and tie a pony or knot. Leave the side hair and back hair loose.

Step 3: Finishing

Use a texturising spray on the hair of sides and the back to retain their moisture and rough texture.

  1. Viking Style

the viking style of hairstyle

The Viking style has the most of the variety. The top hair is slicked back, sides and back are open, there are braids and knots (if required).

Assuming that you have cleaned, dried and oiled your hair.

Step 1: Divide the head and hair.

Divide the hair into parts, top, side and back as in the previous hairstyle.

Step 2: Pony with Top hair

Use a comb, pull the top hair back. Tie a simple long pony with the hair on the top. Leave the sides and the back open.

Step 3: Braids

Use the open hair of sides to create a couple of thin braids as per your preference on either side or both sides.

Step 4: Brush the remaining hair

Brush the remaining open hair. Use a hair shine serum or spray on the free hair. Brush the hair again, and you’re done.

  1. Colour and Highlights

hairstyle with color and highlights

Do you find coloring your hair a troublesome task? Well, it may be difficult. Why don’t you color only a section of your hair like tip highlights? This is one of the perfect hairstyles for parties

Yes, tip highlights are easy to get.

Step 1: Prepare a color

Follow the instructions given on the packet of the dye you bought from the market. Don’t bleach.

Step 2: Apply the colour

Apply colour on the ends of your long hair. Make sure you don’t end up colouring all the hair, only the tips.

Use a comb, dip it into the dye mixture and comb the ends of the hair.

Step 3: Leave the colour on hair for some time

Step 4: Wash and clean your hair.

Step 5: Bleaching with lemon juice

Apply lemon juice on the coloured hair and sit out in the sun for 20-30 minutes.

It is a natural method of bleaching which doesn’t harm your hair.

Step 6: Style your hair

Style your coloured hair. You may tie a pony as shown in the image or you can opt any of the above-mentioned hairstyles with your coloured hair ends.

You can modify the mentioned hairstyles and get a completely different look. Why don’t you try fusions of different perfect hairstyles for parties that are mentioned above for parties? Try it.